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  1. top secrets wide arch ep82 - project restore

    Haha guess I may dump the 86 axle and longchamp lol
  2. top secrets wide arch ep82 - project restore

    hes on here, but ill let him post up about it, not my place:)
  3. top secrets wide arch ep82 - project restore

    mate of mine owns this now;)
  4. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    yes lad only test fitting tyres when I took the pics to see which would rub lol well done for spotting it haha
  5. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    yeah gonna try get a few this year missed most of the show season last year only caught the tail end of it  
  6. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    Cheers lad more to come ha
  7. Ae111 box on 5e ep70

    no it won't fit without modifying bell housing and making up mounts as far as I know, if looking a 6 speed, a g6 corolla box will straight fit in, get a 3e flywheel off idworkz or tuning developments and you can fit a glands clutch other wise you'll have to look into high spec 4e clutches
  8. Returning member from Ireland

    half the pics are missing though as photobucket blocked them
  9. Returning member from Ireland

    Welcome back I’m currently running a 5efhte with td04 in my own ep70
  10. Chipped cams

    drop the sump and check for filings if its excessively pitted
  11. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    Thanks pal 
  12. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    new wheels on after I test fitted the tyres
  13. 0% Finance at ID-Workz!

    Is it UK customers only? 
  14. td04 on 5efhe

    Cheers lads Stu I’ll be in touch over next few weeks   appreciate that evan would be great to have help to make it safe until I can suss out proper management in the new year
  15. New member .

    Welcome , good to see another Irish member, throw up some pics of the project :)