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Northstars Rolling Road Meet - 13th June 2015

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Afternoon UKSO-NI peeps,

The Northstar population is getting restless for a meet, so to kick things off for this summer, the infamous Secret Steve has kindly agreed to host a RR day on his own 4-paw friendly rollers.

Details are as per this thread on TGTT: http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/forums/showthread.php?109427-2015-meets-NORTHSTARS&p=1153421#post1153421

However, in essence:

Rolling road day on the 13th of June at C.A.E which is Steven Scullions (Secret Steve) who has been on the scene a very long time yet pretty quiet around the forums. If you don't know who Secret Steve is and you own an EP, for shame!

The rolling road is 4wd suitable so any ep85/95's are more than welcome.

It's based just 5/6 mile outside magherafelt on the Hillhead Road. The postcode is BT458QT.

It will be £30 per car with around 3/4 pulls each.

More than likely the hardcore will go for pub grub afterwards and discuss all things EP at great lengths.

Who's interested????


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all the good meets come up when im off the road :( suprise theres not much intrest yet :/ would love to be able get to this with fellow starlet'rs :thumbsup:

Try and get on the road for it. Still over a month to get ready?

Deffo not a day to be missed.

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Really hope everyone possible makes it on to the rollers, hope everyone comes along for craic also.

Be a lot of starlet heads in attendance :)

Massive thanks to Karl who is running point on this as he is family of Secret Steve :)


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my new engine won't be ran in by then I don't think :'( don't wanna bugger it before it's even seen boost. next time.

come along for the craic?

I'm up for this! Need to get a bit of stuff done but hopefully have it done by then! Is anyone organising a convoy or anything?

Ill keep you posted.


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this si the TGTT list.

if your name isnt already on it and you plan to go let me know

1.Karl Scullion
8.anthony (Nistarbo)
12.kilo (no rollers)
13.gryzor (no rollers)
15. weeJohn (homobile hopefully!)
16.Joel (Trueno)


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