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  1. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    How long is due course tho ? Technology and all that.........
  2. WOBBLY GT Turbo Front Seats. Help?

    My passenger side rattles back and forth if it's empty, setting it to a recliled chill out position stops it tho, can't say I've noticed it in the driver seat as I'm driving when I'm in it lol but I just put it down to age etc :)
  3. Mk3 Quadlight GT Turbo

    Update time I suppose lol, Still using as my daily driver, new rims where refurbished last September for my 40TH birthday, a lot of fucking about and them being done twice is another story but 7 weeks after I left them in they where on sadly a while back a monster pothole took the front passenger side one out and the rear has a biff too, gutted as they looked well. Been busy gathering parts up too lol, WEPR external wastegate kit with 38mm screamer and a 38mm wastegate that I can't mind the brand off lol, TF035 turbo and all lines, 3" de-cat back stainless straight through system to a Nur-Spec back box, RSR rear brace, 35mm alloy C pillar brace, adjustable Fuel pressure reg, Fuel cut defender, air filter relocation pipes and probably a few things I've forgotten. For Christmas my missus treated me to a mint condition MK1 boot with mint condition glowpanel, spoiler and rear lights, need to get a few things still then will need a week to get it all on and set up lol, using a Greddy Profec-A boost controller now and I'm really happy with it, holds the boost good and strong and I've it in the centre vent hole, good spec controller back in the day and has some decent options/safety controls too. Looking at buying a standalone ECU this year too and the ME221 ticks all the boxes i want, locally here a lot of folks use the Link and we have a dealer/tuner here to provide us and RR setup etc, it's 1000£ minimum whichever way I choose tho 
  4. Finally Gt turbo

    For all the price of ball joints ya may as well do the pair bud :) 
  5. New member ep80

    Epic bonus find  Definitely a keeper, nice set of wheels and enjoy it is what I would do 
  6. New Member from Northern Ireland

    It's Jays fault I have a GT  one of the nicest blokes I've met and a guru on everything GT PM me your number and I will pass it to our WhatsApp group (Northstars) admin get you in the loop. Show season kicked off Sunday there so keep your eye on the Japdreamz Facebook for events etc, I can add you to the Japdreamz WhatsApp group too
  7. New Member from Northern Ireland

    Black quadlights are the best  im not far from Belfast myself, plenty of starlets about here and a great community of us too 
  8. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    Cheers, I've never been a paid member 
  9. UKSO Software Upgrade!

    As of lately I can't reply to for sale or wanted ads ? I've bought a good few bits before and had no issues replying to the threads.   Can someone explain please ? Cheers
  10. Two tone ep82

    It's like a wee slice of Japan cut out and set into the coast here lol. A truly magical place to visit  Ant your a jammy fucker lol
  11. EP81 Build

    I fitted the same short shifter and find it a bit of a nuisance getting into 1st at times, have to put it towards 2nd then 1st 
  12. Boost controller

  13. Boost controller

    Hi Kate, I'm selling my old school Greddy Profec-A controller if your interested msg me 
  14. Hi from Northern Ireland

    Where abouts are you ? There is a great community of us over here 
  15. Cleeves Gt ep82

    Thanks that would be great, going to get intake side soon just wondering what all shapes I needed