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My widearch build :) ****UPDATE 24/2/21******

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Soooo after basically an 18 hour day on the road thanks to James at CJ performance my new build is now in its new home. I'm sure a fair few of you will know of this shell. Plenty of plans for this still deciding on engine spec etc needs to be something interesting 😉 first things first though i need to replace one of the sills :( which means stripping the skirt/arch/wing right off to access it as its rotten :( not the news i wanted as i wanted it done for japfest but shit happens!!

Haven't really got any decent pics for obvious reasons just a few from unloading when we got back


The extent of how much these arches stick out compared to standards :o



And tucked up in its cosy new home :D


** UPDATE 25/02/13**

So today was D day time to strip down the passenger side and see what this rot was all about lol


here's the culprit hiding behind the skirt. The problem being the skirts have been moulded/blended into the arches/wings and also the rear so there was only one thing for it :(



So its all stripped down and been revealed the "bodyshop" who replaced the sill or apparently did have basically spot welded a plate of sheet metal over the old rotten sill which has also started rusting already as its been left untreated



thats as far as we got today but tomorrows plans are to cut the old sill out and get it treated before replacing and refitting. Downside is i think i'm gonna have to strip the other side to be sure its been done properly as if its been patched up the same as this side chances are it'll fall out while i'm driving lol.

ohhh and a sneaky peak of the wheel fitment


UPDATE 27/02/13

The manky old bodge sill is out :D thankfully the inner sill is still in quite decent condition(compared to the outer ) lol

looks like its actually had a couple of repairs in the past and each time they've just spot welded a sheet over the original sill so needless to say it was packed with rust in there lol few pics below. Moving along slowly :) gotta get this thing done for japfest lol





UPDATE 13/03/13

Nothing major to update mainly been removing rust lol along with underseal which is an absolute bastard of a job lol this things turning into more of a restoration project than a build!!lol

Firstly while removing the lovely passenger wishbone i was faced with the captive nut in the floorpan spinning freely,J ames worked his magic and the things not going anywhere for a while with the amount of weld on there lol

other than that i've managed to complety strip the passenger arch back to bare metal with a mxture of sand blasting and grinding to get rid of any rust and its now sat up with a few coats of zinc primer waiting for fresh underseal when its time few pics anyways :)






so the sill is pretty much ready to go on and this sides pretty much a goodun i've been stripping all the old underseal off the bottom of the car. horrible job for anyone planning on doing it lol. i've also started stripping back the rear arch today i figured if i'm gonna do it i may as well do it properly so the whole underside is being stripped back to bare metal and zinc primered then re sealed. found a lot more surface rust but thankfully its just that although i'm not sure why a bodyshop would just cover it with paint without treating it but hey ho shit happens lol

Also for the record anyone planning on using a bolt in Cusco cage you must be mad!!!the mounting points for the baseplates couldnt be any thinner metal if they tried wouldn't catch me using one thats for sure!

Anyways few pics :)







and also for anyone thats interested the sill is for a fiesta mk3 5 door and its pretty much a perfect fit. I'd imagine that a fair few ep82 owners will be needing them soon as i've discovered where these rot from hidden out of sight :( and my current shell has the signs too lol

**Update 15/04/13**

Pretty hefty update at last :D finally got round to adding some fresh metal to the car this week acually feels like i'm getting somewhere now and not just cutting it apart.Also stripped down the other sill today ready for the same treatment thankfully its nowhere near as bad as the other side :D so good fucking news lol although it is still very ginger... anyways pictures say a thousand words :)


new front section welded in needs tidying up but that'll be done when the sill is all cut to size etc


new strengthening sections welded on again need cleaning up before outer sill is attached


the signs of trouble i genuinely thought this side was gonna be worse than the other lol


Simple solution attack it with the grinder





and thats where i left off tonight i reckon another 2 full days on it and this side should be ready for another sill and its just getting the bodywork back on and sorted again then :D

**UPDATE  27/02/14**

Ok this is long overdue an update due to a new job change of circumstances etc and a mixture of losing heart over the summer i didnt get much done to this. Last few months i've finally had some time and with japfest soooon aproaching i want this done by then!! so the new sills are on bodywork is going back on also. Hunting for a 4efte and gearbox at the moment preferably local if anyone reading knows of one??? ( SOUTH WALES )

so this weekend i plan to finish re-fitting the kit. I need to underseal the whole car again as i stripped it back bare on my rust paranoia stage lol. Then its onto refitting everything/re wiring everything putting on new brake lines all round as i ripped the old rusty ones out :crazy: sourcing a fuel tank and some new wheels as i got rid of the xxr.Also looking for a ep82 dash if anyone has one spare/cheap???

Anyway few pics for the hell of it :thumbsup:







**UPDATE 02/03/14**

Busy weekend on the car bit more filler and it'll be ready for painting :thumbsup:

Let the pics do the talking i suppose







**UPDATE 24/4/14**

Sooooooooo its not making japfest :cray: due to a few issues really but i just haven't been able to get the time i needed to to plow into it and a change in circumstances meaning i've gotta get her shifted to another garage but i will make jf2 and if things go well this week she'll have an interesting lump in her :D anyway few pics of what i have been upto when i've had the time







so yeahhh not a massive update sadly although she will be on 4 wheels again this weekend for the first time in close to 2 years :thumbsup:

***UPDATE 11/8/14 ***

Ok so i said i'd upload some recent pics. Sadly it's not making Japfest 2 I just haven't had the time to get it finished with working too much overtime and some family issues but i've been getting as much done as i could when i have been free. Bodywork is basically done and i've started prepping for paint. I had to change the doors from the original gt doors for a couple of reasons one being i had no key to lock any of them along with no key for the steering rack so thats been changed too and i now have a working key that fits doors and barrell kind of a big thing :p the doors were off a ep80 mainly because the recess in them to be smoothed was a lot smaller and simpler to smooth out. For the record also anyone needing a new steering column the ep80 one is alot different to the ep82 and doesn't fit.next step is to finish getting the headlights and indicators lined up properly as this wasn't originally a quadlight and then she's good for paint once i've keyed up all the remaining paint. I'm also after a mk3 bootlid out of preference if anyone knows of one going cheap condition on paint obviously doesn't matter :) anyway few pics excuse the mess of parts inside the car :p








Also need to decide on paint colours..I'm toying between a gunmetal grey or even a satin gunmetal grey atm although i do like to have a nice clean shiny car occasionally so i don't know if satin will piss me off eventually lol anyone had any experience with satin colours??

**UPDATE  10/3/15 **

safe to say i've been a lazy shit with this and my priorities have been elsewhere. Come to the realization the other day though how close japfest is and i'm not missing another year with it soo been pulling my finger out past few weekends however boring it gets in the garage by myself i will be making japfest!! so few pics of what i've been doing. engine is finally in haven't fired it up yet need to sort my fuel line and finish one brake line before i can fill all the fluids etc. started putting some paint down last weekend also and fitted aero catches to the bonnet. she's back up on 4 axle stands as we speak as i'm getting a full set of teins this week to chuck on and then its just decisions decision decision on wheels.... i tried a mates 10j 0et bbs the other day so i could gauge what size i would need......it sat flush with the front arches :crazy: soo yeahh alot of thinking to done as i think 10j is just overkill lol anyway few pics and more updates to come soon will try keep on top of updating this lol







its wet not patchy :p



10J 0 offset remember!!!! hahah



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yeahh man :( all fun though i werent making a 400 mile round trip to come back with nothing :/ just a little setback lol

and it did come with a free pair of shoes and a mouldy hat inside so you can't complain too much :p

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and it did come with a free pair of shoes and a mouldy hat inside so you can't complain too much :p

LOL don't think i'll be putting those to much use your free to use them :p

and cheers guys can't wait for it to be on the road already and the work hasnt even begun lol

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hey, nice build i read the old owners build. looks nice. BUT can you please get rid of the roof scoop...? cant wait to see more... From New Zealand.

and leave a nice hole in the roof??lol

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as above the bumpers been widened etc to fit the width of this thing lol and its a genuine hrf sooooo its staying lol you havent seen the arse end yet :p

Plan on starting to strip the sill monday get this done in time for japfest well at least on the road and running even if its just standard lump for now i can't be dealing with not being able to make the most of the little summer we'll have lol

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How come the sill is rotten I thought all of that would have been sorted with all of the other body work??

lol so did i :( i'll get some pics up of the rot when i get a start on it monday its basically the front half from the front wheel arch backwards just annoying as the skirts etc are all moulded in to the arch/wing so its gonna be a bastard to remove lol

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yeahhh is more annoying than anything plans were to go for something different engine wise in the hope of having it done by japfest but think i'm gonna drop the lump from my gt in for this summer then fabricate new mounts etc on my old shell while this ones on the road and then go all out engine wise next winter :) but at least this way i'll know the sills are solid and the shell will last a fair bit longer than it would have lol

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