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  1. gorganl2000

    Ep82 handbrake cables

    +1 for bean's comments on a side note, these ep82/91 handbrakes were never the best even when in good condition. I try to keep mine on decent condition as well, but i've long given up on them locking properly, especially on slopes---i'd advice you keep something close-by to prop the car in hills even if you park in a gear, or learn to run fast and dive through the car window for quick entry like dukes of hazzard
  2. gorganl2000

    Injector pulse wiring

    i'd suggest you drop Stu a PM...he's very knowledgeable about that kind of stuff
  3. gorganl2000

    Engine mounts

    i did my new rear trd one a long time ago...you have to make sure its absolutely clean before you apply the polyurethane i think i wiped it down with lacquer thinners before i started ---to get rid of any grease/oil/film could have been around 10 years its been on now...last i checked recently, the polyurethane has "separated/unglued" on each side from the main mount, but are still in perfect condition, so i just push both pieces back in place on both sides ( they now act like inserts...lol)
  4. gorganl2000

    Valve stem seals which way around ?

    from memory, brownish ones on the intake side and silver on the exhaust side hopefully others can confirm
  5. gorganl2000

    Rear Top Mounts - Help

  6. gorganl2000

    piston gudgeon pin

    just get them pressed out at the machine shop...nothing special needed, just a little care you are more likely to damage a piston/ringland than a rod getting them pressed out
  7. gorganl2000


    just a side question...what's the wheel spacing on a starlet?--somehow 4x100 comes to mind, while you have 4 x 114???
  8. gorganl2000

    Engine mounts

    just putting this option out there if you can't find any ready made ones to match your needs...you could always get stock ones and pack them with polyurethane ..it comes in different grades, so you can choose to suit your needs lots of information/vids on the net on how to go about this
  9. gorganl2000

    High clutch pedal

    i suspect he's referring to the rod under the dashboard that connects the clutch pedal to the master cylinder but i'm sure he will respond to you soon enough
  10. gorganl2000

    Manifold material

    i've ran both...MS lasted 10 years (and was still in good condition)...now i have on a SS.......both made by WEPR/Sacha and no problems whatsoever with either if you have good quality SS, then it will last and as said above, will look better.........make sure to brace whichever you get,if it doesn't already come braced
  11. gorganl2000

    Engine block numbers

    PS...the manual says to add the block number and the crankshaft number to determine the correct main bearing size for each journal there are 5 numbers stamped on the crankshaft as well
  12. gorganl2000

    St185 GT4 twinpot front callipers.

    part of the reason may be that many persons don't use that specific set up....i've seen members using celica st202 and levin twin pot set ups and st185 single pot set ups more so however, i'm not aware of the celica st185 twin pot set up and whats required to make it work on the starlet-----hence a possible reason for the silence on the matter from the forum
  13. the only inserts people have run in the past are from Koni,,,that's probably why no one has responded, as they don't know
  14. gorganl2000

    Launching a Starlet Gt

    yeah,,,to add to robsr,,,you need to maintain the balance between bogging the car and wheel spin some moderate clutch slip, suspension set up, good tires, track prep, etc all will play a part.....but its something you should get better at with more experience
  15. gorganl2000

    ME221 EP91 ECU

    why not research megasquirt if going the cheaper route?...it's been around for a while now i'm no tuner, but some people have used them in the past...best to ask for their experiences on the starlet