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  1. Paton

    Td04 turbo

    Anyone got a decent td04? Current one is smoking a little on idle.
  2. Paton

    Stock fuel pump limitations

    From what I've read in the guide and other forum posts, I would say about 240.
  3. Paton

    96 Spec Glanza Front Lip

    Looking for a front lip. Preferably in silver 1AO. cheers
  4. Paton

    Glanza seat rails wanted

    I think I have a set kicking about in the garage. I'll have a look on Monday
  5. Paton

    Glanza radiator

    I have one if you're interested. Works fine.
  6. HDi CT9 Hot Pipe for Front Mount Intercooler Brand new, never used £40 delivered CT9 Manifolds All have cracked at the collector and will need welded. 2 stainless £35 delivered each RX7 Intercoolers Few bent fins and one on the right has a pin hole which will need sorted. Good condition otherwise £50 delivered for the left, no holes £30 delivered for the one with the pin hole CT9 Turbo Was a wee bit smokey on idle after booting it when I took it off. Good condition otherwise, minimal shaft play, holds 1 bar no problem. £45 delivered
  7. Selling a Blitz K1-200v which was rebuilt and has since covered about 3000 miles. Still runs perfect, no smoke or minimal shaft play. Slight crack at the wastegate but no effect from it. I was thoroughly impressed with it performance wise but moving on to bigger setups now. HKS Actuator set to 1.2 bar. Also comes with a braided oil feed/return and water lines. £550 Postage can be calculated based on location but estimating about £40 with Royal Mail/Parcelforce For sale thread below where I purchased. http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/88263-big-price-drop-blitz-k1-turbo/
  8. Paton

    Help! Strange noise

    If your car still has the standard manifold or Cat converter it could be the heat shields vibrating if they are loose.
  9. Paton

    MOT time

    MOT coming up soon. Spoke to the garage and they said should be nothing to worry about with new rules. Same as before.
  10. Paton

    Rust question

    Worth checking when you open the boot, in the space between the roof and the boot. Water can pool up in there and will usually rust.
  11. Paton


    Had an RX7 Intercooler delivered by Parcelforce 48 hrs. Item arrived on time in excellent condition, as advertised, and was well packaged with plenty padding. Thanks again
  12. Paton

    Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    Ah not great, I ended up at work on nights that weekend and didn't bother going. I have traction issues with getting off the line so I'll be looking for a slip diff soon to help with that before heading back up this year.
  13. Paton

    Starlet vs skyline r32gtr and Audi R8

    Rapid You going up for the final thrash on the 19th?
  14. Paton

    EP DragTime Leaderboard!

    Willy, your GT was the fastest FWD but the guy with Civic got the trophy? Was it to do with reaction time or did you leave?