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  1. Trax

    Me and me old man will be there
  2. Any experience with car covers

    I had one before and it was useless tbh! As gainzy said they hold moisture in! Mine even froze onto my roof haha just ordered a polytunnel for mine so hopefully that will be abit better!
  3. New rear panel?

    Yeah that's what I'm thinking
  4. Reflet rear light bulbs

    I used the silverline (I think that's what there called) indicator ones halfords and some red led ones off eBay for the sides
  5. New rear panel?

    Anyone know if u can get new ones from anywhere? Or will it be a case of finding a straight one off a scrapper
  6. Sponsor me!!

    As some of you know I was in a serious car crash last febuary. So I am running the Mansfield 10k this Sunday to raise money for the firefighters charity as if it wasn't for them it could of ended a lot worse! So please sponsor me if u can https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/drongo?utm_medium=email&utm_source=ExactTarget&utm_campaign=20170912_97062
  7. Bell-housing needed

    I can bring it with me to jae unless u need it before dude?
  8. Bell-housing needed

    Ive got one you can have for nowt pal was just gonna chuck it in with the scrap
  9. my dads sportif glanza rep reshell

    Thanks everyone 😄
  10. my dads sportif glanza rep reshell

    Haha yep! He loves it now
  11. my dads sportif glanza rep reshell

    So after 7 years of trying to talk me dad into lowering it I finally won!! Haha tien s tech springs so it's still a comfy ride for him 😄 And also put my wheels on while mines off the road!
  12. EP91 Concept drawings

    That's a right find!!
  13. Hi from mansfield

    Mansfield matey I've got a white rep and my dad's got a turquoise rep
  14. Hi from mansfield

    Welcome dude good to see another local lad 😀 Never seen one sprayed in that colour before!
  15. Old man Drongos bus

    It's a 2.2 diesel. TBH the interior is immaculate and he's just brought the curtains for it 😀 And a spoiler off the facelift one 😀