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New Trader - Tegiwa on UKSO!

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I may have suggested recently that we would be bringing a third new trader to UKSO - and today is the day that we can confirm you have read the title of this thread correctly....

We are extremely pleased to announce that Tegiwa are joining the ranks of traders on UKSO!

Matt and Trisk are in the process of setting up their traders section which should be live fairly soon, and I will defer to James at Tegiwa to introduce himself, the Tegiwa business and their plans for our little EPs.

Special nod to Mr Bower for the hard work in the background on this one!

Welcome aboard James and all at Tegiwa!


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What a signing At least we know they will be active what about getting rid of a few that have done absolutely nothing for months/years ?

Current traders will remain in their slots until their fees run out.

If they continue to remain inactive and don't renew their fees in April, then they'll be removed.


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Hi Guys,

The tegiwa section is now actie, it has been great to see such a good inital response, 7PMs and 18 or so replies within a couple of days!
​Certainly the most active forum that we are a trader on.

I have now set u the first UKSO group buy, Hopefully the first of many.

Anything you guys want, let me know, Part numbers would be ideal though.

It really is good to see the forum is as active as it was when I was in the throws of my EP70 build about 3-4 years ago.

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