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Kbond's White GT "ENGINES BACK IN!"

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Hi all,

Been on the forum for quite a while now so now I've finally got off my ass to make a progress thread

I'm not really one for taking picture so not got much of a first update but will try and change that!

So here she is, the pictures from when I bought her






When I bought the car it was running a wepr power up kit with a tongs hybrid ct9 at 1bar on a emanagement blue

But that didn't last long as the turbo died on me so I replaced it quickly with at standard ct9 and not long after that the head gasket and piston ring went so back to my dads garage in went for me to do a full engine rebuild and at the same time thought I fit a zisco td04 setup with fpr, upgraded fuel pump, smaller front mount and pipework and the rest of it so here's a few pictures from the garage











Sorry for the crap pics but I'm not a photographer http://www.ukstarletowners.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.png

Little picture whilst on my 7hour round trip to tuning developments


And another from my recent trip to Exeter


But that all for not should have a few updates soon as I have got some bits here waiting to go on

Hope you like and love to here your comments http://www.ukstarletowners.com/public/style_emoticons/#EMO_DIR#/smile.png

Cheers Keiran

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Also forgot to mention she is now running 220.1bhp at 1bar ;)

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Cheers mate!

I no the 106 just wasnt cutting it lol :)

Doesnt look much from the outside atm but that will soon change it needed to be running right first

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Thanks lads appreciate it! :)

Got my dished omp wheel on now from cj performance

Also got some new window motors and a benin tow hook to go on the weekend so will get pics up then :)

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Yeah it is mate

Its to make the pipe work short as possible to help with faster spool, which i think it does as i get full boost around 3000rpm

I wanted the car to have minimal lag as possible

Will soon be hiden hopefully when ive found a uncut bumper :)

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not posted in a while so thought id put up my graphs from the remap



was going to enter it in the learderboard but cant see how much it weights on there :sad:

also got some new window motors in

got my benin tow hook on, no pics but will get some

have some toms sideskirts and spats waiting to get painted at some point

and have a lsd gearbox on its way big thanks to fro! :thumbsup:

so now just got to order a clutch but dont no whether to get one from td or wait for cjperformance ones to come and save £200 :sad:

will grabs some more pics when i remember lol

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Ordered a clutch from td yesterday so should recieve it tomorrow

Down side the courier didnt turn up to collect my gearbox, that means im not getting it till next week now :(

So instead of fitting a new gearbox this weekend she might get cleaned for once haha :)

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Havent posted for a long time!

So i went up to td again today with my new tf035 turbo on i bought off of chris(toffinator)

Any guess what she pulled???

All i can do is :D

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