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  1. The knocking sound is because the pistons are slapping because they havnt warmed up
  2. Use the photobucket app mate, select the image code then paste it in here
  3. Gaaaaaaaaaaaay !!!!!!!!! Haha get that beast on the road mate
  4. Do I get a prize for being the closest haha. Well done mate
  5. Do I get a prize for being the closest haha. Well done mate
  6. Not going to lie I would lick her asshole just to sniff her pussy ;)
  7. I'll get a spec up later with a few more pics. Tbh I quite like it, it's such a different car to drive.
  8. Haha thanks mate, it HAS to go in August
  9. Well today I swapped my Glanza for a civic ek4 SiR. Long story short is I'm getting a van in August and can't run both vehicles so swapped it with my mate, that way I know it will be well looked after. ... I'll then sell the SiR at the beginning of August. I do plan to be back in a starlet in a few years thou, and will be staying on the forum, and it was good to meet a few of you. Todd
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