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The budget Coilovers Setup polo 6n / golf ( rear end update )

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alright i pulled out the bushes of the bottom of the coils ( now i wish i didnt !!! ) and cut away some more rubber to have room for washers i just drove it up the mountain gravel road and seems fine no funny noises of it and not moving aside

will check it again next week



back on the car the 2 washers i can move with my finger so wont damage the axel bracket


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I'm running golf fronts on mine with EP91 TRD springs and TRD top mounts. I had to remove the helper spring as it would touch my 15"s, but with a 5mm wheel spacer and just the TRD spring it clears fine. The tracking got a good laugh at the garage when I took it down, miles off, but once it was done it was great. 6 months or so down the line and it's still good, maybe too stiff for some but it works.

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Just gonna bump this up! After finding out my teins are blown up and un-bearable to drive on.

Will these do the trick?


Also, if you have to use the starlet top nut, will the camber top mounts off my teins fit them do you reckon?

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Ive got standard top mounts if need be i just want the camber adjustment for when i drill the holes wrong aha! Yeah I realised after i posted that it was only for one.

I was hoping theyd be a cheap pair but im gonna have to buy the lot arent i, ill have a look online because theres alot of dub wankers round my way there must be a second hand set cheap!

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