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  1. V_Jack

    Who knew starlets had a pollen filter??

    I'll check my 96' Glanza when I'm with it over the weekend lol
  2. V_Jack

    ME221 Group Buy #3

    I was going to phone today to place that deposit - if you're going to honor until the end of Sept am I okay to phone then to just pay in full? Cheers
  3. V_Jack

    ME221 Group Buy #3

    They're not lasting long! Can't afford mine now until the end of the month
  4. V_Jack

    o2 sesor wire question.

    I'm pretty sure its white with a thick brown protective plastic over it from what I recall to protect it from the heat.
  5. Snall update, been working on the electrical side still, gauges are installed and loom is pretty much there now I also borrowed the team dynamics for my other car and put my spare BBS wheels on... I kinda like it...
  6. I’ll be running the 4e box as that’s what I’ve got with the competition clutch conversion flywheel to run the larger clutch disc
  7. V_Jack

    Twin scroll TD05

    Billet wheels are lighter, I’ve always been under the impression they spool better, especially on a twin scroll. I’d be expecting it to be starting to come on boost around 4000rpm
  8. I'm expecting the gearbox to last all of about 24 seconds - I'm cryofreezing the box internals to strengthen them and I just need to pray basically. - Colour wise I've got something a bit special planned, wont be white.
  9. Do you know what pressure that was at? Ah well I've bought the springs now so may as well use them, even if I only run to 7500rpm least I don't need to worry about valve float.
  10. I know they don't like too due to the longer rods, I've seen people revving them to 7.5k but wasn't sure if this was limited by cams or valve springs, Id love to be able to rev it to 8k @Socks Don't suppose you know do you?
  11. V_Jack

    Twin scroll TD05

    On a 4e? Twin scroll helps a lot, billet wheel even more so, I'd expect you to be making boost around 4000rpm to be honest.
  12. Will post an update later, been stripping down loom and completing some loom repairs but nearly there. I've bought the uprated tuning developments valve springs - Does anyone know on a stock cam what is the limit on the RPM and power they'll make? Will stock cams make 400+ and let me rev to 8k+ with the uprated valve springs?
  13. V_Jack

    Hi all! Newbie (sort of) checking in.....

    Looks mint for £500, welcome along!
  14. V_Jack

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    Any news on this guys?
  15. I've been talking to somewhere that can do me the turbo on a T3 flange without the internal actuator and then vband exhaust side - Ideal as I'm going for an external gate and then they'll do me a custom wheel to suit - But again still looking at the GTX roller bearing offerings, Is your kit bottom mount? - I was planning on going top mount.