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K20 Turbo EP91

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  • 2 weeks later...

Back home ready for the full rebuild now all the fab work is done. Got the rad fill pot, boost control canister and all the bungs for EGT, EMAP, Lambda, Exhaust Back pressure etc in too. 

- finish shafts 

- build gearbox and fit Wavetrac 

- refresh engine - do the chain, pump, seals etc

- build wiring loom 

- redo fuel system 

- start it up 🤣






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40 minutes ago, Claymore said:

Looks like a pretty serious SKarlet build here! 

Is the boost control cannister for wastegate dome pressure? As a replacement for the CO2 bottles drag racers use?

Also interested to see the results from the vertical flow intercooler.

Essentially yes, you ‘fill and empty’ the pressure in the dome of the wastegate to maintain your calibrated target. 

The canister is there and is fed via a one-way valve so it stores positive pressure so it’s available when off throttle / when the turbo is choked (unlikely to happen in my setup with no restrictor etc) but the theory is similar to that of a Co2 setup, but I’m recycling boost pressure not using Co2

Further more, 95% of the ECUs on today’s market that use dome pressure control can only use that for the boost control strategy (Fueltech for example disable the MAP target part when using dome pressure control) whereas on mine I can have a dual MAP and Dome pressure control target so the boost control should be spot on. 

Yes will post IC efficiency results when it’s done as I have pre and post temp and pressure so can all be logged correctly - no ‘assumptions’ here! 


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30 minutes ago, snails ep91 said:

This is awesome. Looks like a lot of great quality fab work going into this.

Please keep updating! Will love to see this progress!

Thanks and will do!

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2 hours ago, Socks said:

This is lovely.

What's even more impressive than the turbo and engine going in there will be your touches with technology.
Look forward to seeing it setup and running Rob!

Thanks! Look forward to get it running too! Still plenty to do mind

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2 hours ago, snails ep91 said:

wiring looks class mate.

Whats the purpose of coiling it like that?

Thanks! They are called 'service loops' and serve two purposes really:

1. Strain relief

2. More importantly, if a pin gets damaged etc and it needs to be re-pinned, you can uncoil the service loop and you have a spare bit of wire to carry out the repair. As it'll be a completely twisted loom, you cant tug an extra bit through, so there for future servicing if needed. (shouldnt need to be, its a just in case) :)

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On 2/1/2023 at 6:13 AM, jiggaman_16 said:

Hey Rob, any updates?


Mostly boring stuff! Loom work, engine bay painting, new oil pump and timing chain on engine etc etc. 

Moving onto the brake kit next.. have to do some more work on the shafts also 




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  • 1 month later...

Ready to go back in for good now! All the engine work is done, got the majority of parts vapour blasted or painted and all the old bolts re-zinc plated too 

Refitting with temporary cam cover so I don’t accidentally smash the new one to bits lol





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