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  1. Why cant i edit my sales ad?

    I can reply to wanted ads but not for sale ads, very annoying as i raised the issue months ago, nobody cares so spent the 1.90£ odd on a tin of cider and some prawn cocktail crisps :)
  2. Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    Just picked up a set of Koni rear shocks needing paint so that's my route decided lol, eye out now for fronts and then will be going for the tein springs in the above link 
  3. Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    Good price for the springs and 50mm drop  Going to look over the weekend at shock options as I've a weepy rear fs The springs i had custom made for the Micra where from Suplex, dear enough at 320£ 20 years ago lol
  4. Refurbing kyb super special shocks.

    KYB do a few different options new bud. I had the excel g set in a Micra years back with custom springs, great comfort and great performance, it's most likely the route I will go with the GT unless I can find a set of coils that wont break my broken back more 
  5. Ant Spence won the 2 tone off bakebook a while ago then raffled it again lol
  6. Nanglebadgers work in progress

    Thank feck photofuckit is playing ball again, page 27 here I come..........
  7. Fuel tank leaking. How easy to replace?

    I done it on my GT last year, seams where gone, seems a common fault with starlets. Anyhow, There's a few fuel lines to disconnect underneath, disconnect them at the side of the tank and not from below the seat as lines are bolted to the tank, filler neck and return, then the plug for the pump, that's under a panel below the back seat. Get the arse up and on axl stands, you may have to remove the back box but I managed to Manhandle mine out/in without doing so, definitely easier if you can split it, then it's just 4 bolts holds it in Based on dropping my GT tank but can't see an ep91 being much different :)
  8. Catback recommendations?

    Why are they being towed ?? Surely they can't do that because of an exhaust ?? Over here(Northern Ireland) plod are checking modified cars for insurance, every single bit on mine is declared and listed even down to my fancy valve caps lol 
  9. Cleeves Gt ep82

    Yea Ant bought the mid spoiler, Nur Spec sounds awesome on mine 
  10. Suzuki G16B or 2nz-fe pistons

    Twice the price of forged ones no doubt tho Calum, was just over 1k Mr t was looking for gt4 set  Knock some out in work Ryan sure ;)
  11. 1992 EP82 parts needed

    I bought a half size Triple core rad on eBay few weeks back 57£ to the door
  12. New member from Northern Ireland

    I'm across the carriageway, not far at all lol, crap picture but looks like Laguna or Espace splitter, I get some shit for my Laguna splitter but fuck what anyone else thinks I love it, period correct old school modding  Love those rims too, give me first crack if ever you think about selling them 
  13. My starlet seems to be using a lot of fuel

    My old rep was around 40+ mpg average, went to Japfest and used 45£ fuel and spanked it most of the way, 310mile full tank probably 200 mile at 70-80 on the motorway, same journey in the GT a year later used a full tank/45£ worth and again it got spanked a good bit there and back, from memory it was 37mpg from the rep and 32mpg from the GT  Hope that's some use lol
  14. Mk3 Quadlight GT Turbo

    How big is your core tho ? Mines 28" wide 8" high and 4" deep, bit of a monster lol It's not it's final place tho, will be moved up and in more, just need a few more pipes and an uncut MK3 bumper 
  15. New member from Northern Ireland

    Hey Sam, tidy looking we car. Brave few of us over here, I'm Co Down too