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The budget Coilovers Setup polo 6n / golf ( rear end update )

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sooo finally figured it out why i had so much camber on my first set the holes arnt on a central line to the shock as they are on a starlet there is 2.5 to 3mm diference in it !!!!!! to top and bottom holes , so wont make that mistake again !!!!

if you do it like this camber will be almost like stock +-1 depending how good you measure


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measured the front coils for stock camber did a bit of a miss calculation on the previous 1s :(


i then made a metal template for the holes


now using my template i dont need to dos around trying to align the holes and makes the job so much faster + i will have the template for future coils to :) :)


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the pic above is the front coils mathew :)

al you do to them is do the holes on the bottom thats it !!! stock topmounts just bolt right on with no messing or modding

tomorow i am making brackets ( bolt on ) for the brake lines ( no welding this time )

bumpstops just cut in half thats al will take pic of that to there like 3 inches big i think my rears are bottoming out on them

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