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  1. Missfire when on boost.

    check map sensor and connections
  2. Missfire when on boost.

    have you done a diagnostic test?..any code?
  3. Hazards working fuel pump

    sounds like you need an auto-electrician
  4. shody steering feel

    different brand coil-overs for me, but same experience...i try to double check these 2 nuts every few months now
  5. Levin Twin Pot Conversion

    i run celica st202 twin pot calipers along with celica st202 carriers and celica brake pads my discs are Astra 280mm discs which were lathe down to 277mm to fit---you would need to do a search to find the part numbers, its all on here also you need a spigot ring to convert the 60mm centre bore of the astra disc to 55/54mm of the starlet  
  6. Injector Upgrade

    you may have a point there GordR regarding the stock fpr that i did not think about at all,,,,i can't even think of a reasonable fix for the fouling issue if its not massive fouling, is it a part of the head that you can file away slightly to give yourself some clearance? i run an aftermarket/SARD fpr, so its tucked away elsewhere, hence no fitment problems   
  7. ECU Pin out for Automatic EP91 Glanza

    https://epbible.weebly.com/wiring-diagrams.html click on the ep82 ect automatic ecu pin out at a quick glance, the only difference i see between the ECT and MT ecus is on connector 2---pin 16---sensor ground  
  8. Glanza wheel alignment!

      that should read "seems people run -1 to -2 camber depending"
  9. Power window pinout diagram

    http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/guide-window-motor-fitting.65988/ not specific to your request, but tons of pics,,,,,maybe you find something that answers your question
  10. Glanza wheel alignment!

    i think its a very difficult question to answer, because a "decent" set up will be very subjective and specific to each car...depending on spring rates, ride height, tires, mounts, bushings, etc....too many variables my suggestion is to get it correctly aligned and then try from there till you find your sweet spot to suit your driving style and car's suspension  mods  seems people run about 1 - 2 camber depending 
  11. ME221 EP91 ECU

    well, to be honest, i only bought the car when i knew i had all the parts to convert it to manual----i bought all this stuff first...lol i bought the car, drove it home as an automatic, put all the manual conversion parts into the trunk and took it directly to the mechanic to be converted...so that was the extent of my auto experience---less than 1 day  iirc for me, it was worth the hassle, as i strongly prefer MT 
  12. ME221 EP91 ECU

    may be something to do with the auto variable TPS and neutral start compared to a manual EP91 i converted my car from auto to manual a long time ago, and since then i've ran stock auto ecu, stock MT ecu and JAM MT ecu...the car registered a code 51 iirc with the MT ecus, but worked have you contacted ME for advice?...they should be able to assist
  13. Fake Greddy e manage blue?

    i totally agree,,,i dont play around with anything fake on my car...period also, try the for sale section on here, they come up fairly cheap with the fields plug and play harness sometimes and boost sensor
  14. Injectors for td04

    if you are going to stick to a stock td04L...then you can get some mazda gtx 360cc injectors 195500-2130 or toyota 370cc injectors 23250-74160  ----the latter probably have a better spray pattern, but both will work and will require tuning and will meet the needs of any boost u run on a stock td04l if you plan on hybrid td04l or td05 later on, then get mazda rx7 460cc or 550cc----------the latter are not the best to tune at idle due to old design http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/interchangelable-injectors.58014/   luckily we have some of the newer type Subaru WRX/STI available now as well, 420cc and 565cc---easier to tune with better spray pattern https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1218460 PS. try to avoid fake/cheap non-genuine injectors
  15. Injector Upgrade

    i've not heard of any starlets running such massive injectors...are you thinking of E 85? i personally run subaru sti blue 565cc injectors, after switching from rx7 460cc injectors about 2 months ago,,,,even in a relatively untuned state, the subaru injectors seem to be more driveable and are said to be more tuner friendly----i will find out about the latter part in a few weeks hopefully   also, that price seems rather cheap....just beware