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  1. Great job on the fuel light fix, mine worked perfectly then swapped the tank just now it's a guessing game
  2. My braided feed is straight where it comes from the block, there's a thread adapter for the block too, I'd say the straighter the better for the oil flow
  3. SKINY

    My Black mk2 Project

    I mean the plastic blank between the fan unit and the heater matrix unit buddy, have a look at my thread on tgtt
  4. SKINY

    My Black mk2 Project

    Get a blank from a non AC car if you can
  5. SKINY

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    Ah FFS bud hope you get it sorted, cunts everywhere, I got scammed for a fucked waste gate last year
  6. SKINY

    Cleeves ep70 turbo build

    Surely a head gasket would have been cheaper ??
  7. SKINY

    Would this cause running issues?

    Normally they run a bit rich with them unplugged, mine does, nice pops and bangs when your pushing on
  8. SKINY

    Vintage Toyota Steering Wheel

    Have you actually tried to fit this yet tho ??? The funny shape bit behind the wheel will hook into yours to cancel the Indies, as for a horn you'd have to fit a separate switch, that wheel looks like it will go straight on ?
  9. SKINY

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    Battery or alternator then, put a multimeter on the alt it should read around 13.5 volts when running.
  10. I clicked that link and lost 8 hours looking at builds
  11. SKINY

    Misfire...ep82 Gt turbo

    Have you changed the king lead from coil to dizzy ? Mine has been running since I had it with a broken O2 sensor wire just fine
  12. SKINY

    MY EP91.

    That 3rd pic up is class bud, the bay is looking well, something about a black glanza just makes me moist lol
  13. SKINY

    Coroll inlet manifold

    I noticed the difference in the midrange when I did it, I fitted the rolla throttle body too. Stuck it on a Dyno and made 86.6 HP so gained 12.6 from the factory spec for 30£ lmao
  14. SKINY

    7e swap

    Shite them engines and very prone to burning oil 120 ish up too meh