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Has anyone successfully swapped a different gearbox from another Toyota into a Glanza? I'm thinking MR2/Celica/Corolla/Yaris rather than the wideley known G6/G6R.  I know there's been all sorts of discussion over the years of swapping various gear sets into C56 bell housing but what can actually be done?

I had my Glanza gearbox rebuilt last year and it's still useless, takes forever to get into 2nd, crunches a lot, feels like someones pouring a bucket full of nuts and bolts between the cogs when changing gear. Absolutely awful and completely ruins the car and as I'm now spending out for a forged engine I want to do something about it, so need something that will handle up to 300bhp, and would be nice if I can use my existing LSD, can't remember if it's 6 or 8 bolt pattern, whichever a standard Glanza is. 

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I'm working on a c64 gearbox. From a lotus 2zz engine. There are a few issues. 

Because of the wider stander gears this close ratio 6 speed box (sports) can bolt upto the 4e/5e (with a bell housing swap, bearings in the bell housing need changing over, but will not fit into The starlet engine bay with out cutting a 1inch depth slot into the near side chassie leg, the same length as the gearboxend cap around 4inch.

The C63 in the 190hp Celica and corrola are the same but have a shorter 6th gear toping out around 140mph. 

I've seen these boxes handle 300hp. 

I've had to have a crown gear made to bolt upto the glanza aftermarket lsd unit. The standard unit driveshaft spline are a larger I/d. I did read some where there might be a inner drive shaft cup that will fit the box and the starlet driveshaft. 

The next issue will be to get the selector cables to fit with some slight modification. 

I tried a c56 box from a glanza and Waw talk about over geared. A good gear set for the strip if only the box could take the power. 

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