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  1. SKINY

    Back again!

    There's the Laguna one you have then the Espace had a similar one but was waaay deeper. They never came in 2 pieces so was obviously cut to fit, I put them on everything back in the day lol, was doing it over 20 years ago..,....
  2. SKINY

    Back again!

    Yea real shame, very nearly bought it myself lol Laguna splitter you have with the 2 grills cut out same as both my starlets, period correct mods
  3. SKINY

    Back again!

    yea, he put a good bit of time into it too. ive a full build thread for my Gt on toyotagtturbo.com started one here but its been abandoned now
  4. SKINY

    Back again!

    Yea I'm having more fun in the starlets lol, Kevin's GT-4 went down south young buck, wrote off few weeks later FS
  5. SKINY

    Back again!

    Well mate lol, take it you never got a gt-4 then ?
  6. SKINY

    Starlet ep91 Gls - Help!

    If the moter is duffed they are quite expensive from Toyota, simple cheap solution I used for same issue was buy some Glanza headlight adjusters and have the beam re-set. I've never been asked to show my adjusters work for MOT but NI maybe different.
  7. SKINY

    Discord Chat

    Facebook has killed all the forums, Fuck Facebook
  8. Quad lights all day as said good luck finding the MK1/2 front end bits and when you do be sure to take a cushion for the ride home
  9. SKINY

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    Wouldn't mind seeing it lol, at that price you stole it off him, nice one im in North down if your ever about give me a shout
  10. SKINY

    Ep82 washer bottle

    I may have a spare still, will check after work
  11. SKINY

    Which alarm/ security should I fit?

    I'm currently using an excalabur system, has remote start and more options than I've ever seen. Sigma M30 is another excellent system, standard fit to Subaru,s and has an keypad too
  12. SKINY

    Finally Gt turbo

    what's the difference like with the rear arb fitted now bro ?
  13. SKINY

    Old head, new to starlets

    nice car shite wheels
  14. SKINY

    Old returning member 4wd ep91

    bitchfest lol, anyhow this was on gumtree for yonks, first price was just under 4K can't wait to see ya about and get a good nose round it Gareth what else was in the collection??
  15. SKINY

    Toyota double din radio

    It was plug n play mate, can get them from 20-30£