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  1. 1990timeismoney

    Wanted Livesport front splitter

    Hi all. Looking for a livesport front splitter for a ep82 if possible drop me a pm.
  2. 1990timeismoney

    Zisco inlet manifold

    I'l hopefully get some measurements on the weekend and do a cad model then machine up a bracket cheers for the advise. Luke
  3. 1990timeismoney

    Zisco inlet manifold

    Thanks for the advise ill check that.might just put it on machine quick give it a skim. Hope to get it on the weekend going to use standard throttle body for now hopefully works out well
  4. 1990timeismoney

    Zisco inlet manifold

    That sounds pretty good id be happy with any gains like that. Thank you for the advise will try and do a guide when I got mine for future reference. Thanks again
  5. 1990timeismoney

    Wanted 2E throttle cable

    Sounds good if you could send me a pm with price delivered that would be great
  6. 1990timeismoney

    Wanted 2E throttle cable

    Hi all As above looking for a 2E throttle cable to help along with fitting zisco inlet.
  7. 1990timeismoney

    Zisco inlet manifold

    Cheers Colin not on Facebook but will get my brother to have a look. Cheers
  8. 1990timeismoney

    Zisco inlet manifold

    Hi Colin.Thank you for the advise good shout on the throttle cable didn't think about that.ill have to see if I can get one before I start pulling to bits.The Acis manifold is sounding more interesting are they hard to come by.
  9. 1990timeismoney

    Zisco inlet manifold

    Hi all. Started progress on an engine build recently purchased a zisco inlet along with thermal gaskets etc going to be running standard throttle body for now along with td04.looking for advise on installation and pics if possible for plumbing in all the pipe work.any feedback on gains on td04 or losses would be much appreciated.
  10. 1990timeismoney


    Cheers mate glad they arrived ok
  11. 1990timeismoney

    Spree-R Time Attack Wanted

    Looking for the above for ep82. Regret not buying when had the chance and now looking to purchase one for new plans
  12. 1990timeismoney


    Pm sent
  13. 1990timeismoney

    Baffled sump

    I'm in the design stage of building templates for a trap door kit which I can laser cut etc will upload pics as it goes along
  14. 1990timeismoney

    Few Items for sale

    Ep91 HKS Exhaust system including Decat. £250 +Paypal fees Item Condition.Good all round condition.Still fully heat wrapped.No holes or blows etc. Collection only or buyer to arrange courier. Ep91 Headlights Good used condition one lense has slight haze but aware this can be polished out.Also one of the adjuster clips has a slight crack as show in pick but still works as it should. £100 +Paypal fees Postage £20 Standard Ep91 ECU Great condition.Only just removed from my glanza im selling.Works great. £50 +paypal fees Postage £10 Ep91/Ep82 Drinks tray holder. In used condition.Works as it should and all fittings in good condition. £20 + Paypal fees Postage £5