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  1. Been quietly watching this. Very very clean. Tasteful upgrades too! Looking forward to progress mate.
  2. Your best bet is to find out what pins connected to your original fuel gauge by tracing the circuit board on your original cluster. It's exactly how i did this only for every pin rather than just fuel. You could check voltages on the pins too. But probably difficult due to fuel being hard to change the voltage quickly.
  3. Next time unscrew the speedo cable from the gearbox side. Then pull it through some when pulling out the clocks. Much easier haha
  4. Unfortunately not mate Away that weekend already. Looks like a great turnout too!
  5. So its been a LONG time since I've actually done any work on this. Caught a TTE spoiler for sale on here and decided to pick it up. Only to shoot myself in the foot realising the standard one is riveted on, but made do anyhow. All fitted up and some rivet hole hiding Driver's door sill was driving me nuts all scuffed and rusted, so decided to do some amateur painting and fix it up. Before: # During: After:
  6. vizzioarts

    positive feedback dangeestarlet

    Great to deal with, easy to get in touch with. Item arrived as described, Would recommend and deal with again. Thanks!
  7. vizzioarts

    Black Glanza Lisburn

    Yeah i think it is the one you spotted adzy. Seen it on north circular alot myself. Don't think the owner is on here.
  8. vizzioarts

    ITB'd 5E-FHE remix sportif

    Chris please stop, you're making me want to spend money I don't have haha. But seriously, AWESOME attention to detail. Looking forward to seeing this all coming together
  9. vizzioarts

    Toyota Starlet 1.3 SR 11,000 miles from new!

    LOVE this. Hope someone takes it and puts it away for another 15 years. (obviously bringing it to shows etc) If this gets glanza repped or heavily modded i'll lose faith in humanity haha. GLWS!
  10. How many of you have seen this? Its a sequel to "Street Legal Racing Redline" which was a PC game back in 2003. Its a sandbox car tuning game, with endless possibilities. Now, the developers are making "Street Tuning Evolution". It looks unreal. From what they're promising, it will be something similar to a Forza/GT game, but with unlimited customisation. I for one, am super excited about it. Its giving the player what Forza etc never delivered, which is actual 110% customisation. Now obviously, it still has a long way to go before release, and could be filled with empty promises. But its exciting to see someone stepping up and developing a game which I'm sure we've all dreamed of haha. Heres some more info: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/street-tuning-evolution-car-building-racing (It is a fundraiser but it seems to be the page with the most info) Some Pics pulled from the page: Chris
  11. vizzioarts

    Top Gear Live! any one else go? unreal! :)

    Ive got tickets for may in Belfast. Looking forward to it!
  12. vizzioarts

    New owner from NI

    Very very clean. Love it. Welcome to another local member!
  13. vizzioarts

    Career choices..

    Left school to go to uni and study computer science. Still here and half way thought with a nice placement lined up For next year. I really don't know if i want to spend my career programming in an office. Something more interesting might be to work for a car manufacturer, as they're relying more and more on computer experts and programmers now days. It's hard to know what to do haha