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  1. UKSO was the first community to get me into the car scene. Its the reason I bought my Starlet. Even ended up in the motor trade because of it xD It is a massive shame that the forum is dead now. I see most activity is on Facebook groups. And that goes for most of the car scene these days. Forums are definitely an old skool thing. I always tell people to check forums and I get odd looks LOL. Hopefully the site will stay up. I'm on and off with my Starlet build. Will HAVE to get it looking presentable this year as buying a house and cant have the eyesore that it is outside a new h
  2. No idea who will map it atm, ill have to find someone around london (im based in east london), but yeah ill wire in the emb and then just get it mapped. This sounds good mate, ill do that, cheers boys!
  3. I havent installed my EMB to my build yet, still doing the bolt on bits. My EMB was mapped for an MX5 turbo if I remember correctly. Once the engine work is done and im ready to run the engine and leave idle/drive onto trailer, whats the best thing to do? Run with standard 4efe ecu, run with EMB with whatever map is on it, or run EMB with a base glanza map? Or what other suggestions are there? Im not clued up with management and mapping really, so not sure how to handle the situation before its mapped. Thanks
  4. I hope youre still active or will reply to this lmao. Youre running stock 4EFE ecu, have you got a piggyback on it i assume? if so which? or what have you done for mapping? cheers
  5. Hahaha brilliant mate. Yeah I was thinking they're so soft you wouldnt need to tug it. My scooby rear end popped out with a block of wood and sledgehammer. Soft like paper these jap cars. Just seen the turbo setup looks noice.
  6. Welcome back mate. I too have recently returned 😂😂 I'm gonna guess a mark 2 or crown aswell.
  7. Looks good mate. You gonna slap ct9 kit on too yeah?
  8. Brilliant build mate. I see you pulled the arse out on a Celette bed, did you build all the brackets up for that?? I thought at first you're probs a fitter but I reckon you're a beater now hahaha
  9. She runs and sounds great. I stuck the cat and centre pipe on loosely so it wasnt too noisy. Needs a service but will do that during ct9 setup. I've decided to go with Emanage Blue for piggyback. Over the years theres been plenty of these 4efe-turbo projects and they mostly run emb. Theres a few other options for piggyback but as I already have the emb I'll stick with that. I do also have an older dastek unichip which was my first choice. If anyone wants to shed light on either options that'd be cool. I did also think about going Det3 as most Corolla guys do. However that
  10. Thanks mate. It's a Sportif. So bog standard, no PAS, no electric windows, just the way we like 'em 😂
  11. So it's been 4 years and this project didn't die. Basically it got parked up as I dailied the T Sport. Then a valve got stuck open due to a valve guide getting stuck. *Edit* the valve got stuck on the starlet, incase it wasnt clear because I mentioned the T Sport. Speaking of T Sport, that got red lined to phuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhck. Then my cheap ebay aluminium oil cap came loose and popped off on the motorway. She then came to a smokey holt. Game over for Lolla the Rolla. I then used 2 different Mk2.5 Mazda Mx5's as my daily. One will be sold as it's a low miler and the other will b
  12. Wrap it up in some cardboard and bin liners and post it to me bud. I can repair that mess no problem, even if it falls apart on the way loool
  13. Nah not the circlip I'm after the link that joins the actuator end to the waste gate flap bit haha. Then you can use the circlip. I think it's like a little plate?
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