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  2. gorganl2000

    EP82 4EFTE workshop manual

    that's the only 5e manual i know of online
  3. gorganl2000

    M-tech disks

    i've never run ferodo, but i've hear positive stuff about them over the years i run ebc, which i've heard both positive and negative reviews...in my personal experience, they work great i totally agree with you, pads are very subjective items...sometimes you just have to try for yourself...i also think a big part of performance pads is to be patient and break them in properly to get the best out of them
  4. gorganl2000

    M-tech disks

    not the glanza mtec discs that you are referring to, but i use the mtec astra front brake disc set up on my ep91 with the celica st202 twin pot conversion. never had any issues with them.
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  6. TimD

    M-tech disks

    I have them on mine, I use DS1.11 pads. General consensus is to avoid DS2500, but I feel like pads are such a subjective thing that it's hard to advise. I cannot stand Mintex, I think they're woeful, but plenty of people use them with some success.
  7. stevie82

    M-tech disks

    Anyone using these ? Are they any good ? I’m looking for a track day set up on a n/a running glanza 254 mm, I have callipers and pad carriers. Was looking to use ferodo ds2500 pads and gel lines just unsure of disks.
  8. stevie82

    Corolla 4efe

    I was struggling to get hold of glanza pad carriers to run bigger discs and wondered if Corolla ones fit
  9. Dean_mc88

    Replacing Wax Stat with Bosch ICV

    Guys in america use a BMW idle control valve. A lot cheaper than most options. ive stripped my throttle down and put a gasket inbetween the wax stat and the throttle part. stops any sticking issues and allows you to remove the water lines. My car still idles fine and has cold start idle still.
  10. Been looking around on the web and finding it difficult to find this. I noticed there's a few old links which are all dead to PDF's. Does anyone have a 4efte ep82 and paseo 5efe workshop manual ? If so could someone please PM me? Thanks !
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  12. Ryan.Truesdale

    Replacing Wax Stat with Bosch ICV

    I work in a cnc shop
  13. RobSR

    Replacing Wax Stat with Bosch ICV

    Yes Zisco inlet and the cheapy EBay like TB that people have on them. Good stuff tho, let us know how you get on, should be fairly easy to implement.
  14. jellybaby

    how reliable are forged engines?

    Or read my thread I about 20k in and got another 3-4 k to finish it to my spec and taken 6 years
  15. Cancel my last question, found them via Google
  16. Thanks for the reply. what connections did you use to the block?
  17. H_D

    window wipers getting stuck!

    check the securing nuts on the end of the wiper arm under the little plastic cap, you may need to take them off completely and reposition them
  18. search for hose end finishers ebay/google. I had mine made locally....
  19. Patches

    Replacing Wax Stat with Bosch ICV

    It's a good point actually, were these cars using aftermarket intake manifolds which came with aftermarket throttle bodies? I think I'll still go ahead with this as for me its all about keeping the costs low. I've never had anything made with a CNC machine before so if anyone has any experience/advice I'd love to hear it
  20. Hi all, I've notice in the past few days that my wipers seem to be getting stuck on my aerial causing them to stop working. They seem to be over extending and sitting on the scuttle pannel and the occasionally (although getting more regular) getting stuck on my aerial. Any ideas on what it could be or has this happened to anyone before?
  21. RobSR

    Replacing Wax Stat with Bosch ICV

    Its a good idea and something i was going to look at before going DBW, that said it depends how picky you are. The last couple of starlets ive had on the dyno with aftermarket TB, no Wax Stat and no ICV still idle fine at 1000rpm as you control it with ignition. Not perfect, but as said depends how particular you are. It would be more important for people with secondary load on idle such as turning AC on, but again most have removed this anyway.
  22. Any chance of pictures? I’m not sure if they are same, can anyone confirm?
  23. Is there a better, neater and more aesthetically pleasing way of connecting these lines to the block instead of jubilee clips please?
  24. Just wondering if anyone has attempted to do something like this? http://www.nzefi.com/product/toyota-1uz-fe-idle-speed-control-solenoid-conversion-kit/ I've ordered a throttle body to wax stat gasket off Toyota so am planning on scanning this in to design an adapter plate in CAD similar to the above link. The wax stat system is shite and I don't fancy forking out £1300+ for a DBW system, capable ECU etc so this seems like a cheaper alternative. Should provide a nice stable idle while reducing heat in the intake.
  25. Dean_mc88

    Building the Dream

    Just gone through your thread mate some amazing work !!
  26. Dean_mc88

    Deans Glanza V

    cheers lads, it was only a slow speed crash and only had bumper damage to the car that slammed on in front of me but it looked a mess
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  28. agilep1

    Building the Dream

    we do learning lots from you
  29. Ryan.Truesdale

    Front slam panel vertical bar? Wanted?

    Think I’ve a brand new ep91 one if they’re the same
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