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  1. Back on the bandwagon

    Few nice GT,s over here (Northern Ireland) For sale, few hundred quid gets ya home again.
  2. EP81 Build

    That's a good tidy looking wee car to start on buddy, what's the plans for it then ?
  3. Cleeves Gt ep82

    I don't suppose you have any pictures of the intake side fmic pipes before you fitted them bud ?
  4. Gibb

    Nice one, bargain too. Bought my TF035 of Gibb a while ago, sound seller and was with me in a couple of days 
  5. EP70 Turbo / Restore

    You should try get tons few shows in the north this year bud, give Japdreamz a follow on stalker book for more information :)
  6. I'm going TF035 soon, said to spool from 3-3200 and good for 250hp, I be happy at 220 tho
  7. Headlights failed, relay?

    My GT has started randomly knocking the lights off, wee touch of the stalk and back on again, leads me to think either stalk or stalk connection weak
  8. Cleeves Gt ep82

    You found the rocking horse shit !!!! Nice one, well jealous i won't lie Nice socks by the way 
  9. Clock Change

    SR clocks were plug and play in my Rep/98 UK soliel 
  10. Project Mighty Trust Krusher

    I fitted the same short shifter a few weeks ago and find 1st wild hard to get most times, put it towards 2nd then 1st goes no bother. No other issues with it tho. Sweet car buddy :)
  11. Recently bought N/A EP-91 Starlet.

    Corolla manifold and throttle body, I fitted them to my Rep and it dynoed at 86.6 hp, 12.6 hp gained for 30£ :) AFR was spot on too. My plan was to turbo it but I ended up buying a GT 
  12. The japanese...

    Some mad stuff there ! Its the translation that crack me up  What are the ECU,s with the extra boxes about anyone??
  13. SKINY

    No worries mate :)
  14. Na turbo help

    I was going to convert my Glanza rep, started gathering bits then decided to sell it and bought a 95 GT lol 
  15. The Grand Tour

    Or 96£ I've saved this past year towards go faster parts