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  1. I've been talking to somewhere that can do me the turbo on a T3 flange without the internal actuator and then vband exhaust side - Ideal as I'm going for an external gate and then they'll do me a custom wheel to suit - But again still looking at the GTX roller bearing offerings, Is your kit bottom mount? - I was planning on going top mount.
  2. I've not even drove the car! Was stripped the night I had it, just decided to go for it, I very nearly dropped a standard 5e in and ran low boost but decided I'd only end up ripping it apart again. Car has UKSO stickers on it so I assume its been on here before, I haven't been able to find any threads about it though!
  3. Afternoon all, Few months ago I picked up my EP91 Glanza, Was bought dirt cheap I couldn't say no! Has previously been resprayed blue (unfortunately) it was originally white. Currently looking very sorry for itself stripped down with no engine or interior, Engine has been dropped off for the machining work, Wossner Pistons, Scat Rods, Athena Headgasket and the build. Hoping to have the engine back in and running before the end of the month, and then its going to have a custom turbo kit made up to fit the turbo, current plan is a custom GT28 however this is still a bit up in the air... I have also been looking at a GTX2860r, power goal is 350(+) Won't be on the road anytime soon, it will be having a respray, rollcage etc... lots of bits to come - I've always wanted a Glanza so when this popped up for the price it did I jumped on it and I hope to build it over the next few years, I would like to have it road legal next year to go back to the Nurburgring but it will not be finished by that point, not even close. Few photos of it: Currently I'm working on tidying up the loom, I've relocated the battery to the rear and I am also currently working on interior wiring for external fuel pump etc for the swirl pot setup. - I'll be sure to update as I work on it Cheers
  4. V_Jack

    ME221 ep82/ep91 group buy

    You can put me down for one of these! Ep91!
  5. V_Jack

    Loud knocking sound after head repair

    I’m having this issue after removing my cams and not realising they were sprung, is it as as simple as twisting it until it lines up and putting a bolt through it?
  6. V_Jack


    I've got a couple about if you still need one..
  7. Hi All, Hope you can help, I need an interior wiring diagram, I have some lose wires on my engine loom, buzzing them through they go to the interior loom connection plugs but after that I have no idea what they are for, I know they are the 3 coolant temp wires but unsure which is which Does anyone have a diagram? Thanks, Jack
  8. V_Jack

    WANTED: 5e Bottom End/Crank

    As title, in need of a 5e bottom end, I only need the crank ideally but will consider full engines or anything, Thanks, Jack