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Toyota starlet MK2 GT Turbo, Forged 5e build

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14 hours ago, RobSR said:

ITEC 100% over Garrett for me.

Looking good Joey 😎

Cheers rob, hopefully be able to leave you it with you for tuning sooner rather than later!



12 hours ago, Sam44 said:

I Definitely need a better intercooler setup I'm using water misted over the front ATM to get the core temp and charge temp I'm targeting. 

I'll have to get the number of the company that made this for you. 

@RW developments uk on instagram.

or http://racework-developments.co.uk/

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On 10/11/2020 at 4:00 AM, Sam44 said:

Very jealous. 

Very cool cars. 


On 10/11/2020 at 9:34 AM, glanzadude said:

Some day, I will do the same with my gt


On 10/13/2020 at 7:57 AM, SKINY said:

Beautiful looking  :)

Cheers lads, happy to have her home can start building the car back up now over winter ready for March time, hoping to see what more goodies I can collect along the way also👀 

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16 hours ago, LewM said:

Looks mega this build dude😁👀


15 hours ago, burty said:

😮love this............... wheels  look cracking 

Cheers boys, time to start building up over winter now, not much left to buy if I’m honest.


fingers crossed she’s on the road in March 

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  • 4 weeks later...

Not really on with much atm due to work and covids knocking bits and bobs back.

My wheels are just waiting on final stickers and then they’re good to go, white to gold whilst still retaining that OEM blue strip  😁.





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Posted (edited)

Been a while but still here and still tinkering.

Pretty much got the exterior of the car finished, wet sanded & polished the headlights and finally got hold of some seals for the taillights sourced and provided by Dan @ DJR imports 👍🏼.



Also got the intercooler sat in position and mounted up ready for the motor to go in so I can get measurements for the charge pipes. 



Now I’m on the fence wether to leave the front bumper fully cut how I bought it or to fill in either side of the intercooler as I think it leaves the front exposed a bit too much. 

also for those with a sharp eye will notice I’ve spent more money on things I don’t need and added another set of jdm wheels to collection 🤣 15x7 Work Ewing RS-alpha 


Been pestering a lad I know for 3 years to buy these and he finally caved in so pretty buzzing and can’t believe how well they sit on the car. 

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Haven't read a full build thread in ages. Fantastic MK2.

Martins GT was very quick with that turbo kit on mate, you'll love it.

What sort of ECU are you going to be running?

Those pistons make things interesting, tell the mapper to take great care.

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On 3/2/2021 at 1:18 PM, daniel_g said:

Haven't read a full build thread in ages. Fantastic MK2.

Martins GT was very quick with that turbo kit on mate, you'll love it.

What sort of ECU are you going to be running?

Those pistons make things interesting, tell the mapper to take great care.

Thanks mate and we’re still a bit to go before the threads done. Ye I watch them YouTube vids on repeat of him beating gtr’s and Audi r8’s and that was before it went for big power!

Haltech elite 1000 will be run, and pistons were mappers choice really, same place who tuned martins in fact, so should be allllll gooood 🙂

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New windscreen seal and window wipers from Toyota, quick refurb on the wiper arms also and they was starting to rust. Just getting the rest of the exterior up to scratch now since the respray I don’t like it looking half-arsed. 



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Good day, got to be coming up 2 year since this cars had an engine in so I’m pretty buzzing. Getting closer by the day to first start up! Hopefully 4-6 weeks and it might be moving under its own load.




No LSD for the time being as I want to start buttoning it up, I’ve been searching around for a box but no luck so it can wait. Also on stock brakes. These will be sorted before it goes for power runs on the dyno. I just want it running now so I can start bedding the engine in and get any teething problems out the way.


also if anyone’s running a twin rear entry intercooler like myself, please send me engine bay pics for some inspiration on where to fit my radiator🤣 thanks in advance! 

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Great progress mate. Only owned mine 10 months and it’s never been On the road so I can imagine the feeling after two years. I’ve got some willwood four pots that I’m considering selling it you’re interested. They have the correct mounting brackets and have braided lines plus the two piece disks 

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