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NORTHSTARS* RR meet sat 12dec

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Hi lads,

Rolling road day / meet at GSportcars in Belfast area, Northern Ireland

Gavin has worked on a number of starlets and has a great reputation across the country.

About 30 cars can comfortably run on the rollers in a day but large carpark nearby should make a nice spot for a gathering no matter the numbers

Anyways lets get a list going, the more the merrier

1. Phil

(Ps I'll try to keep on top of numbers between this and TGTT list )


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1. Phil

2. Adzy

3. Jay

4. Hookie

5. Andy

6. Sheamus

7. Anthony

8. Carson230

Keep them coming


Time to re-book the MOT then lol I will be there for the day, can't say for sure about the rollers though (depends if the GT passes in time).

Are you positive you are free that day Phil? Lol


I'm hopeful :)


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You sure can.

Throw anything on the rollers my man.


I don't think it would be worth rolling a 1.2 seat ibiza lol only mods on it are coilovers and stupidly loud back box delete.

Are you in the whatsapp chat?

No I'm not on it and I don't even have whatsapp on my iphone. could make one easily tho.

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