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Wheel Weight List

Having lightweight wheels keeps your starlet feeling like its much lighter on its feet. Below is a database that members of UKSO have put together to compare weights!

The perfect Size & Offset wheels for these cars is considered to be 15"x6.5" ET38. The Lighter the wheels the Faster you will go!

The list is going to be sorted via Weights, and it will only contain 14",15" & 16" Wheels as these are the most common wheel sizes to fit to our cars!

3.9kg - Desmond Rega Master EVO - 15x6.5

3.9kg - SSR Type-C - 15x6.5

4.0kg - Volk TE37 - 15x6.5

4.2kg - Volk TE37 - 15x7

4.3kg - Kei Office KS-CE - 15x6.5

4.6kg - BuddyClub P1 - 15x7

4.8kg - Advan Racing RG - 15x6.5

4.9kg - Enkei IRS - 14x6

4.9kg - Wedsport TC-005 - 15x7

5.0kg - Advan Racing ARS RR - 14x6

5.0kg - TOM's New Action - 14x6

5.1kg - OZ Superleggera - 15x7

5.2kg - TRD Sports T3 - 15x6.5

5.4kg - Rota Slipstream - 15x6.5

5.5kg - Sparco Crimson NS2 - 15x7

5.5kg - TOM's New Action - 15x6.5

5.5kg - Ultralite G-Spec - 15x6.5

5.9kg - Rota Grid - 15x6.5

6.1kg - Team Dynamics Pro Race 1 - 15x7

7.3kg - Advan Racing SA3R - 15x6.5

7.7kg - ATS Cup - 15x7

9.5kg - Speedline Safari - 15x6 (Factory Fitted Starlet SR)

If you know of any more or have bare wheels in your garage, get them weighed and post up results!



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I just checked the width of the speedlines an they're only 6J

So even heavier

Also just been looking at some of the other markings.

Speedlines are made from Aluminium, silicon and magnesium . Theres also a G at the beginning of the marking but not sure what thats for lol

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