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  1. Yes mate definitely will I could do with that boot to be fair although the time I get there it will probably be gone as wouldn’t be able to get down for a few weeks 
  2. Is this Fuel Cut?

    Would also try a see when the car judders see if the engine light comes on, would also check what actuator you have on too 
  3. Gt turbo oem decal for ep82

    They had plain white ones on eBay a while ago mate, I also have the measurements of them too if you need that 
  4. Following this mate I’m sure your not far from me chops? Have a mk 1 boot on my mk 2 gt, rust has started at the bottom of the middle of it 
  5. FCD

    Pmed mate 
  6. FCD

    What type mate? Got a hks one here if that’s any good   Pat
  7. Trevstar's SR

    Wicked mate 
  8. Trevstar's SR

    As always mate great work and great info, definitely would like to pop up and say hello sometime as your quite local to me 
  9. *WANTED* EP82 Passenger Side OEM Wind Deflector

    Thank you very much 
  10. *WANTED* EP82 Passenger Side OEM Wind Deflector

    To help you out abit here funny onion and if the price is right, if you can only get a set, I would be happy to split and take the drivers side deflector if that’s good with you, mines got a massive crack in it 
  11. Ct9 relocated air filter

    Hello Thomas  no pm yet mate not sure if you sent anything yet 
  12. Ct9 relocated air filter

    I have one mate currently brought it from another member on here who had a glanza (never ended up using it) comes with filter too (which I think has around a 60mm I.D so very wide at the end) 
  13. I was watching a wheeler dealers episode a while back with a xr2 edd was doing up and he was making a short shifter, pretty good detail too, exactly as you was saying trevstar mate 
  14. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Working here now well done lads 
  15. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Nor mine lads what a pain In the ass for you guys