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  1. I leave the exhaust manifold, turbo and downpipe off the engine as well as the alternator, all the cast iron brackets that stick out timing belt side (I think powersteering bracket etc) and just anything that sticks out too much, I remove and fit after engine installation. (I also like to install the crank pulley after engine goes in) I find it easiest to drop the engine and gearbox in together, shimmy it down trajectory towards the mounting points then give it a little pirouette to clear gearbox side end to sweep under where the battery sits. Get the timing belt side of engine mount and gearbox mount bolts on, but not fully tightened so you can then push the bottom of the engine enabling to get the rear centre mount on. Just make as much space as you can to make it easier. Good luck.
  2. They are amazing What size are Your wheels? Last time I had a look at the dimensions on them, I think they would fit inside 14's. Super packaging for really good stopping power!
  3. That looks awesome! Really good work! Regarding cylinder head, it's ported, exhaust ports have been enlarged, intake cleaned up, small changes to the combustion chambers, intake and exhaust ports matched to their manifolds, studs, mild camshafts (not yet fitted), Cruise valve springs, durex stem seals. I were gonna go with uprate stainless steel valves, not bigger ones thou, but for strength to fight heat generated as I've seen stock valves bend, worse case just break on high hp output race cars. The cause it's inspected to be the stem diameter is very small and taking into account material used, but this being mainly a road car I should be fine. Done all the work me-self (a lot of hours spent working on it, at-least a hour every other day to try to keep quality of work up, over a month or two) I have got some work to do on it: Bigger fuel lines, Mech fuel pump install, Water injection kit to fit a lot of sensors to be installed Yours a dedicated track/ competition car I'm guessing? What is Your set-up? What will Your range be like with the fuel tank and type of fuel You will be using? Cheers Hits.
  4. Ah I see, You mentioned time attack, do You have any plans regarding aero for this car as I have seen that is a big factor in these competition events. Yeah built the motor meself, I try to do everything myself. Love motorsport. All types, enjoy all aspects of tuning. My current set-up feels like 250 ~ 260 hp @ wheels. I'm aiming for 500 ~ 600 with big turbo set-up and ecu (I've got Haltech in my mind, but we will see) and a big overhaul of the fuel system. This build You are creating sound's really good and looking forward to seeing it progress!
  5. Hi Rob, WoW! Looks like great chassis work in progress! You removing weight and I guess weld in cage?! Top stuff as always!! This is the area I want to concentrate on after getting the power. Cached in the background, I have noticed there are some EP veterans out there not willing to retire just yet and moving onto the next level haha, Great stuff! Engine wise CP pistons, solid wrist pins, Carillo rods, currently running on the old Vf29 setup 20+ psi boost pressure, until I get all the bits for the big turbo setup. Just got the engine up and running not so long ago, I'm still smiling. Yeah if owners can please post here and TGTT of their cars progress, that would be much appreciated because a lot don't do those social media thingamajigs, what is it facetube and whatschat and I wanna see! Thanks.
  6. OEM all the time! There are 1000+ HP Toyota E series race engines running Toyota bearings! These motors are stripped for inspection after every other race and put back together with the same bearings!
  7. It's quite common or at least I've seen it a lot on many EP's, but your engine cutting out, this seems the issue is more apparent. I've always thought the voltage is not compensating for the extra power that gets drawn from other sources like headlights, heater, hazards and relays. Then one friend put a earthing kit on his car which seemed to have made it better. So I had a look at the earths and what I observed was all the chassis grounds only connect/ touch the metal body through the threads of the bolt that clamp that respective ground down. So the ground to chassis touches the under head of the securing bolt and passes to ground only by the bolt threads, so basically not enough surface area for the ground to pass through and be effective. I think removing the paint to metal where all the grounds are attached helps.
  8. Hi I'm looking for the part number for the dash coolant temp sensor for a M3 EP82. It's the one pin sensor no:9 on the list. It sits directly below the ecu temp sensor on the housing. Mine's came apart when i tried removing it. Checked toyodiy for part no with no luck! Or if anyone knows where I can get one. Thanks!
  9. Is the power 12v instead of 12v ignition? pinouts maybe different on Ultimate?
  10. Nice! How much hp? 118mph terminal speed is Very Good!
  11. Check that Your engine timing is correct. Check Your ignition timing. If this is all good, check the rotar arm, dizzy cap, leads, plugs and coil are healthy.
  12. I checked the 5E manual, yes, the exhaust side valve clearance for the 5E is bigger/ looser then what's specified for the 4E. In the 5E manual the valve clearance states: Exhaust 0.31 - 0.41mm Intake 0.15 - 0.25mm I assumed the 5E clearance's would be smaller/ tighter because na motor, but then the 5E camshaft profile lobe is also different compared to 4E? Well I've always specced to the 4EFTE manual (if not slightly looser, for a higher output motor) and also the same for a 5E turbo motor with full 4EFTE cylinder head and after cold start, cylinder head noise is hardly noticeable and from inside the car, non existent on tick over. I guess you got to take into account which camshaft is also being used.
  13. Hey jus' to confirm the valve clearence is: Intake 0.20 +/- 0.03mm Exhaust 0.30 +/- 0.03mm This is going by the 4EFTE manual. So when shimming a 5E turbo motor, you use the 4EFTE clearence as more heat from turbo motor. You want to be on the higher/ looser side, more so on the exhaust.
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