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Emoji my accidental Glanza Build

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Well some of you have helped me already and its really appreciated and I hope you can help in the future. Brief intro into and progress so far. 

I accidentally own a starlet, I never intended to buy it had never driven it and had never even seen it move this is where I first spotted it in my cousins lock-up.


Basically my cousin blew the engine on My van and he owed me a few quid as well. So August/September last year while I am working away somewhere, I forget where we agreed he would give me the Starlet and the Navara for the money he owed me and I would buy a trailer so he could drop it off. I did not get back to England until Late September early October all I had seen is a picture of it outside my mates house.


Apparently at this point I am told this thing is supposed to be 280 bhp and done 11.8 at Santa Pod! (if it has ever done that it didn't have this engine in it these tyres on it and this brake fluid in it! If it did it would still be going if you then include the steering then it would probably have stopped very suddenly in a side wall more on that later).


In my mind I am thinking let the fun begin First thing to do drive it, easier said than done with no number plates a straight through exhaust that tells everyone your coming and that’s in a bright yellow Starlet Glanza that’s not exactly subtle to start with but fuck it why not.

Drive it!!!!! Death trap  is an understatement there’s definitely something up with the steering, traction and the brake fluid is the same colour as what I almost left on the drivers seat it really doesn’t like stopping or turning!

Good points the chassis was reasonably clean apart from where the roll cage was taken out and the engine was sound except for the bits I mentioned in my new members post like no tension and the power steering held on by a loading hook.


December I take it to Motor Guru in Ipswich to get it sanity checked, next day I get it home and have a think first to post a wish list on here for essential parts (thanks for helping everyone) second about a month later how do I get it legal in England that was easy, stick new tires on and an MOT fill out the paperwork simple (you have seen my name, I never learn)!

So take it up the test centre about a month later on the trailer again find out the bits that weren't covered in the check I got done. I never asked it be checked for road legal I wanted to know if I would die or not driving it.  I expected it to fail TBH but who knew they only have fog in front of them in Japan not behind, rear fog lights are not a legal requirement there. Oh and cars need to stop for an MOT, I forgot that bit it had been a couple of months and didn't change the brake fluids. It was being run on racing fluids before I got it, presumably given the 21 year old tyres before it came to England too.

Well I get the car home this time instead of at my mates house which means I can work on it. The phone goes can I go to Liverpool for a 2 week job, Yes of coarse I can. 7 weeks later I am home but I do have everything I need and lots I don’t Demon Tweaks was nearby went there to test some seats spent £200 on things I really didn’t need apart from the brake fluid (that’s helped). With the subsequent MOT.

So back to Moto Guru as only have 2 weeks off work and lots to do which doesn't involve my crazy yellow beam of sunshine outside my living room window. So

  • rear fog light
  • steering
  • brakes
  • front mount Japspeed inter-cooler



It flew through the MOT fortunately this may have happened after a little bit of a misunderstanding. When I booked it in I said it was an EP91 which of coarse it is when it went for an MOT someone may have confused this with the year of manufacture rather than the model name and emissions were tested based on it being a 1991 model vehicle oops.

It now stops steers and has traction oh and makes crazy noises under boost. This is just the start only took 9 months!

So I am ready for the registration it steers it stops it makes absolutely insane noises on boost and its road legal in no time.

Again not so simple next day I am phoned about work this time a month in Belgium then Holland currently in France somewhere near Dieppe with no sign of a back to back relief. So that’s where its stalled again the build not the car.

From these experiences I have learnt something important about this type of project you need to really want it. Fortunately I do, I was going to build a track car from my old Mazda 323f 2.0 Sport about 7 years ago but got made an offer that was worth taking at the time. So this is my first modified vehicle project and will be my first track car.

Something else I learnt don't sniff a 21 year old drivers side foot matt after only giving it a once over with some shake and vac, Vanish and a Dyson. I swear I can still smell it 1 month on appearances can be deceiving just cause it looks clean doesn't mean it is.

That is the before shot didn't take an after I was being sick!

Things to do Short term:

  • Crash helmet for me
  • Roll-cage for the car
  • New Seats
  • Suspension upgrade
  • Spare wheels for track days
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Respray apparently yellow is very hard to colour match (I am clueless about painting cars if this is a lie tell me please)
  • Maybe a new bonnet 
  • Half size Aluminium radiator

Thing to do Longer term

  • Limited Slip Diff
  • Upgraded Clutch and flywheel
  • Upgraded Gearbox
  • Turbo upgrade




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Tidying my build thread
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Jellybaby pointed out I screwed up posting the pics so here they are.

Where I first seen it


The next photo of it


The engine as I got it


After it almost killed me closer inspection

That's not a power steering bracket and I haven't seen one of those in a car before! thanks to BMX-RIG this was much easier to find than I thought it would be.


What needed doing to it after getting it checked over maybe I should have done this before driving it The offside Front window motor is still screwed but who's going to open it its a security measure

Oh and went with proxies for tyres to destroy while I learn the car.



As the engine is now with Cooling, stopping and steering capabilities oh and a fog light on the back built into light cluster for that sneaky British fog that happens behind you aswell as in front! Oh and an MOTYvpEY52.jpg


That carpet I sniffed


Next Updates

Registration next and maybe a few bits from some Members. oh and destroy those Proxies


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4 minutes ago, jayc-glanza17 said:

Was originally red.. rarest glanza colour.

Would say check my build thread. But i mostly upload on instagram nowadays

I know that's how my cousin got it long before I did.

the paint job is shockingly bad too :cray:

If you cant see it why paint it attitude5OslXO7.jpg

The bonnet paint is cracked beyond repair and the paint shop say they cant colour match it to the yellow.The red maybe but for the track is it worth it is the big question?

First handling mods ordered and a few hoses watch this space next week don't expect pretty though

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1 minute ago, SpoonalTap said:

They look so good in red so if you're getting it resprayed deffo go back to the original or as close to original colour as possible I say. Looks like good progress so far tho.

Thanks Spoonal that's appreciated mate There is a benefit to Yellow though Big benefit on grey horrible gloomy days it does make you smile just seeing this little glow outside the living room window.

Does any one know the original paint code for a red starlet glanza V

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2 minutes ago, jayc-glanza17 said:

 Check vin plate on bulkhead mate will say it there.

Im only down in rayleigh. Glanza be back on road this weekend once ive fitted rear brakes and bled system

Thanks I will check when I get around to painting it learning a lot in a small amount of time.

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Just now, BMX-RIG said:

Glad the power steering bracket sorted you out :thumbsup:

For me id be going back to red, but thats my bias opinion:p

Also factory red colour code is 3E5 Super Red 2.

It did help mate a lot thanks  :thumbsup:.

I have decided to see how good I do on the track first before I do cosmetics I would cry if I spent ££££ on a paint job and I instantly go backwards into a sand trap or a wall or somone crashes into me:cray:. If I get away with it  few times then I will think paint.

Thanks for the paint advice

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1 hour ago, jayc-glanza17 said:

 Check vin plate on bulkhead mate will say it there.

Im only down in rayleigh. Glanza be back on road this weekend once ive fitted rear brakes and bled system


33 minutes ago, jellybaby said:

U need to c me 1st lol as in colchester lol hahahah

More the merrier I never seen a V in the flesh on the road and I got lots to learn. I should have the registration Docs sent off by Friday then just a matter of time

@BMX Rig how long did it take to get yours registered after the paperwork went off?

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Yeah get used to the car first before paint :)

i cant remember exactly, mine was a longer process as I hadn’t given the original export certificate as I didn’t want them to lose it. However they returned everything and refused my application lol. After sending all the right docs I think it was a couple of weeks or something, nothing too long :thumbsup:

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2 minutes ago, BMX-RIG said:

Yeah get used to the car first before paint :)

i cant remember exactly, mine was a longer process as I hadn’t given the original export certificate as I didn’t want them to lose it. However they returned everything and refused my application lol. After sending all the right docs I think it was a couple of weeks or something, nothing too long :thumbsup:

Thanks for that your a saint hopefully I will get it on the road for a day before I have to leave the country I have 14 days off this time never feels long enough but we need to earn to pay for the pleasures in life. 

I think everything is original paper work that came with the car and I have the official import certificate from HMRC when it cleared customs. If the paperwork goes bad for me could be months before I get it anywhere near a road. I got a trailer though and a truck to tow it worst case scenario. 

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OK while waiting for bits did a little investigation after i got imported to my glanza

Welcome Home I got locked here for over 2 hours with 6 other people 


Ok anyone want a TRD gear knob top quality :bad:


Hmm this looks better quality


are these any Good?


These look slippery not convinced


No Idea what I am looking at here good bad ugly gonna kill me no idea?


So as you might have guessed got no idea what the quality of any of that is opinions please


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