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  1. I've a pair here mate if still needed
  2. Site looks great guys but is there no new content button anymore is it only the unread content option or am I just being a retard and missed it ?? thanks ryan
  3. I've a full un cut engine loom and fuse box here mate
  4. 😂 Yeah exactly it was put down to my so called incompetence, but the facts are the hood exit couldn't be used because the cross member would have needed cut into quite a bit , so tried with the normal screamer but couldn't use the side exit exhaust that came with the kit with the normal screamer the custom cold air feed couldn't be used with the side exit or the fmic but that was chucked in for free apparently so didn't matter if it didn't fit so all in all paid for a fancy drag style kit couldn't use the hood exit couldn't use the normal exit screamer with the side exit exhaust I ha
  5. what's the problem with that?yes I did have a bad experience does that mean I can't buy from you again?I'd never buy a full kit from you again as it's a pain in the ass when you have the issues I had with the distance etc,but was thinking about getting a ct9 manifold as I thought that would be hard for you to fuck up and would surly fit I'm free to share my experience on here with whoever I feel necessary but didnt feel the need to go into detail hence why I wrote that's another story, if anyone would like to see pictures of how none of my 2k plus kit couldn't be used together free to pm me &
  6. Can you not just plug a speedo cable into the clocks and put a drill on reverse on the other end of the cable wind them back 😳
  7. Use Tapatalk mate if your doing from your phone
  8. That's a problem with the kit mate I've had worse issues than that with a wepr kit but that's another story
  9. I've got a varis here £60 collected needs work hence the the price
  10. I've a varis rep bumper here needs sanded back and repainted as it's a terrible paint job on it £60 collected if your interested
  11. Is this the one from eBay mate? have you give it a good going over yet I spoke to a guy that viewed it and he said it was rotten and the mot history online suggests it as well ,I was tempted to buy it a few months ago when it first went up
  12. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Cleaned these up today not as bad condition as I thought 1 tyre is illegal other 3 are good Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. 😂 Know me to well I've two sitting out the front but no intention of keeping any of them
  14. How's this not sold in tempted to make an offer Just to keep it incase I ever get another gt 😂
  15. No traffic on here anymore unfortunately if your looking to sell anything fb is the way forward
  16. Rays trd t3 alloys Good used condition very light strong alloys could do with two tyres and a paint to be absolutely perfect no damage just the paint job is a bit crap all 4 centre caps are here pictures of all 4 wheels will be added today collection only from Guildford £350 Cash on collection from Guildford Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. Well that would just set alarm bells off straight away don't get me wrong if someone has no mechanical knowledge then I'd just do it for them not sure how anyone could fuck up a car doing a comp test lol
  18. Personally I wouldn't buy one without doing a comp test it doesn't tell everything but it's the minimum imop When I sell them as well I'd let people them take the thing apart if needs be I'm fussy as fuck myself so even when I buy them to sell I end up treating them like my own and doing way to much to it 😂
  19. Picked up a brand new braced de cat on eBay for 50 delivered mate worth keeping an eye out
  20. Same here fs I ordered 5 just had an email saying not available
  21. That multibox would have been cheap a few years ago optionals used tho fetch crazy money I remember a a tidy box going for 500 back in the day lol
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