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  1. I'm currently running the glowpanel with MK3 lights and it looks well, the only thing bothers me about it is they don't sit flush, I've mint condition MK1 rears there but can't bring myself to fit them now, I wasn't that fussed on the MK1 rears to begin with but have grown on me over time seeing them lol Congratulations on the wedding and keep the insta porn coming
  2. SKINY

    Levin Twin Pot Conversion

    Nasty that could have been worse tho ! Ive just got st185 gt-4 twin-pots and carrier's arrived, have astra discs so Should be bolt on
  3. SKINY

    38mm Dump Valve blank cap wanted

    Helpful as always lads Shout out to Adzy sent me a link
  4. SKINY

    38mm Dump Valve blank cap wanted

    As above folks looking a 38mm Dump Valve cap or pointed in the right direction
  5. SKINY

    Hazard/horn/indicator issue

    Cheers bud, fuses are all good
  6. SKINY

    Hazard/horn/indicator issue

    Symptoms: no horn or hazards, pressing Hazard switch cancels the indicators, indicators not working at all, blew the fuse under the dash twice then indicator relay failed So the other week all of the above failed had it down to a stalk but nope wasn't the stalk,(upgraded to MK1 stalk). Checked a few things at Jay's but still nothing (Hazard switch and fuses) happening, couple of days later I hear the indicator relay buzzing so got one from Jay(cheers again bro)and swapped it last night, indicators now working as normal but still no horn or hazard lights and pressing the hazard switch will still cancel the indicator. Normally I love electrical shit but this is doing my head in, next up to try is the horn relay under the bonnet. Thoughts folks???
  7. SKINY

    Gt turbo Brake Calipers

    Just reseal them Ant
  8. SKINY

    Forgot my password

    Thanks, will try that later :)
  9. SKINY

    Forgot my password

    Want to change my password as I've reset my Phone and can't remember it for the life of me, only problem is I am required to enter my password to change it but can't as I don't remember it Anyone on the admin team help me out ?
  10. SKINY


    You can always use mine Phil, might require You bringing it up to spec tho I've sat in both Phil's old GT and Adzy,s glanza round Kirky, 2 completely different animals but flipping good fun, Adzy has extra Aero he can deploy tho lmao
  11. SKINY

    Finally Gt turbo

    I hate you Can do the wiring if you want bro
  12. SKINY

    Finally Gt turbo

    Looks well bro :)
  13. SKINY

    My Toyota Starlet Gt Turbo

    That rocker came up well buddy :) I May have an oil cap here will check today, post maybe daft tho
  14. Aye Phil Boyd he's called Matty, bored to 1.4 all seam welded and stuff, he's on my Instagram, therealslimskiny I'm waiting on a wastegate coming then just a fuel line and wastegate gaskets then good to go
  15. That exhaust is porn Matty epic postie too