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  1. Sefton-EP91's 300hp 98 Spec Glanza

    how easy/difficult are oil changes with this WEPR kit and the bigger TD td04 compressor housing? did you have nay issues fitting up the new bigger turbo?  is your oil filter still in the stock location?   i must admit i like how tidy your engine bay looks...keep up the good work
  2. Josh's EP91 1997 Glanza V build thread

    just a quick question, how much room do you have to change the oil filter with this set up? is it an easy or difficult task? from the picture, the oil filter looks very close to the turbo compressor housing---but could just be the angle also, with the upgraded/hybrid td04L (bigger compressor housing), how easy is it to get to the oil filter now?   thanks for any input you can provide,,,,i like this kit, but just want to see your experiences
  3. Best Springs and Dampers

    exactly....i've always hated the messing about with cutting the front shock and having to use back part of it...it just takes up time and sometimes extra money
  4. Best Springs and Dampers

    yeah...back in the day i had wished they made "full" front shocks...as konis are decent shocks on the starlet
  5. Best Springs and Dampers

    is this a full shock or just the insert?
  6. subaru injectors fitment

    does anyone know if Subaru sti/wrx new style injectors are a direct fit to our fuel rails?...or if any modification is required, exactly what needs to be done?also, is the injector electrical connector the same as stock?are these high impedance injectorssizes --- 565cc pinks and 565cc dark blueshas anyone ran Subaru injectors in their starlet? if so, how do they perform (spray pattern, idle, ease/difficulty of tuning, etc)?
  7. Best Springs and Dampers

    5ecolin should be able to give you some direct links
  8. Best Springs and Dampers

    yeah... konis are still around i guess nowadays there are a lot more options and the cost/benefit to consider
  9. HELP required rear top mounts ep91

    have seen this in the past, especially when i installed firmer trd shocks/springs ....what i did was get two "broad and sturdy"  flat washers...i put one under the shock mount sleeve and one above the sleeve to stop it from moving. that worked for me failing that, you may have to get new mounts. 
  10. good acceleration and decent handling, you are really enjoying the car now   the track looks like a joy to drive on too
  11. Best coilovers

    what spring rates front/rear and price tag?   like many above, i have personal experience with meisterR and i highly recommend them---gquality products, excellent pre/after sales service
  12. 6 speed box

    gt box and glanza box ...same final drive 3.722 however, glanza box has slightly shorter (reportedly also weaker) 3rd and 4th gears that's what i've always been told http://www.toyotagtturbo.com/community/index.php?threads/gear-ratio-comparison-list.26329/    
  13. 6 speed box

    are you sure about that final drive for the glanza ep91 c56? as far as i have investigated, the ep91 glanza has a 3.722 final drive c56   however, the levin c56 seems to have the 4.312 final drive you noted above   may be someone can clarify  
  14. Swap 5efhe and 4efte pistons

    i'm agreeing with 5e Colin and Sudden...keep the package together
  15. 5efhe tuninig

    i always liked the idea of the n/a 5e, very glad yours turned out well, really shows that we have a lot of local talent for a small island...i once built one (2006/2007 iirc) but disassembled it before i installed it and rebuilt it to accommodate turbo..i figured if done properly it could make 150whp with race gas, but it just started to get too expensive for my liking and the power it would make ---but the ITB idea and rev sound was tempting at the time...lol was that power figure achieved on our pump gas? or race gas? or pump plus additives/meth?