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Build Thread

Found 16 results

  1. Item For Sale: Standard top mount intercooler with cover Item Condition & Description: Good condition, few bent fins as per piccys Price: £25 posted Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal + TNT Next day ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item For Sale: 4E-FTE GT Turbo Rad Item Condition & Description: Used, came off my orginal engine. Had no leaks as far I remember, all good Price: £30 posted Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal + TNT Next day -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item For Sale: OEM Optional Extra 6x9's Item Condition & Description: Good, worked fine when I had them in. Nice optional extra for you collectors Price: £40 posted Pictures: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item For Sale: Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator Item Condition & Description: Few scratches, worked fine when I ran it. Price: £25 posted Pictures: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item For Sale: OEM Dump valve Item Condition & Description: Looks fine to me, never used it so cannot comment on it tbh Price: £25 posted Pictures: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item For Sale: Standard exhaust manifold + heatshield Item Condition & Description: Has a bolt missing for the heat shield and stud missing on the manifold Price: £35 posted Pictures: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Item For Sale: Aircon Parts Item Condition & Description: Look okay but never used so I had no idea whats missing or needed Price: £40 posted Pictures:
  2. Item For Sale:OEM 3 Point Rear Brace for EP82/EP91. Item Condition & Description: As new, been freshly powdercoated in gloss black. Includes all plastics as in pic. Price: £120+ p&p + fees Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: Paypal, cash on collection, shipping possible.
  3. Item For Sale: Glanza S + Starlet rear light Item Condition & Description: Perfect condition Price: 15+p&p Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:paypal Item for sale glanza S starlet ecu s Condition perfect Price 15 Pictures Item for sale various switches and buttons Condition all good Price 2.50 each Pictures Item for sale glanza V ignition barrel and 2 original keys Condition perfect working order Price 50 Pictures Loads more bits and pieces too add Will get them all up tomorrow
  4. Item For Sale:Glanza tail lights Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:30 Pictures: More parts to add and better pictures !! Item for sale : heater controls Condition: Perfect Price: 10£ Pictures: item for sale: Glanza s clocks Condition: Perfect condition, Pictures: Item for sale: JDM 100bhp n/a engine Condition: Perfect, Timing belt and water pump done 2k ago Recently serviced Doesn't leak or burn oil Good compression on all 4 cylinders A/c unit still on engine Very original genuine engine Also have loom to go with it Price:150 for engine .ex postage Pictures: Item for sale: Glanza full size rad Condition: few bent fins but no leaks working perfect, Does not include extra fan Price;25£ Pictures: Item for sale: Oem strut Condition: good but could do with fresh coat of paint Price:15 Pictures: Item for sale: 4efte distributor Condition : perfect working order Price:35 Pictures: Item for sale: back box (unknown make)SOLD Comdition: bought over 2 years ago but was only fitted to my old car for 2 months or so Price: Pictures: Item for sale: 040 white Glanza side skirts Condition:used but overall good condition Price :20 Pictures: Item for sale: JDM 100bhp Glanza s import for breaking!! Condition description:front end damage Item for sale : Glanza head lights Condition: 2 head lights are in good condition could do with a wipe of a cloth, 1 head light has 2 scratches on the lense Price:SOLD Pictures: Item for sale: GLANZA heater fan Condition:perfect working order Price:20 Pictures: Item for sale: Glanza s/starlet exhaust and back box Condition: perfect no holes or rust Cat very good passed test a couple of months ago AFTERMARKET BACK BOX SOLD!! Price: 80 complete with standard or after market back box not including postage Pictures: Item for sale: 4efte fuel pump Condition:working perfect Price :10 Pictures: Item for sale: Indicator and wiper stalks Conditions:slightly faded but work perfect Price:10 Pictures: Item for sale: Driver side clear indicator Condition:perfect Price:15 Pictures: Item for sale: OEM gear knob Condition: Good condition,just needs wipe of a cloth Price:7 Pictures: FULL CAR FOR BREAKING !! CAR WILL BE GOING TO SCRAPYARD THIS WEEK!! All parts available at cheap prices! Will add more pictures and parts Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add 4% fee or send as gift. Registered postage or courier
  5. 3 sheets of gram lights stickers I got these as spares WAS £90 NOW £60 free tracking post can make your inner rim look cool like this
  6. Please Send Me A PM If Your Interested In Any Of My Parts THANK YOU Item For Sale: Carbing Front Brace Item Condition & Description:Brand New in box, Made of steel painted in white with carbing stamp on it also comes with manual and carbing sticker Price: WAS £220 NOW £100 PAY PAL FEE INCLUDED here is my feedback http://www.ukstarletowners.com/topic/72871-rock-kick-ass-feedback-thread/ Payment & Shipping Details: +4% pay pal fee.... £15 postage Pictures: ........................................................................................................
  7. ****postage will be standard irsh post unless buyer wants registered or express post, please state this before payment is made**** Item For Sale: electric windows switches RH/LH Item Condition & Description: removed from a 98 glanza, both are fully working with no damage or marks at all Price:30 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: add paypal fee plus 8quid postage irish standard or tracked postage which ever the buyer prefers Item For Sale: various buttons/switches Item Condition & Description:all in perfect condition Price:5 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details:add paypal fee plus 2 quid postage Item For Sale:rear light bulb holders 2 double contact 2 single contact Item Condition & Description:all in perfect working order (NOT A COMPLETE SET) can sell separately Price: 99quid each offers Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal Item For Sale: Passenger side door handle Item Condition & Description: removed from 98 glanza very light scratches on surface (not noticeable when on car ) Price: 15 Pictures: Item For Sale: 4efe ecus Item Condition & Description: both fully working 1 ecu is from uk starlet and the other is from 98 glanza S Price:15 and 20 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:fuel cap Item Condition & Description:removed from 98 glanza Price :10 Pictures: Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 5 quid postage Item For Sale:rear shock top mount covers Item Condition & Description:perfect condition Price:10 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_170147_zpsyf9ujcel.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 3 quid postage Item For Sale:speakers came on rear shelf of a glanza i had for breaking Item Condition & Description:not sure what they are worth if anything as they are quite ugly ha only reason im putting them up is ive seen them in a couple of glanzas on goo-net and other import sites,and have been wired in professionally looks like it came from the factory maybe? i dont know if anyone knows anything about them fell free to fill us in Price:99 offers Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165429_zps0d04yxal.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: oem ashtray Item Condition & Description:looks very clean Price: 10 Pictures:http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165650_zpsisx3u2cn.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165645_zps7evqgxfz.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 4 quid for postage Item For Sale:bonnet hinges Item Condition & Description: perfect working order Price: 5 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165218_zpsly3ratrg.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details:paypal add fee plus 5 quid for post Item For Sale:rear lights X2 Item Condition & Description: both sets are in mint condition 1 set is from irish starlet other set is from glanza 96 spec Price:15/25 Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_165118_zpsnwmxwhdi.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 10 postage Item For Sale: driver clear indicator Item Condition & Description: clip is broke, would sell lens only Price:99offers Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164111_zpstnihkdjj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: Item For Sale: 4efe manifolds Item Condition & Description:both are in perfect working order Price: 15 each Pictures: http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_164319_zpseolhm0tj.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus postage will have to check that as these are heavy enough Item For Sale:rear brake light oem Item Condition & Description: all lights are working but one screw hole had a piece broken off still works perfect and is held in position fine (NOT NOTICEABLE WHEN ON CAR ) Price: 99 offers Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163641_zpsevfhfiab.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_163653_zpslg1c6ks4.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal add fee plus 4 quid postage Item For Sale:ignition barrel plus 2 original keys Item Condition & Description:perfect working order both keys work in ignition Price:30 Pictures http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162718_zps0039cv2s.jpg~original http://i1379.photobucket.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150821_162731_zps9m4ctsf3.jpg~original Payment & Shipping Details: paypal have loads more bits and pieces to add just have to get more pictures will try get them up tonight at some stage
  8. Item For Sale: oem actuator x2 Item Condition & Description: used condition, but works perfectly Price:15ono :Pictureshttp://rs1379.pbsrc.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/CFFE2775-52FC-4F77-8141-7611507F6428_zpsoxua3vnv.jpg~320x480 Payment & Shipping Details:paypal only please Item For Sale: 4efe oem ecu X2 Item Condition & Description:used but working as it should Price:15 Pictures: http://rs1379.pbsrc.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150714_230250_zpswwlgxpbx.jpg~320x480 Payment & Shipping Details: paypal Item For Sale: head lights item condition & description : used but working perfect no broken clips cracks or damage, slight haze on lens but i will come up with a polish price:70ono plus postage pictures: http://rs1379.pbsrc.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/20150717_162809_zpseby71fvg.jpg~320x480 payment and shipping details:paypal item for sale:various books,manuals,folders,maps condition: all in very good condition price:5-15 pictures:http://rs1379.pbsrc.com/albums/ah156/ianhayesb18/Mobile%20Uploads/D9075865-C5A1-4F29-8AFE-B61D345720C2_zpsfcdi5pvm.jpg~320x480 postage payment: paypal a lot more bits and pieces there to put up just have to get more pictures all items will be posted from ireland
  9. ITEM: Rare JAM Racing Cooling Panel DESCRIPTION: Blue CONDITION: used PRICE: £100 Payment & Shipping Details: pay pal +4%... FREE Irish Standard post or £8 for tacking post PICTURE: ....................
  10. Hi all, Just thought I'd let you know I'm back, with another black Glanza V, but this time with a turbo! I don't drive this at the moment as I'm currently using my daily Golf. However, as soon as she sells I'll be transferring my policy over! The current daily: The previous owner who I purchased this car off had it for 8 years, he initially lived in Japan but moved to the UK about 3 years ago. He brought the car with him when he moved over and since bringing it did various bits and bobs to it. Here's the spec: Engine: -Standard 4E-FTE -Cusco Diff -Cusco Lightened Flywheel -Exedy Organic Clutch -HDI FMIC -Speedvision CT9 Hybrid -Speedvision CT9 Manifold -SARD Decat -SARD Fuel Pressure Regulator and Gauge -Fujitsubo Power Getter exhaust system -330CC Injectors -255LPH Walbro Fuel Pump -HKS SSQV -Koyo Lightweight Radiator -Lightweight Cam Gear -A/C Still intact -Magnecore HT Leads Interior: -Recaro SA3R's -Genuine EP91 Recaro Rails -6 x Defi Gauges reading the following Exhaust Temp, Oil Temp, Water Temp, Oil Pressure, Boost and Rev gauge with Shift light -Mapped on a Apexi Power FC by Yoshi in Japan -Greedy Boost Controller -Blitz Turbo Timer -TRD Gearknob Chassis -Tein Coilovers -Cusco Front strut brace -Cusco Rear strut brace -Custom C Pillar bar -Whiteline Panhard Rod -All OEM bushings replaced with TRD mounts apart from Engine mounts Wheels/Brakes -Drilled and grooved front and rear discs -PMU Pads -Steel Braided Brake Lines -Genuine Enkei RFP01's -Brand New Advan Potenza RE11's Exterior -Genuine 96 Spec front splitter -Genuine Rear Lip -Genuine Duck tail -Carbon Fibre Eyelids -TRD Bonnet Scoop -Sunroof Model A few photos: I have a few parts which I currently have sat around from my previous build which I'll be fitting in the next few weeks. Keep your eyes peeled guys! Aamir
  11. Alloy Brochures must go! here i have optional extra booklets, shows what could be got for the car back in the day please note there is more info on the inside of these booklets don't judge by front cover of it the prices showing are prices posted standard the levin has 4 pages front to back WAS £35 NOW £25 Starlet Manual SOLD the starlet has 4 pages front to back WAS £35 NOW £25 the other starlet has 6 pages front to back WAS £40 NOW £30 Payment & Shipping Details: pay pal... FREE Standard Post or extra £5 for tracking Pictures:
  12. List of optional and oem goodies so far 1) Light up ignition barrel 2) Rear boot Matt 3) 3 point rear strut brace 4) Passenger underseat compartment 5) Rear speakers x 2 6) CD autochanger 7) Climate control Clean Box 9) Arm rest 10) Door cards with optional speaker pods 11) Dash Vanity tray 12) Number plate surround 13) Toyota Air purifier 14) Coin holder 15) Wind deflectors 16) Aero Front spats 17) Aero Rear spats 18) Aero Sideskirts 19) Gold toyota boot badge 20) No smoking ashtray insert 21) Momo Steering wheel 22) Momo Gearknob 23) Fixed Parking pole 24) Adjustable Parking pole 25) Clean ace unit 26) Snow chains 27) Cupholder insert (coin/pen holder) 28) Rescueman III Glass Breaker 29) Original accesories Multi box 30) Addzest 6 disk CD changer 31) Toyota original Pioneer Head unit 32) Addzest CD changer controller 33) Addzest CD changer controller unit 34) 5 piece toyota mats 36) TRD HT leads 37) TRD Rad cap 38) TRD oil cap 39) TRD Gold front strut brace 40) TRD Engine mounts 41) TRD Quickshift 42) TRD Gear Knob 43) TRD steering wheel 44) TRD Front anti roll bar 45) TRD race development rear window decal 46) Mystery Extra 1 47) Mystery Extra 2 48) Mystery Extra 3 49) Mystery Extra 4 and 5 50) JDM Flare 51) JDM Warning triangle 52) Toyota Toolkit x2 ________________________________________________________________________________ Thought i best start a build thread for this even though not much "building is going to go on. bought the car off my bro who took it to a few shows and got some good comments about it. I love the colour and there pretty damm rare so i had to snap his hand off when he offered me it. Few pics of the car The cars pretty mint inside and out. My plans are to just keep her clean, well serviced and kit her out with as many optional extras as possible. Mods include: Japspeed Decat Japspeed Cat back exhaust Filter relocation kit Mines plug and play ecu BC racing coilovers Rota Grids Thats all im keeping her at no more mods want her pretty standard. Optional extras she came with were Light up ignition barrel and the optional rear boot matt Il be trying to buy any optional extras as soon as i come up but as everyone knows there very rare. if anyone has any or knows someone that does and might want to sell let me know its all going to a good cause
  13. Item For Sale: JAM RACING 1.0 BAR ACTUATOR Item Condition & Description: SECOND HAND Price: £70 DELIVERED Pictures: http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps021214de.jpg.html Payment & Shipping Details: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER Item For Sale: EP91 1999 STEERING WHEEL Item Condition & Description: SECOND HAND Price: £80 DELIVERED Pictures: http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps5b4e3cf5.jpg.html Payment & Shipping Details: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER Item For Sale: DEFI ADVANCE 2 CONTROL UNIT Item Condition & Description: BRAND NEW Price: £80 DELIVERED Pictures: http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps7ff86a4e.jpg.html Payment & Shipping Details: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER Item For Sale: DEFI ADVANCE CR Item Condition & Description: BRAND NEW 52MM AMBER ILLUMINATION WHITE FACE BOOST GAUGE Price: £80 DELIVERED Pictures: http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps454b2fc0.jpg.html Payment & Shipping Details: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER Item For Sale: DEFI ADVANCE CR Item Condition & Description: BRAND NEW 52MM AMBER ILLUMINATION WHITE FACE EGT GAUGE Price: £100 DELIVERED Pictures: http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/Mobile%20Uploads/image_zps454b2fc0.jpg.html Payment & Shipping Details: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER Item For Sale: 1999 EP91 4EFTE ENGINE 76000 MILES Item Condition & Description: 76000 MILES NOT USING OIL WORKED JUST AS IT SHOULD SERVICED EVERY 3000MILES Price: £450 + DELIVERY Pictures: http://s279.photobucket.com/user/thunderpantsep91/media/hks1.jpg.html Payment & Shipping Details: PAYPAL, BANK TRANSFER LOTS MORE PARTS FOR SALE MORE TO BE ADDED OEM PARTS
  14. Well guys a lot of you know I have this lovely GT Turbo quite a while now from visiting my shed. I've never put up a thread or pics about it so here goes... I bought the car off a very old man who had it since import. The car is amazingly clean and really is in showroom condition. It was never painted and the body is completely flawless. Not even the smallest flaw will be found. It is a 1995 quadlight model, the very rare sunroof edition. It has just 73,000 genuine KILOMETRES on the clock, not miles, and still has it's original engine which is bone dry and pulls like a train. It came in as a grade 4.5 import and was loaded with rare OEM factory optional extras including: OEM Factory option sideskirts OEM Factory option front spats OEM Factory option rear spats OEM Factory option wind deflectors OEM Factory option floor mat set OEM Factory option rear 3-point strut brace OEM Factory option rear window sun visor mesh OEM Factory option rear speakers TRD steering wheel Original flare It still has the original twin pipe exhaust system, the original gearknob etc etc. The seats are fresh and very firm to sit in as any low mileage car should feel. The engine bay, interior, exterior, boot and even the original spare wheel are all gleaming. The only changes I have made to the car is lowering it slightly and a set of brand new multispoke alloys with brand new tyres, although these can easily be replaced for the standard items. I also added a set of Jap style pressed number plates which coincidentally match the year I was born lol. Overall the shell is solid and rust free. It is very, very tight and responsive to drive and has no rattles, bangs or funny noises. No windy gaps from door seals etc. It spends it's life under a cover and is very rarely driven. I will get up more pics soon. Regards, Browner.
  15. Item: OEM Recaro Seat Item Condition: Used slight bolster wear but still solid. Price and price conditions: £40 Collection Only Extra Info: OEM Recaro Seat possibly fronm an early GT. Has all mounting points to bolt to a recaro / zep rail. Dusty on the picture but cleans up well. Pictures: Contact Details: PM or Post Below, Text or Call 07708939282 Delivery: Collection Only Location: Rotherham, South Yorkshire
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