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Two new traders - coming soon!

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Pleased to announce we'll be introducing two new traders to the forum in the near future folks.

Just in the process of having their sections set up at present - watch this space for introductions as soon as we're ready to rock.

Can anyone say carbon???? :p :p :p


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If there was a like button i would have hit it !!

Good work guys


Thanks James, if theres anything you are after please let me know. We will be actively updating our Traders section over the next few weeks.

Yay !! Carbon sounds interesting

Cheers Alex, we can within reason produce any part, so if you want something specific get in touch!

Happy days the current traders arnt very active these days

Its always the most frustrating thing, but I've been on the board for 9 years or so years so i will always be around! :thumbsup:

Carbon EP82 duck spoiler please!

If there is interest I'm sure that won't be too much trouble :)

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Great stuff guys I've got lots of carbon ideas so will drop you a pm what I'm after if it's on the cards

Sounds good mate, let us know what you want and we'll make it happen! Be honoured to have some of our products on your car. We have loads of Evo stuff available too as i know you have involvement with a TA car :)

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Thought I would bump this up with some good news!

Carbon Zep / Livesports front Fenders from EP91 have sold out!

A few EP82 versions still available to pre order and Cruise Style EP91 have 2-3 slots left!

Head over to our section to have a look!!


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