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  1. SKINY

    Kie's EP82 GT Turbo

    Those tow eye things look like fuck all
  2. SKINY

    Emoji my accidental Glanza Build

    There's something about small yellow cars I just love lol, seen a GT done yellow too and would love mine done, I'd also love a mad manga style wrap and and and.... They are great in snow, last year here was bad but hardly any weight so they just skip along over it
  3. SKINY

    Emoji my accidental Glanza Build

    Bonnets looking good now bud
  4. SKINY

    Installing gauges help

    How many wires have they ? 2 wire guage I use the sidelight circuit for + and then any handy earth, normally a good earth point in behind the radio. 3 wire have ignition and a switched(sidelight feed) + . Easiest way to find the + circuit/circuits is pull the ignition surround off and use a fuse/circuit tester to find the wire/wires you need to tap into
  5. SKINY

    TD04 required...

    I went for a tf035 too after loads of reading about spool up and lag compared between the 2 of them, I'm only looking 200/220 up on factory block, enough to maul the mates factory spec engine GT FOUR and I be happy.........
  6. Facebook Facebook Facebook, that's what's wrong with this place and other forums, not everyone me included is on it. Full of arseholes and know fuck all's I'm told
  7. SKINY

    St185 GT4 twinpot front callipers.

    Yea it's scary the amount of folks don't know, I've even seen folk putting collars on studs to center the disc
  8. SKINY

    Glanza V in Tokyo

    Boy here has a silver one with full R34 running gear/engine f***ing animal of a car 600ish HP area
  9. SKINY

    St185 GT4 twinpot front callipers.

    You obviously missed the line that says "Only thing it does need is a spigot ring between the centre hole and the hub as there is a difference." Buy hey not too worry also they where only on for trial fit as they still need refurbed as you can see by the state off them lol
  10. SKINY

    Rear Calipers needed

    130£ dearer per set compared to last fully rebuilt set on here at 300£. Biggred on the interweb are a good place too for rebuilds and kit
  11. SKINY

    Rear Calipers needed

    Much ??
  12. SKINY

    Boost issue

    I had a broken dump valve pipe last year and woodnt boost past .3 bar the bang you heard is almost certainly something popping off, smoke test will show it up
  13. SKINY

    Rear Calipers needed

    Rebuild them they are like rocking horse shit or bend over
  14. SKINY

    St185 GT4 twinpot front callipers.

    Well I fitted the calipers the other day 2001 Corsa C SXI discs, straight fit No fucking about Pictures are in my thread on toyotagtturbo.com
  15. SKINY

    Code 52

    Had this on my GT FOUR, reset the ECU but every time the car was started again code was clear. Then when rpm hit 1750 it came back on. Check the wire to the sensor as these can corrode internally as was the case with mine and I will came across rotten wires on most older Toyota I've owned, current 95 GT has a dose of corroded wire I've been working through