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  1. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Tom's Bodykit Package Deal

    Hi No, not at the moment unfortunately. Regards, Usman
  2. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Glanza parts help please.

    Hi We have all that in stock. Drop me a message or give us a call on 01484 535665 if there is something you can't find :) Regards, Usman
  3. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Rear Caliper Pistons

    We have them available here: https://id-workz.co.uk/rear-caliper-piston-starlet-ep82-91?search=caliper%20piston Regards, Usman
  4. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Tial/Turbosmart Wastegate

    https://id-workz.co.uk/tial-mv-s-wastegate-38mm?mfp=manufacturers%5Btial%5D&search=tial We have 2 black ones on the shelf
  5. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    FRP Bonnet

    Yes we will be soon all being well
  6. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Map sensor, distributor cap push type, tps

    We have the distributor cap available here: http://id-workz.co.uk/distributor-cap-boot-type-starlet?search=19101-11070 Cheers
  7. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Performance panel filter

    I would say K&N to be honest mate. Uzzy
  8. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Performance panel filter

    Hi We can supply a K&N filter for £55 delivered. We can also supply a Blitz one however that is out of stock until the end of next month. That one is £47 delivered. Uzzy
  9. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Glanza Bodykit Package Deals

    I'm afraid not. We do not have any bodykits available for the time being.
  10. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    38mm EWG

    Hi We have brand new wastegates available here: http://id-workz.co.uk/tuning-1/wastegates-and-actuators On the shelf so can dispatch today Uzzy
  11. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    ID-Workz Cooling Panel

    Hi Brad Sorry you didn't get a reply, I have just checked and it was in the junk folder for some reason. The cooling panels won't fit without an EP82 front end I'm afraid. Regards Usman
  12. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Relocated short route air filter and pipes for ct9 turbo

    No I'm afraid not mate Uzzy
  13. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Relocated short route air filter and pipes for ct9 turbo

    We have the kit available here: http://id-workz.co.uk/starlet-turbo-air-filter-relocation-kit?search=ct9-rk Uzzy
  14. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Varis bumper

    All frp parts will be available in September all being well Regards
  15. Uzzy@ID-Workz

    Varis bumper

    Hi We hope to have these available in September. Regards Usman