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  1. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    Hi guys, sorry, we don't check the forums as such. So the EP82s have been supplied, and EP91s are being built at the moment - we had issues with the factory and had to basically start the production over again somewhere else The main issue is this component which is the main header plug for the EP91s which are on a worldwide shortage We have 2x EP82s left in stock and will have 2x EP91s left as well - so if anyone would like one, please get in touch. You can reach os on 01373 710 610 which guarantees an update straight away! Apologies once again for lack of comms! Matt @ ME
  2. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    1 left guys!!
  3. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    Waiting on the last 2 to go now Tbe factory batch builds, hence the decent price - we just need to know what the last 2 will be either EP82 or EP91... Cheers Matt
  4. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    7 left
  5. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    1 down 9 Left
  6. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    Its basically open till end of Aug, no deposit system, just order direct on the site with the coupon code - the first ten orders gets them
  7. ME221 on my EP91

    Its up:
  8. 2017 GROUP BUY ME221 PNP ECU

    Hi Everyone, Following on from the success of the last GB, and now there's several of you out there running the ME221, and also we now have PnP basemaps, as well as some Starlet central tuners recommending the ME221 like Ricky @ Race-Tech, we will be holding another GB! Same deal as before, £150 off Making them just £545inc VAT (as opposed to the retail of £695inc) Truly PnP for either the EP91 or EP82 (you choose the model when ordering!) Making a turbo install more affordable and tune able, as well as bringing things like COP support to the table! Simply head to the site, place your order, and use the coupon code: starletgb2 Order here: Once 10 units are gone, or when we reach the end of August, this GB is closed, so get in quick!! Any questions, fire them over here! Cheers, Matt, Alex & Stu Motorsport Electronics Limited Lots of info here:
  9. ME221 on my EP91

    Guys we are going to setup another group buy today
  10. Plug and Play ECU's

    There is also now the ME221 PnP For the Starlet:
  11. ME221 on my EP91

    If enough people would be interested, then yes. 10 would be the magic number
  12. GROUP BUY: EP82/EP91 PnP ME221 ECU

    The psot was about 4 up... This also applies to EP82 which is now also ready... Hi Everyone - some great news, EP91s are tested on car and working very well - looking to finalsie the full basemap and start shipping, to that end can the following members please make the final payment of £445 to - please include your order number as shown on the list below:
  13. GROUP BUY: EP82/EP91 PnP ME221 ECU

    PM us please
  14. GROUP BUY: EP82/EP91 PnP ME221 ECU

    The EP82 is now available - can people please follow the same instructions as per above for payment etc. Thanks
  15. GROUP BUY: EP82/EP91 PnP ME221 ECU

    Yes the ECu features full closed loop boost control... Will be adding to the manuals in due course for the starkets - the EP82 is now also ready!