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Not much happened over the last few weeks with the car, just sat on the front garden. Fresh out of uni with zero jobs,  the logical thing was to park it up and save some cash. Half of that happened, it did get parked up haha. Bargain set of k sports came up on marketplace, so had to have them20191019_143949.thumb.jpg.784e18e8bfebdf073629d983b148a1d6.jpg



All for £500. I'll get daddy to lacquer them see it that brings them back up to new. But now I gotta decide on wheels to clear them ;/

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I've managed to track down the first UK owner of this naughty little car20191027_130944.thumb.jpg.ff89f00e9444a6f81bbd13bbac0adca0.jpg



It was imported by Japimports4u, which explains the Irish plates, as a race car. Dpemt must of its life up in Scotland and had some very trick things on it, Cusco 2 way diff and a TRD dogbox with an elusive final drive that maxed out at 125mph! As time went on it gradually became more road friendly. I'm trying to find any history of it in japan but theres not much on it

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16 hours ago, jiggaman_16 said:

At least she's still in the family. Laggy Td04 on a 4efte? :unknw: Even tho hybrid ....... Probly pistons are low compression. 

It's not bad tbh, yep it's a low compression forged bottom end. It's only running 6psi at the moment and even then it comes in hard, harder than a ct9. Will be brutal once its mapped properly

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Taxed and insured the car as the weather is starting to improve down in the south east. Just putting some miles on her before it can go off for mapping in the summer IMG-20200308-WA0010.thumb.jpg.0dcd0f6456e96cb6901215be9cf5e009.jpg






The Ksport brakes feel amazing, really confidence inspiring, people who say they're chinese shite need to go out in a Ksport BBK car. I reckon breaking hard enough the rear wheels will come off the ground haha

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6 minutes ago, wakeabby14 said:

I have ksports too lad proper good brakes, car is looking fucking naughty! that rocker cover needs a polish though haha. Nice build mate 

She lives outside and took the brunt of storm Ciara and dads evo has priority in the garage 😑 so the rain water got to the cam cover. I'm enjoying kicking its head in rather than cleaning it lately haha. Cheers mate 

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19 hours ago, JxckGlanza said:

Cant believe after all that it was a flooded engine,

minter to the say the least. 

Fair to say bagged a winner with it, i saw it up for sale about 6 months ago i think; i thought about it and wasn't interested, wish i took the risk now haha :) 

Yeh probably upset a few people from getting some good parts off it haha. Plan to get it mapped in the summer, just researching injectors atm

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7 hours ago, HedgeyGedgey said:

Yeh probably upset a few people from getting some good parts off it haha. Plan to get it mapped in the summer, just researching injectors atm

Sounds good, after seeing this and looking into it more i think if i do go standalone id go with the me221, very competitive for the price.


Have you upgraded your TPS and IAT?

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20 hours ago, JxckGlanza said:

Sounds good, after seeing this and looking into it more i think if i do go standalone id go with the me221, very competitive for the price.


Have you upgraded your TPS and IAT?

I've not no, the TPS isnt a huge issue from what I've read, you can easily map around the rather terrible tps on the ME 

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2 hours ago, HedgeyGedgey said:

I've not no, the TPS isnt a huge issue from what I've read, you can easily map around the rather terrible tps on the ME 

I think you are patching something that inst really ideal in the mapping world as its a switch on or off rather then a variable, might be worth upgrading i don't think its too expensive or hard either. But either way its better then a piggyback. 

Looking forward to see what it makes :)

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Not updated this in a while jeez. A lot happened since.

Took my girlfriend out in the car (she never goes in this, doesn't have an interest in cars. Thinks they're just a piece of metal blah blah blah) pulled out of a side road. Gave it some shit in first, changed to 2nd and went strught onto 2 cylinders. Great. Compression test shows 1&2 down to 30psi. But 1&4 on 150 (cold engine etc) so likely cause either damaged pistons or headgasket blown between 1 and 2. 


So set to work stripping the head off20201109_110848.thumb.jpg.bb4a26f3322a248693da5c255f89b411.jpg

Interestingly the bores look a lot better this time round, so I think where it had been dry stored for 10+yrs the rings needed to be bedded in again. Or its had new pistons and a hone at some point. Either way, bottom end is in perfect condition


But one very dead Athena gasket, yikes!! 


Not gonna sit and slag off this brand, could have been a number of reasons why it went. One of the headbolts wasn't as tight as the other etc etc etc but what happened has happened and onto bigger and better things. Took it on the chin and set about fixing it, but I was adamant that I didn't want an athena again, I've heard good and bad things about them so thought I'd try a different one. Spoke to Hurley engineering. What an absolute genuine and proper guy he is, ordered a 1.3mm Cometic gasket and essentially everything else I'd need. Sorted me out massively.


To make sure it doesn't happen again, had a mate (JellybabyJ) come round and put it all back together for me. So huge thank you to him for dealing with this absolute trouble maker of a car.

Massive sigh of relief when it started it up on all 4 again! And of course had to grab a snow pic, I reckon this is the first time this car has ever seen the snow haha. 20210207_103806.thumb.jpg.03482b2a1d750f48c5b7c9cff1bd84ef.jpg

This near enough brings me up to date. Mapping is booked for 1st May, its going to a local Evo specialist and good friend of ours, he's done a few starlets and a few ME221 ecus on other stuff so is pretty confident that he can get the most out of it.

Changed the fuel pump to a fresh Walbro 255 this weekend, as it had all been off before its was even more straight forward than usual. 

Been using the car ever few days, mapper has said put some miles on it so we're not solving simple issues on the dyno which is understandable






I had a rsther generous Christmas bonus, so treated the car to some new tyres. Very sticky, I've only done about 3 or 4 miles on them, first impressions are fantastic. Even stone cold, they are very impressive grip levels




All thats left now to do is get a MAC 3 port boost solenoid and start wiring that up so that the ecu can control the boost. A variable TPS to wire in, simple job just a 5V live from the ecu. And general odds and sods before it hits the dyno! Next update will hopefully be a dyno printout. Fingers crossed 

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Mapping went well 😂 20210501_165704.thumb.jpg.c04f38e8d91ef1a4c78b973abedaa8b7.jpg

Couldn't get the injectors to seal in the rail, used up the spare o rings I could get, even used the ones on the original injectors to no avail. So recovery back home, fix the rails and going to base map it myself to drive down to the mappers on the 550cc injectors. Bit annoyed it was something simple, but nice easy fix 

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To update this thread. Car sat around for a good while, life gets in the way as usual. Went to start it about mid September time, just cranking. Had fuel and spark so baffled everyone. Speaking to people in the know, and confirming with ME, the ecu was picking up electrical noise from the dizzy. Great. Had 2 choices, strip back all the distributor wiring, convert it to a different triggering system by grinding some teeth off of the dizzy wheel. Or bin the ME221 off and go to something else.

So of course went with something else after that headache, Link G4X Monsoon and a jumper harness made by Rob Fisher.



its about as basic as setups go for the time being, no COP and no sequential fuelling just yet

Now onto fuelling I could either keep the old style denso 550cc that I bought or go to a much newer design Screenshot_20220417-114322_Gallery.thumb.jpg.20b4973304d86cad9521fda631955b5d.jpg

Bosch Ev14 were chosen, pretty much because they're about half the price of ID1050x and we all like saving money.

I wasn't entirely sure what clutch was in the car, felt stock but juddered a lot. Originally was gonna just send it on this clutch and see when it gives up, but what's the point in having a 300+ capable set up if the clutch gives up after 200bhp. In the end bit the bullet and chose an ORC 309d direct from japan


Still waiting to go in the car but what a beautiful bit of kit to be sat on the bed side table!

I think that's all the purchases out the way, just a case of plugging in Robs loom, putting the AEM wideband to the ecu, changing the IAT sensor to links own


Present day just finished tidying up the glove box area, unsure if I want the wideband in a pod on the dash or centre console area. So atm it's just sat in there. One day I'll go to links digi dash, so the wideband will be displayed on that anyway


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