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  1. Run the engine to heat the head up. Should come out.handy then
  2. What about a longer bolt and a nut on the back of it?
  3. Big respect for using the search function. When I had a sticky cable I took it off, stuck one end in a coke bottle of light oil, taped it up and hung the bottle upside down to let the oil run down into the cable. This can be bad cause oil holds dirt and scratches the plastic cable over the years BUT it passes mot. I seen on a post of morgeys if the handbrake lever on top of the caliper sticking cause its dirty/rusty. Give that a good clean first and compare it to the other side.
  4. Very few people have changed theres Id guess, in any car. Theres no need for an expensive option. Why do you ask though are you having problems or is your oil dirty. Mine is clean as a whistle since 1998
  5. Thats a right bit of oil but still not an uncommon amount. If your timing belt is dry just keep an eye on it and your oil level. The 93_97 corolla haynes manual shows you how to change it. If you are getting a mechanic or someone to change it tell them not to use a gear puller on your bottom pulley because although it looks solid its actually rubber lined. You can see a ripped one in my build thread and replacements are getting harder to find All in all I wouldnt worry too must about it
  6. Tidy work man and sounds sweet. If u ever take them off again Id suggest grinding down that lip inside the runners to more of a knife edge so the air flows better and use some sealer on the manifolds and silicone jointers. Wheres your map sensor connected to if u dont mind me askin
  7. Did u screw the spring all the way down and screw the bottom mount all the way in? Lookin forward to the next stage, if u need a hand gimme a shout
  8. @ Karl thanks for the photo lad @Colin what is the tube for, is it to let the vw lads tighten up the top nut just?
  9. No it wont work if your glanza s has coilpacks. Youll need a bugeye corolla 4efe that has coilpacks. The reason is because the coilpack engines have a crank sensor in the oil pump housing. You could swap oil pumps or maybe even fit the cranksensor to the uk 4efe oilpump. Dont forget to use the glanza s bottom timing belt sprocket. If your glanza s has a normal e38 dizzy then ignore everything Ive just said
  10. Youve an air leak or your idle valve is broken
  11. Theres loads of options such as re flanging a 4afe manifiold or any 4_1 off ebay
  12. It would make it slower dude, the runners are much too short. You could buy manifolds from other toyotas, make your own or buy the obx manifold for a 5efe.
  13. Never send money by gift, best to pay the few pounds more for peace of mind. Did it take long to get a reply from the seller
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