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  1. Calling all ye olde members!!

    only now seeing your post...i think its from the toyota celica gt4 i remember the post on ttgt, its supposed to have a faster refresh rate and work with the stock ecu....open element i think  
  2. 5efte safe boost

    5efe bottom end?....have you ever checked to see which rods are in there?...if it's the thinner 5efe rods, then back in the day persons have reportedly ran a maximum of 10/12psi....some persons have reportedly found the thicker 5efhe rods in some 5efe engines, but all that is just what i've read over the years i can for sure say that the thicker 5efhe rods hold up very well at higher boost levels with a decent tune.
  3. i'll say it again...very clean project  i can't imagine the time and effort that goes on behind the scenes to reach this stage
  4. starletezy

    i rate this member/seller very highly excellent communication and was willing to ship overseas---even made sure to find the best rates the item itself was in very good condition i would 100% do business again
  5. Rear brake disks won’t come off

    that last part is very important...don't overtighten 
  6. subaru injectors fitment

    its always about sharing on the forums
  7. subaru injectors fitment

    just to update Subaru top feed injectors from 2002+ wrx and 2007+ sti will fit our 4e/5e fuel rails make sure to get all the subaru specific seals/o-rings with the injectors when you buy them or better yet, replace with new Subaru specific seals/o-rings (3 on each injector) the electrical connectors are the same and they are high imp you will need to remove the black plastic spacers from the starlet fuel rail and just use the two metal spacers only, as the Subaru injectors are shorter you will need to cut the two fuel rail bolts or buy new ones (65mm - 75mm) the car will need to be tuned for sure, the spray pattern is said to be better than the older style madza gtx/rx7 360cc, 460cc and 550cc injectors these injectors can be bought "used" for very reasonable prices off the various Subaru forums and eBay, i'd suggest taking  them to be fully services, cleaned and flow tested to make sure they are working prpoerly---i'd strongly suggest buying genuine injectors and avoiding cheap knockoffs now this gives members more options to choose from and depending on what your want to achieve with your car---information taken from the nasioc website https://forums.nasioc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1218460 Is there a list of top feed injector sizes for the 2002+ WRX and 2007+ STI?OEM 2002-2005 WRX 420 ccJDM STi "pinks" 550 ccOEM 2006+ WRX 560 cc (also known as "blues")OEM 2007+ STI 560 cc  
  8. HELP Emanage blue help

    http://greddy.com/upload/file/e-manage-part1.pdf http://greddy.com/upload/file/e-manage_Blue_Install.pdf     those are the two most detailed i could find....i run EMU, but i dont have the setting with me and i'm not sure its the same as EMB
  9. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    that has in the pictures
  10. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    its two pins...you have to use the correct ones, as the automatic harness has a few wires/pins to it
  11. need help with mapping emanage blue on ep91 [diy]

    i'd strongly suggest you get some DIY det cans made up or some kind of knock detection device along with a good wideband/afr guage before you even starting any tuning    
  12. Reverse lights following manual conversion

    we just put some "spades" on the two reverse switch wires and plugged them into the automatic harness. i dont have MOT here, but its been that way from 2006 and no issues really
  13. Emanage ultimate connection issues

    yeah...that makes two of us and a whole lot of people on the internet....lol if EMU/EMB are still being manufactured, then a software upgrade would be useful. i suppose with the reasonably priced standalone options, piggybacks are not as popular as before 
  14. parker85

    well, this is a bit different, but anyways, i purchased a part from him, but the transaction got messed up with the international shipping (NO fault of his). after trying to help me out as best he could, he ended up giving me a refund. throughout the entire deal his communication was excellent and he went above and beyond to try to assist me so positive feedback for this member