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  1. DTA ECU

    Yea I run a s80 there great ecu's. If there's anything you'd like to know prob easier messaging me on facebook - shaun finnigan
  2. J. A. E. Competitions

    Group chats up and running if anyway wants to be added in let me know your facebook name
  3. Few parts need help finding

    I'll check if the scraps been lifted tommorow.
  4. J. A. E. Competitions

    I'll def take part worth setting up a group chat so we can discuss it?
  5. Few parts need help finding

    Take a picture of the bracket mate I dunno if there the same on the gt to glanza
  6. Few parts need help finding

    Sounds good to me mate I'll look them out just let me know if you need anything else loads of stuff here.
  7. Few parts need help finding

    I've got crank pulley bolt and thermohousing. Can post them or bring to jae
  8. I've paid for two nick ones for me ones for Dave
  9. Don't suppose there's a list of all the legends actually attending?
  10. Show me your dashes!

    I was gonna run mine with no dash when it was out but for how little the dash weights it does keep it looking tidy. I'll grab a pic of mine later I've just got my new fuse box where the radio was. Switches where the heater controls where and kill switch in the ashtray part.
  11. id just rescue this asap mate and get it to Chris he will take care of it for you!. What management are you running? If your kicking about while he works his Magic give me a shout I'll pop down in mine.
  12. Me and Dave shall of course be brining our Scottish charm Again this year. Few others are talking about coming down aswell
  13. J. A. E. Competitions

    Me and some of the Scottish boys are game to get involved this year.