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Rob H@RCH Engineering

Rob H's TD05 16G 4EFE SR Inlet and 8 injectors!! 256.7hp@ Wheels

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This may take some time to get all up lol over 10 years worth of stuff lol!!

Bit about me first, I have had the car since 2000 ish it was 3 years old and had only done 15,000miles. It has been through some changes since then!! and been put back to standard a few time too.

I have to say all the fabrication, welding and engineering work I have done my self. In the new build the manifold was made by http://www.nortechperformance.com/, the Block, Crank and head work was done by Ashby & Anderson in Leeds. The wiring was mostly done by me with a hell of a lot of help from Will at http://rdt.tv/ https://www.facebook.com/rdt.tv and Will also wired in the ECU for me too, He will be doing all the setting up and mapping.

I don't have any picks of the first turbo set up I had, that was a turbo manifold I made from a 4EFE manifold with a montego TD turbo bolted to it on the stock 4EFE running on a Emanage blue and stock N/A injectors. It lasted a hole 12 month before the head gasket failed do to loosing all the coolant due to the heater matrix failing.

some early picks

The first Turbo set up with the 4EFTE in 2002 I think


Then I moved onto a Booosts manifold that came from new Zealand, and a JD kit 2 hybrid turbo that came from syawal from sri lanka. these turbos where a good idea but not very well put together lol. I also had to make some 10mm spacers so the turbo would clear the block.

After trying to get it mapped I had to make up a external waste gate set up for it as we could not get the boost to hold steady.


once this went BANG I moved onto a BLITZ K24 kit I don't have any photos of this for some reason but I run the K24 for about 1 year then I had 2 more bottom end failures at santa pod and the car got broken into on the drive my Greddy profec E01 and loads of other stuff got nicked so that was the final straw it got put back to standard and stopped that way for around 6-7 years!!

Then along comes 2010 and the BUG got me again and the parts collecting started once again!!! I had been down the turboed 4EFE, I had done the conversion and decided I was going down the turboed 4EFE path again as every one is doing the swap now!!

I got a engine, gear box with every thing on it for 50 quid and a day trip out to go pick it up from ebay, and I had got most of the other parts stock piled ready to go!!


There just some of the parts lol also in there are Cruise valve springs and cruise cams!

Then started the build, all the machining was done by Ashby & Anderson in Leeds as we use them at work and they did me a good deal!! I ported the exhaust side of the head but did not do any thing with the inlet as there quite good anyway. I painted the block and I sand blasted & painted loads of other stuff too.

P1000143.jpg P1000151.jpg

I then made some new fittings for the N/A rocka cover to take more breather fittings for the catch can one is drilled into the cover and the other I made from nylon bar in the lathe.


I removed the baffel plate to make sure it was all clean and there was nothing left in it from drilling

then the customary PURPLE paint job

Thats it engine was now ready for going in!! My dad had a holiday booked so I had the use of his garage for 2 weeks so I booked time off work to get it all done. I don't like to rush things and like to do things right!! so it took all 2 weeks lol

out with the old in with the new!!

To mount the Blitz inter cooler I modified the front crash bar so it would mount up to it nice and secure.
I marked out the back of the crash bar then cut it out with the plasma cutter and welded a pice of angle iron into the back of it and a tab on the top to mount the cooler to.


Then I got all the other bits finished off. I also made a braket for the remote oil filter filter housing.


This was job done as I thought get the emanage fitted and mapped and take it for a drive!! how wrong was I!!
the emanage could not control the 550cc injectors as there was a too bigger difference from these to the standard SR injectors every time we tried to start it it just filled the cylinders with fuel and would not start!! so after a lot of thinking I decided to go with what Will at RDT.tv recommended the AEM stand alown ECU but the problem was all my funds had gone and I had a unfinished car!! so the car returned home where it sat on the drive for 9 months!!

Wile the car was off the road we decided to go the full monty and go for coil on plug and sequential injection rather than paired like toyota did it! So I binned the distributer and made up a custom cam/crank sensor set up.

First job was ditch all the insides from the dissy and chop it up, then turn it down in the lathe to make a flat base.


then the same for the mazda cam sensor


Then mate them up and made the toyota shaft fit to drive the disc


the finished product!!


Then the coil on plugs using honda coil packs, I made a plate up to mount these on so the seals on the coil packs could be seated onto it to stop all the crap getting into the spark plug chambers.


this is the finished product!!

Then came the ECU there was no way of mounting this in the car and I did not whant to use the velcro it came with so I made a mounting plate for that too so it would mount to the stock location for the ecu.


Then to sort the wiring I made up the custom loom and Will at RDT.tv pinned out the ECU I did not trust my self for this but Will did say I could do it but I decided to let him!


All I am waiting for now is a new cam sensor disc and it can go on the Dyno packs for tuning and setting up so I will up date then once its all done!!!

next up the willwoods I fitted these some time back now but still one of the best mods yet!
Had to make some spacers to clear the wheels so I used the old discs!

this turned up today!!!(30/6/2010)

well I got these seats for it now got the fronts and rears to match and also the door cars.

gave the rears a good old clean but they were heavily faded across the tops of the back rest. A bit of research I found some upholstery die in a spray can TOP stuff!! this was the out come!
the out come was just what I needed!!
the stuff I used!

I have given em a good clean since I took this pick there not shiny at all now the alcantara is just how it should be!

All cleaned up and I have also fitted a new bolster foam to the drivers seat to make it like new again!

the door cards were done in black vinyl so I am re trimming them in black ultra suede to match the seats

got these today must say they look the nuts when working!!


well time to do some gear box work now! I have 3 gear boxes sat about with different problems to play with so I am going to build one good one.:eek::rockon:

This is the first one to be stripped down I dont have a clue with this one as I have never had it in a car. Its been out side for some time!


Got my cusco diff back now it had been sat on a shelf for quite some time as was full of muck so I stripped it down and gave it a good clean up!! looks like new inside with very little wear so I was happy with that!! It looks like the work in a simaler way to a motor bike clutch with the plates and springs but the planet gears act as a wedge to force it to lock.


Edited by Rob H

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Welcome!! nice to see you this side of water, always looking for updates on this when im on tgtt :search:

is the wiring done now?

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Ah, I know you! Your cars with Will @ RDT Tuning at the moment isnt it :)

Looks cool dude, looking forward to seein and hearin more details on this!

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Yep mines the one at RDT its all but done now just waiting for the last part to come from AEM now then we can finish it off and get it mapped!! and see what it does and what it drives like. Its been a long time coming but it should be fun once its done!

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Cheers lads yes I have had it some time now lol and have no intentions of getting rid of it!! I will up date later with the rest, Brakes,Body and interior because its taken me most of the day to do this!!

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Wow that is insane :o

Can't believe you've had the car for so long too!

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Really quality build mate, especially all the custom work thats gone into this. Also can't believe how long you've owned your ep for.

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Loving the amount of time effort and changes your cars had theres something abouy these cars that you just cant let go of lol

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Think i briefly spoke to yesterday dude, in between dying haha.

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amazing thread, i think i have seen this on tgtt actually. when you first introduced yourself the name didn't ring a bell but i definitely recognise the car. keep it up, would love to pop down to see it when it's getting mapped etc :)

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ya can come down when ya like I have a new date for the CAS disc been dispatched now of the 1/6/12 so will see I should get it next week with a bit of luck !! and then it can be mapped!

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Seen this build on gtturbo too mate love all the machine work thats went into it. like that, if it doesnt fit make it or build something that does attitude lol. Got a q for u. see when u pulled the baffle off the rocker cover did u have to put it back in or just leave it out?

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cheers mate I drilled and taped out where it was riveted in and put bolts in to fasten it back in place it needs to have the baffle plate or it will blow oil out of the breathers all the time.

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