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  1. Engine swap

    You better worry about registering. The engine  or you. Be just another uninsured car here in the republic like so many others No it dont matter for nct mate use the turbo cat for the emissions
  2. aasco flywheel 4e/5e. ( price drop )

    bump 60£ takes it  
  3. Raising Boost Level

    on the other hand of that if you go beyond FC and rais feul pressure  milage will suffer big time brings al sorts of little problems with it to over time
  4. New member with a few questions.

    nope go tfo35hm instead  tdo4 is very laaaagy    you can run 0.8 bar tthen on stock ecu
  5. 20T Billett TD04 Hybrid (stock internals)

    i would go tfo35hm 19T  on a stock engine a fucking rocket of a turbo   ( it will have a 43mm inducer ) shits over a tdo4 as it spools lot faster  but outside of town on long roads the tdo4 will; be faster in a drag race its what you prefer really  smal power band in the tdo4 vs a 3000 to 7500 rpm powerband tfo   t
  6. New member with a few questions.

    Yep ct setup stock turbo to what psi you running 1 bar is 180 with decent setup
  7. New member with a few questions.

    looks like ct9 setup and arc topmount  no deffo not 280 bhp  more like 180   better cxlose up pic of bay would be nice 
  8. 4EFTE Auto Throttle Body with TPS (4 Pin)

    i have a 4 pin tps there mate pm me an offer 
  9. Things to refresh while engine is out ?

    DOnt forget rings and bearingsif she is out right time to do it
  10. FCD

    Pm me price on that please
  11. turbo gearbox

    text coming soon  
  12. Swap 5efhe and 4efte pistons

    dont matter what pins you use really they wont snap but rule of thumbs is use the pins from the piston it comes from    
  13. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Glanza-V-Starlet-GT-Turbo-EP82-EP91-4EFTE-LSD-Gearbox-Driveshaft-Mounts-35-000MI/162716029866?hash=item25e2a193aa:g:rt0AAOSwAaJZ5mAX just pure rip[ of buy full car for  parts for that money