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  1. Does anyone know what headlights these are?

    Its a Mauritian number plate, that is definitely custom made.  
  2. Snapped key

    try to fish it with a thick paper clip and some strong super glue. apply a drop of glue on the tip if the clip and touch and hold it. and one its dry pull it out gently.  
  3. Parts

    What is your last price for the trd short shifter mate?    
  4. OEM Glanza rear quarter sticker

    Sorry guys wrong link. I think its more expensive here
  6. engine idle speed

    Did you check if there is any vacuum leak?
  7. Replacing front Springs.

    thanks guys, went to bnq and bought a vice grip. i will try to do it over the weekend. yes i have a pair of spring compressor. as usual thanks for the advice.
  8. Replacing front Springs.

    Hi Guys, Help please. I was in the process of replacing the front springs with lowering ones but cannot separate the shock absorber from the spring. there is nothing that you can hold the shaft so that you can undo the top bolt. am i missing something? is there any trick to remove it? As usual thanks in advance.
  9. Tegiwa Torque Damper

    Sold please lock..
  10. Tegiwa Torque Damper

    Any offer?
  11. Tegiwa Torque Damper

    Well mate, I paid full price for it. I can go a little bit lower. by the way the tegiwa group buy is not going ahead so you wont get it for 61 pound.
  12. Tegiwa Torque Damper

    Item For Sale: EP82 & EP91 Tegiwa engine torque Damper Item Condition & Description: Used but still good Price: £75 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal gift or + 4% paypal fee if payment method chosen or cash Collection or shipping at buyers cost
  13. Ep91 Full Exhaust

    Sold Please lock.
  14. Central locking problem

    I think its a negative trigger for the central locking. whats happening is that there is a common ground that supply the locking side and unlocking side. in your case its not getting ground signal in the box behind the foot well to lock the car. bad contact maybe.
  15. Ep91 Full Exhaust

    Hello mate, Ive pm'd you. check your inbox Thanks