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  1. What made you put an air filter on? Meshed sounds too good lol
  2. Not much been happening with the car lately, just waiting on parts mainly. But my ME211 has finally arrived Wasted no time in getting that in the original case be interested to know what others have done to get to the flashing plug on the ECU. Thinking about getting an extension cable, drilling a hole in the case and having it permanently plugged in and lopped up in the glove box Fingers crossed the next update will be the big one, the first start up. Not actually heard this thing run ever, so we'll see if this is the good blind Facebook purchase or a nugget. Fingers crossed Cheers, Jack
  3. I did notice on the spec sheet it said low comp Wiseco pistons, I can presume these are the 8.0:1 ones. With the 1.4mm headgasket I reckon the compression ratio is very low indeed. I'll have to wait till my ME221 turns up and see what that means in terms of drivability
  4. I still have my other glanza, have no need to sell that so maybe that one can scratch the itch. I'll have to think about it. These first world problems haha
  5. As is the way with these cars, cant postpone it anymore and decided to take skirts off and inspect for the dreaded tin worm. I got sent a video of it briefly before I bought, but needed to see for myself. What a lovely surprise it is not to have a rusty jap car lol I'm more than happy with this, but does beg the question if it's now too clean an example to rag the shit out of on track
  6. I've no idea tbh mate, bought the car relatively cheaply. Engine was built by TMD about 10yrs ago but done next to no mileage, so who knows how they built it. Yeh its SCAT rods, not my first choice but they seem popular in starbos. Well at least I know 8k is where I can sensibly stay, maybe push a little more and have an 8k shift point
  7. So I'm almost ready for my forged glanza to be road worthy and start mapping. I've no idea what these engines can take in terms of revs? I have TD uprated valve springs and a WEPR hybrid td04 on a forged 4E. Does 8250rpm seem about right? I'm completely clueless what these are capable of
  8. Had a look round a Ep82 GT at East Coast Japanese coffee meet at Shotley Marina yesterday. Just wondered if it were anyone off here?
  9. Yeh I've been following your thread since you started it lol
  10. Just fit a switch, nothing in MOT says the horn button has to be on the steering wheel lol. It's not a bodge if it works haha
  11. Car got delivered earlier this week and got stuck right in. Head whipped off to inspect damage and........ Theres zero damage. None at all. But it became apparent as soon as the spark plugs were out what was the issue. The bores absolutely stink of fuel, even the oil in the head and sump stinks of it. So I can assume it's been flooded with fuel. As I budgeted for a new engine, thought I'd make this spec even better. We'd all drive boring cars if we like having money in the bank lol. So... Uprated valve springs from Tuning Developments. More for piece of mind but also ability for a 8k+ rev limit. And now it was a tough choice, had ~£1000 to spend. Nice coilovers, K sport 8 pots or an ECU. I've chosen the ECU, ordered an ME221 I've got a fancy AEM failsafe wideband that will work well with it. I've no idea when that will arrive atm but we shall see how that goes. The software looks easy and have a base map already. Quick pic with its sisters. No idea on the plans for the OG glanza I had just yet Cheers, Jack
  12. She'll be sorted mate 100%. I'm glad I saved it from being broken up, it's so bloody mint!
  13. It got delivered just as the sun set, but managed to sneak a quick pic in before the OG Glanza went off to the unit for storage. Gonna whip the head off tomorrow and see what's happened. Overall, looks very very clean. Well happy with it atm, not bad for sight unseen off Facebook lol
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