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  1. New member with a few questions. is another great forum for knowledge bud :)
  2. Full wiring loom, ecu and clocks

    One for sale on with ECU bud :)
  3. Well known in the MR2 world this car, if in mind correctly it was near a 30k build. Power figures are accurate, the seller paid a good bit more for it too lol
  4. New member with a few questions.

    What Colin said lol, the TF035 is the route I'm taking soon enough, everyone said go TD04 but it spools to late for my liking, I done a bit of reading as came upon a thread on here with graphs showing the TF making 250hp and the TD 300hp I'm not going mad power hunting, just enough to safely whoop my mates GT4 :) 
  5. New member with a few questions.

    I love a Yellow Glanza, nice one bud :) sitting with full mot at least 3k I'd say it's worth, health to hoon !
  6. New owner of a EP91 glanza

    Nice one, well speced wee car :)
  7. N/a bits

    Standard front Glanza brace here finished in vxr blue, msg me for details/pics :)
  8. Ep82 parts needed

    Hey bud, give Jay a shout on
  9. Very unlikely to find one I know but mid spoiler for a gt

    I msg idress about them and was told they stopped doing them because of poor fitment issues :(
  10. Member Gibb

    Bought the TF035 of Gibb there, pleasure to haggle and deal with, Turbo came today and is as described and had enough bubble wrap to wrap starlet with Cheers buddy 
  11. New member in Poland

    That's really nice looking :) more pictures please ! :) 
  12. Decent td04 manifold WANTED!

    Send me some pics would ya ? 
  13. 4mm thick steel wall I'm just reading Colin, have you used this kit then and what's it like ? I've just bought that tf035 of Gibb No real rush for a kit just wondering 
  14. ct9 oil return

    I've one here, 12.50£ bud 
  15. Need help buying every part.

    There is a large starlet community over here mate, msg me your name and number and we will soon sort you out :)