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  1. awesome, that video is trippy :D
  2. Has gone

    would hate to see tgtt gone forever, ukso admin should negotiate  an archive for all the tgtt threads.  same with photobucket ruining  internet build threads around the world :|  or across the world if your a flat earther LOL
  3. After a head that has been port and polished

    ive got a complete head i no longer need if thanks any good has been skimmed only 0.3tho so nice  flat and clean, could get it done then, its complete with cams ready to bolt in,but it will need new stem seals which i have to go with it... ( i ended up buying a new complete)
  4. forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    cheers, its a good setup tbf. great feeling when all the work pays off lol rough spec: yoko ad08r 195 50 15  1.5 cusco lsd d2 coilovers with my own geometry, done lots of tests on various settings frontand rear strut braces JD lower arm/ chassis brace superpro bushes (everything front and rear replaced) whiteline rear anti roll bar antilift kit gt4 2pot brakes with modified legacy yellowstuff pads ( now running bluestuff for 2018) ate type 200 fluid with braided lines  probably missed stuff i've been doing this shit since 2003 lol.   next times i need discs im spacing out the calipers to allow bigger diameter front and rear, should be able to squeeze 285mm discs with my calipers 
  5. forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    cheers dude,   jsut eddited this tonight aswell    
  6. apologies if im spaming the video section but starlets seem to be rare on track these days   done another comparison video i did silverstone comparison last time now heres donington       got to get the GT round rockingham inner circut now for another comparison lol
  7. Swapping EMB for EMU

    same harness and pinout but it has an extra plug on the harness
  8. td04 on 5efhe

    the vf35s suposibly take 1.6bar ( its journal bearing) no idea what it will peakat power wise but ill find out in jan i plan to run it at 1.4/1.5 as i need it to be reliable on track,just depends how the inlet temps are heres the before /currenty setups graph, when the stand alone goes on should be able to iron out the torque curve as it dips in the midrange, loads of improvment to be made over the current setup. butstill feels amazing on the road  
  9. forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    heres my other highlight video  pretty long but shows how good you can make a GT handle     
  10. power steering bottle bracket

    all sorted now cheers all :)
  11. td04 on 5efhe

    vf35 forged 5e, rrfpr at 4.2bar 330 injectors, safc2  . i make 242bhp and 214ibft at 12psi ive done 4 trackdays with this setup but im booked for jan to have my standalone mapped   steady high 11s afr i have roughly 10-13% trim across the rev range on the safc with a base timing of 7deg - crude but works. also don't use an fcd and for the sake of £130 id buy a wideband!
  12. power steering bottle bracket

  13. power steering bottle bracket

    anyone got one lying about from a GT or Glanza or paseo? dosn't matter if ther different as im fabricating something up but need the main part that the bottle slide into
  14. What's a trd arb worth?

    22 or 24mm?
  15. Few laps from the open pitlane trackday last sunday  plenty more footage i need to edit, over 4hours  lol