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James's 96 Glanza V

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On 1/15/2021 at 8:52 AM, Sam44 said:

really enjoying your build, great work. the ct9 b you have there are a rare item. well worth keeping in great condition. 

Thanks Sam :thumbsup:

Made a start putting it back together and got some more pictures 8)


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So Ive finished getting my turbo all back together and installed on the car. I also recieved my RW developments catch tank and an10 lines. Very pleased with them, really well made bit of kit.


I bought a 19mm breather filter for the port on the bottom on the tank.


I then had to go about getting the an10 fittings welded to the top of the rocker cover. I didnt want to risk getting any swarf trapped in the baffle plate drilling the breather port out, so opted to just have the fittings welded ontop of the existing holes on the cover. The hole inside the an10 fitting is the same size as the breather hole with the tube pulled out so couldnt see much gain in drilling it out anyway.

Got the fittings TIG welded on by a local welder and there is no contamination inside the holes. I gave the inside of the rocker cover a quick clean before reinstalling.


Once it was back on I trial fitted the catch tank and lines, they look really tidy and suit the bay nicely :).


Also purchased a new racetech CT9 braided oil feed to replace the stock one. I have been after one for a while, looking forward to getting it installed.


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