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  1. i agree---preferably new
  2. gorganl2000

    Rear ARB ep82??

    personally, i use and like the ultra racing rear ARB ---simple to install and no issues for a very long time now lots of people run whiteline, so they must be very good as well
  3. gorganl2000


    I've run both innovate (xd-16 and mtx-l) and aem (x series) widebands over the years. I've not had any major issues with either. However, i find the AEM x series was easier to install and set up
  4. gorganl2000

    4e forged internals on a 5e ?

    pistons can be used if in good condition, but you will need to check the bore sizes of the 5e and the width of the 4efte forged pistons you have, that will determine your next step as they are a few scenarios from there also, you will need new pistons rings, etc for the rebuild the rods from the 4efte are too short for the 5e block---they wont work
  5. gorganl2000

    Boost Info

    where i live, if he runs it as it is on td04 set up on any kind of decent boost, he will eventually break piston ringlands due to our low pump gas quality...i'm not certain in his region how it is and i don't believe in taking chances when it can be avoided. hence i'd suggest he gets the car tuned asap, preferably with the EMB as it can be custom to his set up if you choose to use EMB, then you can run it with the stock ecu as there will be no real difference between the stock ecu and blitz ecu in overall power after the tune ----sell the blitz and make some money or put it down if you choose to run the Blitz ecu, then do as robsr said and get it professionally checked for fuel and knock/ignition, as you have no idea what it's tuned for. this is the only way you will know if it is safe.
  6. gorganl2000

    Boost Info

    is your car tuned for this td04 set up?
  7. gorganl2000

    FMIC without cutting bumper

    lots of information and pics in there---hopefully you find something of worth to you http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/fmic-comparisons-king-thread.20735/
  8. gorganl2000

    Gearbox help

    it appears to be a c52 box based on some older information about the "casing" at the top which holds the selector mechanism 52 had a ridge and hump at the end 56 was smooth with no hump at the end this is just old hear say, i don't know if this is true ---my disclaimer
  9. gorganl2000

    Connecting laptop to EMU

    what operating system is on your computer? the newer operating systems don't seem to work with EMU i also tried partitioning on the newer laptop (windows 8 at the time) as recommended by an IT friend, but that didn't work i have to use an old laptop with XP to communicate with EMU...i think i've used vista in the past (long time ago, so can't tell you with 100% certainty)
  10. gorganl2000

    Ewg question

    i didn't connect them, i left them open as the kit did not come with any blanking plugs for the water ports
  11. gorganl2000

    Thinking of going forged 5E

    in summary, go with the 5e, its 100% worth it
  12. looking good as usual stu and the data is good to see which gearbox are you using---ratios and final drive
  13. gorganl2000


    i'd suggest WEPR/Sacha they make great stuff...i've used them twice over the past decade and never had a problem with either MS or SS turbo kits and from my experience their before and after sales service is great as well----the latter is very important in this day and age
  14. gorganl2000

    No more sparks!

    try a post in the wanted section
  15. gorganl2000

    Ep82 handbrake cables

    +1 for bean's comments on a side note, these ep82/91 handbrakes were never the best even when in good condition. I try to keep mine on decent condition as well, but i've long given up on them locking properly, especially on slopes---i'd advice you keep something close-by to prop the car in hills even if you park in a gear, or learn to run fast and dive through the car window for quick entry like dukes of hazzard