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  1. My Rep had a corolla manifold, cone filter and 2" straight through system to a small scorpion back box, on the Dyno it made 86.6 so gained 12.6 from only spending 40£ i then decided I was going to turbo it, started gathering parts up but then sold it and bought a GT
  2. SKINY

    Jam manifold

    Snap lol, 210£pm I got my wepr kit And tf035 for cheaper lol
  3. SKINY

    98 Starlet S

    Bout ye I've a jap cannon here looking a new home bud free too
  4. SKINY

    Civic half rad wanted

    Triple core on eBay 55£ I got
  5. SKINY

    Who knew starlets had a pollen filter??

    yep ep82 only have a wee guaze bit on top of the fan unit assembly for fresh air intake, its crap tho but something could always be made to fit I'm sure
  6. SKINY

    Engine mounts

    Brooks Racing Development can make you bushes in a choice of different grades of poly, you can get him on Facebook, tell him I sent you
  7. SKINY


    Mate of mine bought a set for his MK1 Celica, he gave 1100 euros and meant to be rare rare
  8. SKINY

    Finally Gt turbo

    Go see Jay get a spare set of un-tinted ones he's giving them away then 2 nuts 2 screw's swaps them bro, I've set sat gathering dust lol Rear lights, you've probably a few bulbs away just, funny bulbs too. I'd need a look at it bro
  9. SKINY

    Ebay CT9 Hybrid Turbo

    I fitted a Chinese turbo on my gt-4 (sold to me as well tried and tested and popular by a very well known UK company) and 700KM later it spat the oil seals out and all its oil, that led to number 4 piston exploding thats actually why I have a GT now lol
  10. that's going to look well bud if it needs a few repairs i recently used the Isopon fibreglass kit on my caravan shower tray with great results ;)
  11. SKINY

    Headlight/Fog Light options

    also after changing to a mk1 wiper stalk i only have inners on full beam lol
  12. SKINY

    Headlight/Fog Light options

    yea Calum absolutely pants, i mean they are bright but no reach on the road at all, may try them in the hi beam see what they are like. the kit is by vip hid, couldn't tell ya anything about the bulbs tho brightness etc got them gave to me fog lights i have upgraded bulbs, xenon something or other by RING direct fit
  13. SKINY

    Headlight/Fog Light options

    I run Hid,s in my low beam outers, useless at night, standard bulbs in hi beam. Fitting them was a doddle, hb3 kit I have and swapped the rubber rings from Toyota bulbs to the hid bulbs and in they went
  14. yea true enough, social media has a lot to answer for. Instagram is as far as i go on it.