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isn't a big job as Richard said

parts you will need

full loom dash and engine

exhaust system

turbo and manifold


intercooler and pipe work

knock sensor check your block first if you have the hole or ya will need to drill it to fit the knock sensor

thermostat housing as has extra feeds for running water through turbo not essential but if ya can get it fit it


sump with oil feed return

throttle body as turbo ones are slightly bigger or if ya can get a full inlet get it

map sensor

fuel pump starlet one doesn't flow fast enough

boost gauge again not essential but handy to know what boost your at

rocker cover has extra crank case breather


standard actuator make sure ya get hi low boost button and run it on low boost

probably bits im leaving out but ya get the jist of what parts ya need gearbox side of things your box should do the job ya might need to use your flywheel and clutch setup

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And low boost is like 0.45. Actuator pressure is 0.6 so wouldnt bother with high/low.

On another note;

Being a high compression engine, the internal wastegate doesnt flow well enough to hold boost at 0.6 so it spikes to just under fuel cut(sometimes hitting it if its a cold day) this is perfect for the 4efe imo.

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Ive done a couple now using all FTE stuff on a FE engine. Its cheap and easy, the parts are not hard to come by either.

As ive said in a lot of these threads theres more than one way to do it, neither are right or wrong its just personal preference.

Also a mod really needs to sticky the threads that cover this topic, all the info is in this section, just a page or two down.

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Some good info on here thanks very much. For me I'll be using stock 4efte parts and see how the engine copes and how the car feels. Plus it's cost affective and by the time it comes to it. By the time I go turbo ill already be running a piggy back along with a few other things to spread the cost out.

Even on low boost we will be running near double the stock power and tourque so it'll be good fun :)

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Hi guys. Anyone still here to ask a few questions?

I want to use a Corolla 1998 4efe for a forged engine project to be swapped with my 4efte. I am making a list of extra bits that I will need. Please help. 

1) engine head is the same besides camshafts that will have to be replaced with 4efte ones

2) oil sump must be drilled for turbo oil feed return. I need the metal pipe to do it. Cannot find it. Help!

3) the fte engine block has an extra water drain cock that is probably used to feed water to the turbo. How can I manage that on the 4efe block?

4) knock sensor. The 1998 4efe should have the knock sensor but I still haven’t confirmed. If there isn’t one, I will have to get it drilled and buy a knock sensor.(who knows where)

I hope you can help to figure out my list before I purchase forged parts to get the clone done.  

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