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  1. ashbuxton

    Glanza fuel tank fitment on ep82

    Don’t believe they are mate as I thought the same. Glanza tank is smaller apparently.
  2. Sorry mike84 both sold mate
  3. ashbuxton

    Ep82 Fuel Tank

    Still looking... surely someone is breaking an ep82?
  4. ashbuxton

    Curborough sprint course. 5e vf35

    We had abit of an oil problem (not from the Starlet for a change) so that slowed us abit but couldn’t of been helped really! Only 15 on the one I did. Did you organise yours through chequered flag? ive got no more holidays to book now mate so can’t do 31st I’m afraid. Be good to get a few more starlets on the sprint days as they abit less intense than a full blown track day and less hard on the car meaning even the less track prepped cars could get involved. i run a factory LSD but used to run a kaaz on my old GT and they are so much different. Would be up for a day sometime next year for sure though :-)
  5. ashbuxton

    Curborough sprint course. 5e vf35

    Did the one full lap around the outside then cut into figure of 8 on second lap. I was really impressed with how little waiting around there was and plenty of track time for the money. Also most of the people on the day were sound which always helps. i have a few in car videos. My car looks no where near as tight as yours in the bends though. I’m in need of a rear arb I think and was on a mix and match of tyres. Was a great day though really enjoyed it. Get yourself booked onto 8th October one may aswell for £60!
  6. ashbuxton

    Curborough sprint course. 5e vf35

    I did this last week mate... great little set up isn’t it. I’ve booked on to go again on the 8th October for £60 it’s a great day. Video looks good too. What suspension/braking/tyre set up are you running?
  7. ashbuxton

    Ep82 Fuel Tank

    As above my fuel tank has had it so on the lookout for another one in decent condition. As close to Derbyshire as possible would be ideal. Thanks Ash
  8. ashbuxton

    Mk1 gt snow edition project

    Yes not got that one anymore though sold to buy house etc and then bought a black one about a year and a half ago. Couldn’t resist!
  9. ashbuxton

    Mk1 gt snow edition project

    Sorry I was looking at the first page on this thread. Adam-Gt posted some pics of his old white GT N882 NWR didn’t realise it was years old sorry haha. I did used to own it though geeza
  10. ashbuxton

    Adjustable panhard rod

    Search Gizfab on google mate. I had one from there I think it was £80 including delivery and really well made.
  11. ashbuxton

    Mk1 gt snow edition project

    I used to own N882 NWR mate
  12. Will take sensible offers on these...
  13. New and unused scat rods only taken one out the packaging to look at. The other 3 are still sealed. Comes with installation information and a lovely bit of lube. Perfect for someone building a forged 4efte looking for £270 ovno (not including PayPal fees or delivery) I also have brand new ARP 4age head studs bought from Conor Browne and never used looking for £80 ovno (not including PayPal fees or delivery) Also available for cash on collection from Smalley, Derbyshire, UK
  14. ashbuxton

    Hello from Derbyshire

    I think I saw this for sale on ebay not long back did I? I know Alfreton mate my parents live in Swanwick...
  15. ashbuxton

    Hello from Derbyshire

    Welcome mate. Nice to see another member from Derbyshire on here... where abouts are you from mate? Get some pics of the cars up