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  1. 20T Billett TD04 Hybrid (stock internals)

    Just to add only using a hybrid as it came as part of the deal. 
  2. 20T Billett TD04 Hybrid (stock internals)

    Just fitted a wepr externally gated kit using a TD hybrid td04 mate. Waiting on mapping at the minute but running on stock internals. Plan on running around 1 bar. My car isn't my daily so don't rely on it. If it breaks it breaks and not a problem for me I will just build (or more like have one built) a engine strong enough to cope. Hopefully be ok for a while but only time will tell and like everyone says depends on the map too. I will let you know if I have any problems!
  3. I looked on the Dastek page and booked in for this Saturday with Street Racers in Leicester. Now says he's busy this weekend so I was wondering if anyone else knew of any tuners localish to Derby that are familiar with Dasteks? It's a unichip Q not the really old style one.
  4. F@cking pistake !!!

    Bargain... bet it still crunches into 2nd & 3rd and 5th will be on its way out :-)
  5. Spotted a nice black v parked up on Shipley view whilst out on my run tonight anyone's on here?
  6. Blocks new Escort Cosworth

    Can't beat an old cossie. Always fancied an old sierra to be honest but way out of my price range now days! They are classics though... I think it's an age thing I'm nearly thirty so these were the types of cars I had on my bedroom wall as a kid. Either love them or hate them I think!
  7. Zisco/Ebay Hybrid Ct9 Turbo Kit

    SOLD please lock
  8. Zisco/Ebay Hybrid Ct9 Turbo Kit

    Still up for sale
  9. Zisco/Ebay Hybrid Ct9 Turbo Kit

    Thank you for Input lads ad changed appropriately
  10. Zisco/Ebay Hybrid Ct9 Turbo Kit

    Ok Colin will amend as I didn't know. And also amend price accordingly.
  11. Item For Sale: Kit consists of: Zisco (TBC) Manifold Zisco Stainless Steel Downpipe with gearbox brace Ebay Replica (Speedvision 3rd Gen Hybrid Turbo Style) HKS adjustable actuator Any oil pipes and other pipes attached (see pictures) Basically everything seen in the pictures attached. Item Condition & Description: Item has just been removed from my working GT with no issues what so ever! Although the kit has obviously been used it is still a very solid piece of kit and the manifold shows no signs of cracking or weakening and the turbo has only very minimal shaft play. For anyone who has upgraded or is thinking of upgrading from a standard ct9 to a hybrid you will know and feel the difference. I had this running just over a bar on a dastek unichip q and the turbo pulled well all the way through the rev range. The actuator although a little rusty still has very good spring in it (checked tonight). Only reason I am selling is because I am currently in the process of going TD04. Any questions don't hesitate to contact me. Price: £350 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Would be happier if someone local came to collect. I am based in Ilkeston, Derbyshire. If it comes to it I can ship to UK at buyers expense.
  12. First time I've looked today went to order some and out of stock 👎 Good luck to everyone who managed to get some though
  13. ep82 gear cables where

    As patman says worth a Facebook post with a pic of exactly what you after mate. Hopefully you find someone who is breaking or has one lying around their garage. Good luck

    Thought we had agreed a deal on these and other bits mate? I was waiting for a message to arrange collection when everything was removed from your car. No problem if you want to hold out for more money for everything but would of been nice to know so I could start looking elsewhere. I understood our fb messenger posts as a verbal handshake. No problem though just get in touch to let me know what's happening. Ash