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  1. re trimmed headlining?

    ye just some poundland stuff lol seems to have worked well but was messy/inaccurate, ill be using a brush on fabric adhesive next time but the spray has its use
  2. re trimmed headlining?

      ill take better photos when i redo all the black suede      
  3. re trimmed headlining?

    i'll take photos during when i do it, probably be in a couple of weeks after my next trackday  ive done a trial run with some cheap grey suede and looks good, im going with black no ive practiced lol ill post couple of photos.
  4. re trimmed headlining?

    anyone done this on an ep82 and have some photos during? before i ruin my roof im wondering what i've got to work with...does the roof lining have a skin or is it attached via glue etc? any input will be helpfull   ive already done my door cards and a pillars in suede and want to do the roof to match
  5. FCD

    ive got a tom's fcd - same as the jam type, let me know if pat dosnt sort you out 
  6. Stock Gt ep82 spares and repairs engine

    might be down you way in couple of weeks, will take the box if i do.
  7. Stock Gt ep82 spares and repairs engine

    how many miles on the box and is it s c52 or c56?
  8. Valve Stem seal set Genuine

  9. IS200 steering wheel diameter

    i had an is200 wheel in my old paseo, looked right at home in there
  10. Valve Stem seal set Genuine

    Any one got any they didn't need or use before i buy new?   only want genuine and unopend
  11. put these "hot laps" side by side to compare my 273bhp mx5 and 242bhp starlet similar power to weight, and all round performance  take around 6 months apart
  12. Trax 2 session 5e vf35 gt

    cheers mate, i'm running a recirc bov, vents from the cold side back into the inlet, on the road it make no difference but on track it defiantly get back into boost faster if you shift quick enough ive got a few more camera mounts to try i made a pretty cool removal bracket: that mounts to the interior light, ill get a photo this week:)   just uploading another vid to youtube too.   
  13. Anyone tried any other calipers (IE Clio 197 Brembo) before?

    not sure  but there might be a guy bringing them back with enough demand
  14. Anyone tried any other calipers (IE Clio 197 Brembo) before?

    what is the bolt mounting spacing on the clio calipers i believe the GT is 128mm centre to centre on the carriers for the effort may aswell get wilwoods