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  1. redz11

    Remaining parts from breaking gt

    what turbo kit did you have that intercooler hooked up to?
  2. hi yes it is. sorry I've been away off the site for a while pm me
  3. can do it posted at that price.
  4. redz11

    genuine Toyota ep82 mid spoiler

    is it rubber?
  5. Hey Man

    Are the Coilovers still available? if they are would they suit a street set up EP91? and whats the price of them if they are?



    1. redz11


      Hi sorry they aren't available anymore. they would fit an EP91 also if you look for more in the future.




  6. redz11

    Mixture of gear

    if you could dude pop me a pm with your price thanks bud
  7. Hey mate the rocker cover is still available? What brand are the coilovers and are there for EP82?

    1. redz11


      hi bud, sorry the coilovers and rocker cover are sold now. I still have a standard rocker cover though if you're after one?




  8. after 2x top and bottom sliders (long and short) for standard ep82 brakes.. If anyone has any let me know i'm struggling to find them.
  9. redz11

    Mixture of gear

    ? Did you see that post bud ?
  10. redz11

    Speeding advice?

    Ultimately I guess if its taught you a lesson, very lucky to be holding onto the pink licence with such a short ban we can all slate your speed but I know I have done the same more than a few times.... but lucky enough never to have been caught. I stick to going a bit more quick where I know no one will be around, police or other road users.. haha
  11. redz11

    Mixture of gear

    Hi bud.. I'm after the middle bits inbetween the bumper (circled below) Regards. Lee
  12. Ah fair enough I only prices it at that because I didn't really know and it seemed on par if not better than my old jam and blitz ecus What's missing from it? I've seen kits without the loom, map sensors gcc etc for like 250 now and again.