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  1. goldenvtr

    Silverstone 5e GT

    Cheers man. I had 1/4 tank left after it settled I think Time for a swirl pot setup. Ye so many cars on that session few dangerous drivers too ( the astra was weaving in and out behind me). I wanted to break into thr 1.09s before get it mapped properly but still great fun
  2. goldenvtr

    Silverstone 5e GT

    My 16:40 session from trax at silverstone, i had another session to upload but was wet too many cars to get a clean lap in but managaed an 1.11.37 on lap 6/7 with traffic and a passenger which it faster than last time i was there with a clean lap and no passenger
  3. goldenvtr

    Curborough sprint course. 5e vf35

    awesome photos, how did the merc feel on track? id be tempted to take my supra for a laugh but though it might be bit big forthe track lol
  4. goldenvtr

    Curborough sprint course. 5e vf35

    I got our places though a friend of a friend, but I'm in woth the group now. I agree would make a great starlet event, ans yiur right about not being too jars on the cars. Maybe could get somwone to try organise starlet vs mx5 day as there plenty of mx5 guys I know who would come. Did your old kazz diff clunk? I had mine for daily driving but it's soo good on track
  5. goldenvtr

    Curborough sprint course. 5e vf35

    Sounds similar. Our day ran really smooth with no delays. Was a great. Only 20 spaces too keep tracktime fair few, people left early too was pretty much non stop racing. I really can justify 3 track days in october lol. Oh I've got a cusco lsd aswell which makes a huge diffrence. Come donington on thr 31st October mate. Be me and my mate in his ep3
  6. goldenvtr

    Curborough sprint course. 5e vf35

    Awesome! Have you git any videos?Which layout did you do? Was great doing the figue 8 I'd deffo go again. I've got a few sessions silverstone then donington open pit at end of october otherwise I come again. Ad08r D2 coils, rear arb. Polybushes all round antilift kit, front and rear braces. Front lower brace. Gt4 Twinpot breaks, bluestuff pads. Probly missed few things too I've got few more vids of diffrent angles I'll put up too i
  7. Did my first sprint course. Love it. So diffrent to a big known circut. Ended up with the best time of the day too
  8. goldenvtr

    fuel gauge sender ohms

    anyone know the fuel gauge sender ohm range? im building a customer dash and need to order the correct range gauge.
  9. goldenvtr

    360° VR - 2018 Slalom Championship - Glanza

    awesome, that video is trippy :D
  10. goldenvtr

    Has Toyotagtturbo.com gone

    would hate to see tgtt gone forever, ukso admin should negotiate an archive for all the tgtt threads. same with photobucket ruining internet build threads around the world :| or across the world if your a flat earther LOL
  11. goldenvtr

    After a head that has been port and polished

    ive got a complete head i no longer need if thanks any good has been skimmed only 0.3tho so nice flat and clean, could get it done then, its complete with cams ready to bolt in,but it will need new stem seals which i have to go with it... ( i ended up buying a new complete)
  12. goldenvtr

    forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    cheers, its a good setup tbf. great feeling when all the work pays off lol rough spec: yoko ad08r 195 50 15 1.5 cusco lsd d2 coilovers with my own geometry, done lots of tests on various settings frontand rear strut braces JD lower arm/ chassis brace superpro bushes (everything front and rear replaced) whiteline rear anti roll bar antilift kit gt4 2pot brakes with modified legacy yellowstuff pads ( now running bluestuff for 2018) ate type 200 fluid with braided lines probably missed stuff i've been doing this shit since 2003 lol. next times i need discs im spacing out the calipers to allow bigger diameter front and rear, should be able to squeeze 285mm discs with my calipers
  13. goldenvtr

    forged 5e donington park 3-12-17

    cheers dude, jsut eddited this tonight aswell
  14. apologies if im spaming the video section but starlets seem to be rare on track these days done another comparison video i did silverstone comparison last time now heres donington got to get the GT round rockingham inner circut now for another comparison lol
  15. goldenvtr

    Swapping EMB for EMU

    same harness and pinout but it has an extra plug on the harness