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  1. Rust question

    Worth checking when you open the boot, in the space between the roof and the boot. Water can pool up in there and will usually rust.
  2. Walker96

    Had an RX7 Intercooler delivered by Parcelforce 48 hrs. Item arrived on time in excellent condition, as advertised, and was well packaged with plenty padding. Thanks again
  3. Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    Ah not great, I ended up at work on nights that weekend and didn't bother going. I have traction issues with getting off the line so I'll be looking for a slip diff soon to help with that before heading back up this year.
  4. Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    Rapid You going up for the final thrash on the 19th?
  5. EP DragTime Leaderboard!

    Willy, your GT was the fastest FWD but the guy with Civic got the trophy? Was it to do with reaction time or did you leave?
  6. ARC Top Mount Intercooler

    Hi, Looking for an ARC top mount, if anyone has one in decent nick. A standard intercooler cowling to go with it would be ideal too. Cheers
  7. Spotted at Campsie hills Glasgow

    Nah, pretty easy. Tried to make it interesting by going off the path and taking our own route up all the steep looking bits.
  8. Spotted at Campsie hills Glasgow

    Haha, two nutters. Sounds about right. T-shirts went back on once the wind picked up and the rain came. Had a good wee sprint up some sections though. Campsies are great. Went up Dumyat last week, where the t-shirts remained on. Meikle Bin is good too from Todholes but infested with flies at the moment. Looking for something nearby to climb tomorrow.
  9. Thought I found it, but not there.
  10. Tuning developments ct9 manifold

    Bought one second-hand which had been sandblasted, ran it since January. Very good overall and did the job. It has however cracked in 2 places, so waiting on another second-hand one getting delivered to replace it. I'd be annoyed if I'd bought them brand new. I run the boost at 1.2 bar, so that might affect the lifespan. Haven't noticed any measurable power loss from the cracks, boost holds consistently.
  11. I'd be interested in the manifold
  12. Lsd diff cusco, TRD, kaaz, quaife.

    Quaife diff here for £500 -