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  1. Project Mighty Trust Krusher

    Not much to report on really. I got a job and moved into the enemy lands of Yorkshire, so the Starlet has been doing daily duties. The Ogura clutch has finally started to slip. A quick browse of Nengun later and... Well. Brand new Ogura ORC309 In addition to that, I also ordered a Hypersport short shift kit.   Both of these items should be getting fitted the week after next, all going well. :D I think the new pressure plate will take my leg by surprise, as I'm sure it's taking less pressure to use the Ogura I have in at the moment than is normal.
  2. Front lip

    Yep, a Renault Laguna splitter
  3. CaH is a bloody brilliant idea!
  4. J.A.E 2017 round up

    Thanks to everyone who came, and I hope the first-timers had a fantastic time! Well done to all the winners of the awards; I think this year was probably one of the hardest to choose what cars to vote for! Special mention to Matt 'Binmaster' Hayman and Mark 'Jack' Houston for organising the Beer Pong Tournament, a shame that I let down the UKSO Staff side down with my dismal display I swear, Neil's mulled cider put me off my game. As always, big thanks to the Bowers and all the other staff for making UKSO @ JAE what it is; a chance to see friends again and enjoy the good times.
  5. Hello all, Just to remind you that the sales section and club membership is there for a reason - protecting you. In the last few days, it's come to light that a non-paid member has contacted another and sold them some items, items which, when they turned up, were not as described. The seller in this case appears to have been someone we had banned before for the same thing, only come back with a different account. The IP address has now also been banned, but this isn't an infallible method as new accounts can be made and logged in from anywhere. We know that the restrictions before you can sell items makes things less easier than Facebook etc, but it is there to protect you as buyers, and give sellers a decent place to advertise. In this case, the buyer may come out of this okay thanks to Paypal. Please be vigilant. We're fine with using the messenger to sort out details between parties concerning something for sale on the forum, but when someone with just a 'Member' title is straight up selling in messenger, something isn't right. Give us a heads up by reporting, and we can look into it and see if it's something we need to take action on. Thanks all!
  6. Which Orc 309 model is "silent"

    They're both (noisy and silent) called the 309D, but the actual part code for the silent says 309DS. Here is the silent type 309D on RHDJapan: I must admit I do love my jangling clutch though haha. It does attract some funny looks at times it must be said, and it sounds really loud once in an enclosed space (such as a shared driveway between two semi-detached houses), so be aware of that. Edit: On buying the clutch from RHDJapan, I know it can be steep and you may be waiting a bit of time, but I honestly have no qualms about dealing with them. No-one really seems to stock the Ogura Starlet clutches over here anyway.
  7. A worthy successor to the GT and Glanza?

    Well, it all looked very promising for Toyota, but with that limited production and the price, I can't help but feel they've lost the plot. I'd understand the limited numbers if there was already a hot (or even warm) hatch Yaris out there and this was a model to build upon the pedigree and be a more specialist/hardcore version (to which all the Masters of Nurburging fanfare would be justified), but there's nothing between this and the next rung down which is a bog standard Yaris. They've shot themselves in the foot. A lot of people were eager to see something to knock ST's off their peg, while remaining competitive with price, and Toyota do this. Bewildering.
  8. Corolla t sport compressor info

    Paging Blutto...! Dad used to have one, sold it earlier this year. Generally trouble free other than the common issue of the extended alternator harness giving up. And he had swapped his suspension out to BCs as Toyota wanted £600 a corner at the time to replace the original units
  9. Japfest Donington Thank You

    Looked a good turnout! Wanted to be there but couldn't. Roll on JAE
  10. Photobucket limit

    Nope, not with the Android app, which is a shame. The only option is to select 'Share Direct Link' when holding down on a photo and then copying to clipboard. As you said, you'd have to wrap the tags yourself. The web interface has preformatted copyable links however.
  11. Photobucket limit

    Photobucket has been dire for years mate. I changed to imgur yonks ago and never looked back. They don't compress your images down either which is good.
  12. Old Skool User looking for his old car

    Christ, I remember that name!! Welcome back to the fold Rubix! The new Chaser looks well
  13. Interested, but not sure if I'll be there this year
  14. Remember you well from the old days of TGTT! Glad to see you still have the GT
  15. PC >>> laptop HD images to big for the club

    I sacked off Photobucket years ago and started using No file size limit on uploads so it still keeps the same quality And you can edit photos on there if need be, but if they're on an external site anyway, you won't need to downscale them for UKSO.