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thought id best update this a bit as it doesnt really make much sence, my intro for some reason it half way down this first page :s

erm basically ths is my car a few months after i brought it and put a few things back to standard as it was a bit chav tastic haha

yes the car is in dire need of a clean in these pics by the way


thats JDM yO!wink.png


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alrite cheers for the replys

nope afraid its a 4efe still :p

may soon be a 4A-GE :( (if my bro gives/sells me his engine) 60k genuine

yer i wish i had have cleaned my car now i do love the 1st pic

oh and my hairs normally curly so its not in my eyes :p

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Right I've been on here nearly a year and never realy had much input or intro so here it goes

p.s sorry for the long post

I recon a quick car historys in order bcoz its quite comical imo B)

1st a 1.0l metro clubman, with a in car switch for the fan because the thermo switch didnt work


this was a pure bred feild car,stripped out, racing "fastcar n maxpower" decals decked supsupension (slight leak in hydros lol)

i got it for free i had a collision with a 10" thick metal post and needed a new radiator which the joy rider payed for :@ which is why the lack of bumber and then i got it stuck in between reverse n netreul doin donuts so i replaced the g/b which a mate gave me

n sold it for £50 lol bargin

oh and its still the only car ever to be toed to my household and to make a profit and drive away the rest are trailored away!!

Then when i past my test on 13th dec 2005

my mum gave me THIS...


A 1.0L automatic micra

it was a showroom car which my nan brought from a dealership in 93 unregistered its that basic it didnt even have antiroll bars lol!!! still it had no probs round the bends it shew up anything that came near it... just about. this took 13 months of abuse until i managed to get this stuck in reverse aswell, spining about on the ice in jan 2007

and just to mock me this car still runs after not being started for months on end, and now my dad semi fixed the auto box in it so i now goes in gear but the hydralic pumps packed up so it wont change gear ha ha

so i'd been wanting a black starlet for a long time since early 2006 infact, and after seeing my 1st black SR near bristol (i live in norfolk i was doing my D of E) with 25k on the clock in june that year, and after going to auzziland, and seeing a few A/U spec black starlets it made me want one even more, so finally in march 2007 a week from returning from oz. after almost a year of lookin for a reasonable black Sr which my realy quite annoying parents would go and have a look at to give me the thumps up basically, i got fed up and brought the only one i could find. which unfortunaty for me ment it was localish and owned buy a Chav with no clue what so ever... This is what i had brought


thats it in its former glory with *cough*rage can and stickers*cough* included

it had a flared can hanging off the back and sticker on each door, wind deflectors :) a clifford remote start alarm/immo (ace for cold morns) tinted windows, momo pedals and gearknob plus some more.

so me and my m8s promtly hacked off the flared exaust tip leave a lame excuse if a jap can then we set about leveling it off which never rele worked due to a lack of a pipe bender! and we also discarded the stickers

either way we noticed i had double number plates so we removed one to find a rather nice TTE one underneith and the same with the rear

(not genuine) looks good tho

so me not happy with the mods the car had done to it, silver interior, tiny Steeingwheel, pipercross airfilter fse rrfpr and eco tec valve, i decided to put it back to standard so went to a scrappy and got steering wheel + airbag, black centre console, tacho surround, brake vaccum pipe fpr and fuel return and airbox for £40 i left it like this for a long time bcoz i was lazy B)

here are a few pics, and some the car is filthy in sorry ;)


(its got a toyota badge on the bonet now)


See told ya :p


and now i doesn't lol


anyway after a couple of weeks i noticed oil where I've bin parking so go and investigate and notice the oil filter leaking, remove it to see that rust was embedded in the O-ring so changed the oil n filter and it was away again!

at the end of the spring i realised how lame standard seats were so i js happened to have a corolla gti with some a standard but adjustabe bucket seats. so set about fitting them this turned out to be quite awkward due to mounts being further apart different angles positions etc etc so we took a grinder and welder to them to make them fit and 8hours l8a woohoo jobs a good'un only prob they dont go far enuf back for tall people, luckly for me im a short arse then ;)

also i desided i would strip out the beast to give it a lil edge but as usual with me u do one thing to help and...




come a week be4 JAE my car starts smoking/burning oil, this was after i test re-fitted the FSE for a day or 2 and it stunk of petrol so off that came, but the damaged had been done, i drove it around all summer and just kept on top of it until i got fed up, so it appeared to be valve stem seals (the usual symtoms) so did the work on the head and nope still smokes so i just left it bcoz of plans, eitherway i treated it to some new JDM rear lights off a 96 glanza and linked the top n botom lites so i was happy, so kept driving it and with my expertise i managed to not put the head back to gether properly (rushing it as usual) and it droped a valve :p oops. typical realy you make an improvement and an opposite happens.

owell not lucky with cars am i, i will learn one day

so now as I've bin planning since i brought the car project 4A-GE finally gets started

and as a donor car, this my bro's project that never took off


corolla gti-16

it needs all the rear panels replacing, so neway he got fed up of not doing it so he brought another one with an MOT

so a nice free 60k 4a-ge and excessories ready to go into my car!!

so now whilst doing the engine swap i will be replacing all or most of the bushes, fitting some coilovers,

and sourcing glanza v f/r breaks, anitlift kit, rear arb + geting 2 new toyo T1-R's for the front!

and a couple of pics for a thankyou for reading all that

taken down a closed military road



if anyone wants to know what white speedlines look like?!?


and heres an extreme case of do something good to your car and an opposite happens



you clean it and then you crash it!

and this is why i love black cars



and with a bit of tinkering on my phone


and my incredibly arty stone chip


thanks will update with info of engine swap when i get it off of the ground. ;)

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Nice history of your cars there Morgey.

Ive added all the stuff from your old thread, please let me know if you want to keep them there.

Please update in this thread in the future as your main progress thread :)

Cheers and Happy 2008! The 4AGE Project looks immense and what a perfect donor car!


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hi cheers for the feedback guys and just another quick update

i had a run around my garden today and got a couple of pics (sorry about pic quality phone doesn't like twilight), to show where i stand more than anything.

well my car looks like this atm



I've had to keep it rolling as will need to move it into the still to be built garage,

which, looks like this.


and that nice looking corolla gti now looks, well to say the least

a little bit sorry for itself now,


and a seek peek of my new engine :)


Nice story mate lets see the Corrolla seats ;)

here ya go mate, not bad for 160kmiles imo, theyve got adj bucket, lumber suport and a raising base you can get really quite comfy and depending on how u set them it can realy change how you drive ;)


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Yep pics work fine for me. Hey mate, Nice SR, black aswell! :) Can i just ask.. it may very well be me.. but is your toyota badge changed at the front?? Ont picture it has the toyota badge, but i can't help but notice its not the same in the other photos.. i also noticed the number plates prove there has been some changes.. can you shed some light?

Looking forward to the start of your conversion too man, keep us posted!

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cheers for the feedback people.

the car is now in the freshly finished garage and the whole interior is out, the engine is disconnected and im now waiting.. again... for and engine crain, so i can get the 4efe out and start trial fitting the new engine, i will get some desent pics soon and i should hopefully be taking pics along the way so people can get an idea of whats involved in a swap like this.

Big T SR

cheers i no i luv black starlets too and the badge at the front was on it when i brought the car its an oval with TRD in it but i never liked it so i randomly had a toyota badge from a supra (borrowed from a scrapyard) in my bedroom so i put that on there instead, yeah the number plates i guess for MOT purposes they had to put legal ones on there and they just left the other ones underneath, and clearly mine are on just for show purposes anyway :p


thanks i look forward to finishing it lol and as for the stone chip i was on a runway with a mate and his car happened to be a little bit quicker... o well it looks good

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right well I've... well me and my my mates have been busy over the last few weeks i now have a garage and an engine crane and everything and well i now have a 4a-ge 16v in my car! :D its not finished by a long shot but its deffinatly a massive step in the right direction so anyway here are a few pics


with my nice and shiney manifold he he



my nice solid cam end engine mount


the clearance under the cradle bar and my rear mount


and the gearbox mounting


you can see my front engine mount (without a mount in it) and my honda ramming bar lol that obviously is going to be cut rolled up and i will more than likely have a nice alloy sump guard to cover it up.

as far as gettin it running, we have all my clocks engine, battery, oil lights etc working and all the relays bar the fuel pump relay seem to be working but we think we know whats wrong with it, i just need to give it a service, get my flywheel back and my clutch fitted and then it will be tested, and then a nice clean painted engine will follow :p

anyway more update to follow soon any feedback more than welcome

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