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Hopefully I can keep this thread going, got a few things planned and hopefully it all works out. Firstly I bought the car in December 2016 and when I got it home I got the cam belt and water pump done, a full service, new radiator and had it undersealed and also got the arches sealed up as there was no rust anywhere and thats how id like it to stay. Not long after that I bought a HKS actuator and was enjoying the boost until my charge pipe cracked... but ordered one from ID-WORKZ straight away


The new pipe went in today and she got a quick clean


Id like to be able to get my Emanage ultimate fitted and have to car mapped when I get a better fuel pump but unsure if I have the right connector for my ecu but I'm sure ill find out soon enough. Bought this for £250 which I thought was a good deal.


still wanting coilovers and recaros but ill have to get saving for those

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Got a jperformance decat in and a wide band installed


Also got a pair of recaros but only got one in for now because i need to make a rail up for the second


Ill upload the turbo kit when it arrives but its only a cheap one to get me boosting on td04 sooner, will be upgraded in the future

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That's bang on the money!

Great Stuff! ECU Bigger Turbo..... ;)

Yeah, I have a td04 with mani, downpipe and screamer and emanate ultimate I just need to plug and play harness for it. I also have a blitz active clutch and walbro 225 fuel pump that need to go in. As you can tell Ive been collecting parts
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Who u getting to map your emanage??

I think Im going to go to TD because the closest one to me is Tuning Lab and they said I have to take my own laptop and I cant do that so Ill have to go somewhere that has all the gear

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