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  1. White gt K*** EMO seen you in Yate I was in my green Gt curious who you are
  2. Might have the speedo in the garage I'll Take a look tommorow. Drop me a pm
  3. Needed ASAP people some1 must of changed there stock 98 spec wheel to a aftermarket wheel if you did you would of removed this
  4. Wanted urgently 98 spec glanza airbag slip ring must be the same as the pic. Needed urgently. Drop me a text on 07453290855 or pm
  5. As above with airbag anybody selling 1? It's the black 3 spoke 1 I'm after
  6. Yep infinity exhausts are awesome. It's my mates company and about 5 mins away from me martins good at what he does you would deffo be a happy guy if you get 1 of his exhausts! Who did you speak with Ross?
  7. Interested to know who it is aswell as I live in Bristol also
  8. I've never had problems with anything ive bought off daz and will happily buy from again and again
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