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  1. Setting td04 to 0.5/6

     My gt ran leaner on o.5 it ran much better at o.8 stock ecu / injectors especially the zone where boost build accurs it was better at o.8 as more fuel entered . I was getting g some lean spots till 4500 !!!!! Not good    Edit. Just noticed its going on 5 e  your going g to suffer lean spots wideband 1st mate    
  2. genuine Toyota ep82 mid spoiler

    Ya would love it but that's out of my price range for sure    
  3. Clutch does not disengage. HELP!

    i somethimes have same isseu  itys just the clutch nothing to worry about   double clutch and it will dis engage   spec clutch by any chance  ??? 
  4. 10-11k rpm 4e-fte

    9200 you going to have to get a custom cradele made to hold the crank in place or she will walk out of the block  instead of 5 caps holding the crank 1 solid custom machined unit to keep her tight  youd be max porting the head  for sure    plenty more that needs doing  tbf 
  5. 4efte rebuild

    ya you can rebuild to oem spec  for around 500£  im in the euro zone  cost me just under 600euros  but i do al my self 
  6. Starting Issue

    You still get gauge movement said it yourself.
  7. 4efte rebuild

    then stick to 200/220 bhp around 1 bar of boost and rebuild with oem Q parts last years cost 500 £ ish   depending where you get al the parts
  8. Valve guide removal tool

    pmed rob  
  9. MISS,STRESS >>> mister koni yellow

    Not good looking sorry for her self  just driving g hoping she won't fall apart till summer then she is getting front end painded by me and new engine re build  noting happens till then 
  10. Valve guide removal tool

    I have an order in  hi hi. Invoice me when your done
  11. Starting Issue

    Nothing to do with thermostat open or not even without a thermostats inside temp will rise.    Its probly the temp sensor on the housing  make sure wire is connected to right sensor  Put ground to the wire and check I'd the gauge shoots up if it does then sensor fucked if not cluster gauge fucked
  12. Valve guide removal tool

    Thanks for that    And thanks for the freezer tip
  13. Valve guide removal tool

    Make me 1 please I will buy it of you think you could make a few as plenty would do there own guides
  14. Valve guide removal tool

    Yes indeed rob  that's it where did you get yours or is it d.I.y ?
  15. Valve guide removal tool

    I found that 1 from a ducato bike will work its only 0.5 mm undersize but pricey at 60£ still looking for cheaper if all fails I will make 1 out of a stock valve and get bush machined and welded on