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  1. WOBBLY GT Turbo Front Seats. Help?

    Mine have always been rattley, think it’s just wear on the mechanism 
  2. Rear brake calipers wanted asap

    yes saw that but for that money, id rather fit the drum brakes back in lol
  3. Rear brake calipers wanted asap

    Rebuilt my own tears and they failed again on imbalance....any mint ones around?
  4. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    Would an emanage blue get me by till I get the standalone? I need to get a custom loom made up so gonna cost the guts of £1200 before I map it which isn’t available to pump into the car which only is used for shows at the moment , its in an ep70 by the way so don’t think a harness is available for the way my loom is done
  5. Gear cable 'u' clips and engine mount bolts

    Should have U brackets but for what it’s worth you’d be better going to Toyota they’re not overly dear lol
  6. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    Yeah going in a 5e , gonna fit a wideband what ratios should I be expecting in the midrange ? This is only temporary to get to a few shows until I organise a stand-alone set up and map, wouldn’t be driven hard much lol
  7. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    Yes using a Glanza ecu on it, heard it’s fine in the mid range but it will lean out early on boost 
  8. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

    Hi I’d like to fit my td04 kit next weekend, as I’ll be doing a lot of bits to the car I thought I’d get it done while I’m at it, just wondering what way do lads set the turbo to 0.5/6 just to keep it safe on stock ecu until I get the standalone and get it mapped   its going onto a 5e , would I need to upgrade fpr and injectors for .6 or would standard ecu be adequate for time being? I will have it hooked up to wideband and check the det while I’m setting it up    just st want to know the handiest way to set it with the internal actuator thanks
  9. Wanted 2E throttle cable

  10. Wanted 2E throttle cable

    One here in Ireland 
  11. New Member - Looking for KP60

    8-10k for a half decent one..biggest engine they came with is 1.3, lads commonly fit 4age 1.6 or 20v from a Levin
  12. 2E-E Sump removal

    No that’s wrong, u need this one
  13. 2E-E Sump removal

    No just sealer
  14. 2E-E Sump removal

    Handy job all bolts are quite accessible so no awkward bolts
  15. dogbox

    Nice, what power is the car running this is going into? Must be a track only car is it?