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Ever found that perfect set of wheels you never thought u would get

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Been back on the wheel game lately and I've been desperately lookin for a set of panasport g7 c5c..

Took me literally fucking ages to find some and when I did the specs were insane, 18x9.5 et20. Perfect for my gtr :)

Unfortunely being cheap they had a few issues, one was cracked on the inner barrel and the other had a flat spot and two cracks on the inner barrel and they were red in colour as well. I guess somebody in jdm land hit something pretty hard with the front wheel and then the rear followed...

Not being forged ment me and my brother could get to work and make these rare and lovely wheels perfect again.

The wheels in question




After a visit to my brothers machine shop the flat spot was sorted and the welding carried out. I bought some tyres and test fitted them onto the car




Now we all have inspiration right ? This is mine


Period correct in every way and I've always said if I get a gtr it will be looking like this !

So next on the list was a stripdown and trip to the wheel specialist for some colour

After a bath in some super strong paint stripper for 5 mins they came out bare aluminium. I haven't uploaded these pics yet but will later. The barrels are now black and the faces speak for themselves


Got to work on the lips, now not being a vw person I cannot have any kind of gay polished lip lol I can't stand that so a little hand machining and polishing bought them up perfectly and all of the bolts had an ultrasonic clean and they are like new as well



They are currently sat at the shop now waiting for the sealant to set and then Monday they can be refitted.

I will upload more pics later,

If anything this has made me want to start doing the whole wheel thing again..... it's a shame my company has taken over my life or I'd be right on it

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Not bad for a set of cheap wheels lol I'm well happy with the end result . Centre caps should be here soon :)


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Whilst I am knocking about I thought I would update the gtr file, she now has a trust graicer skirt and rear spat kit, abflug front lip, fujimura rear spoiler extension blended in and et20 17x10 desmond regamasters. Shes also been fully forged with n1 turbos fitted making a nice 512 at the flywheel :)


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