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Josh's forged 5E Massive spec forged build! 370BHP!!

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So the build now is coming to an end I've finished all the jobs on my list now!

I've been doing jobs non stop for 14 months now and I've finally come to the final step which is mapping...

When your building these type of projects you will come across many issues,  You will feel sad, annoyed, angry, frustrated you may even cry i did a few times!  However never give up as when it comes to the end and your enjoyment starts coming into it, You will look back and think everything you have gone though has been worth it!  

Thanks for all the lads that gave me a hand on little jobs here and there.   The next update will be either the car mapped or i will be building a new engine due to an unfortunate event on the dyno day! 

Take care of your self everyone and jobs listed below of whats been completed since last update.

Peace out for now! Dyno update next saturday... 

Thanks for reading

1) Sorted oil leak from the sump and resealed it
2) Re-torqued headbolts
3) Fitted AN6 water lines to turbo
4) Sorted coolant leak from water lines on turbo
5) Wired in boost gauge
6) Wired in ALS / Launch control switch
7) Sorted out ride height on BC's so tyres dont rub anymore
8.) Wired in Boost solinoid
9) Tidied up wiring in foot well





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5 minutes ago, Sam44 said:

ill get into this c64/c63 power box next year. we will have to sort something out to get it tested in your 5e high power build, after ive sorted out the install into a ep91. 

cangrats josh. 

Sound good sam! hit me up your details in PM im going to need an option i dont see this box lasting long>


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18 hours ago, wakeabby14 said:

Sound good sam! hit me up your details in PM im going to need an option i dont see this box lasting long>


as soon as im  back in the uk, I will do just that. i think the c64 tops out at around 150mph. are you using your glanza to do quarter mile runs. 

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Not updated this in quite a while, Loads of work has been going on with the car though since the last update. Its hard to stay motivated updating this when not many people use the forums anymore.  Anyway moving on...

Dyno day finally happened, The car made some good power as you can see in the graph below. Wasnt all fun and games on the day, fuel pump started failing on higher boost runs so that got swapped with a walbro 350lph, half way through the run a sensor came loose in the thermostat housing and dumped all the coolant over the dyno.  The car also experienced some overheating issues due to an issue with the water pump. Car still made 330WHP not the 400 club i was hoping for but we maxed out the exhaust housing and the cams really so couldn't really push anymore. I was more surprised the first ever long journey in the car was london and back to east yorkshire in one day the car had no issues and ran perfect. 

Since mapping quite a few things have changed with the car ill try remember the order it was all done in. 

Water pump was changed as i cut the fins down on initial engine build as it would not fit in the housing, I believe this was the main reason with the over heating issues. since changed the pump with the housing and engine temps are spot on, the car never really gets above 80'c even under heavy runs. 

Alternator was changed as the plug melted due to the amount of jump starts done ( always had issues starting it but fixed it now as moved battery to the front think it had a bad relocation kit causing large voltage drops)

I have now removed the Zilla bucket seats, roll cage and harness bar and have returned to stock rear interior and EVO 9 recaros in the front for a more OEM clean look which i much prefer. 

All of the holes from the roll cage have been wire wheeled, treated, rubber bunged and sealed with sealant to prevent any water getting in the car. 

Car has also had a full detail, loads of scratches, muck stuck on junk has been removed its needed this for a long time after the whole building process as there was oil stains on the paint and everything but its all super clean now. 

I have had a stock bonnet scoop blanked off and painted fresh to prevent any water getting on the coil packs and polished rocker cover. Also had a mid spoiler fresh painted that i have had in storage for 2 years cant wait to fit it!

The next things to do on the list are the following...
1) Put interior carpet back in
2) Fit Adjustable Pan hard rod
3) Sand, prep and treat rear arches (tyes rubbed badly months ago and took all paint off)
4) Fit sun visors and generally do little finishing touches to the cabin
5) Fit my old wheels off my old glanza (blue rotas) 
6) Adjust ride height
7) Pull Dash out tidy wiring and put heaters back in
8. Make new center console layout and wire in more switches

After all this is done Im not going to do much more too it, I know its never finished but i think once this is done it will pretty much be done for me and i can relax and just enjoy the car. The car is very clean and i will probs restore little brackets and mounts etc but I think the majority of the build is complete. Here are some photos below of bits and bobs until the next check in...












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50 minutes ago, Sam44 said:


fantastic build loving the videos. keep it coming. 

just looked at your dyno graph 272ftlds ooohhh fuck yeh. comes on early and holds it. TIDY figures. congrats.  

Thanks a lot sam! the torque curve is fantastic car just pulls to redline its rather scary! 

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22 hours ago, Sam44 said:

ooh yeh. 

really nice power curve. well tuned. congrats. 

Cheers dude!


17 hours ago, snails ep91 said:

love the build mate.

great attention to detail and great to see on estill getting the love!

keep going wit the write up. still enjoy reading them

Ill keep them up to date as best i can, will help with a vehicle sale if i ever sell it as they can see all the money thats been put in :'D not that i will LOL 


2 hours ago, jwhite said:

So buzzing for you josh, and I can vouch for this car she’s a ripper. 300hp in low boost is enough let alone when she hooks at 370! Absolute animal. 

Cheers joey lad we will both be ripping around really soon! 

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On 6/18/2021 at 10:30 PM, mycars12 said:

Thanks for the update. Im going to be running the same turbo with the .52 ar housing as well. Curious to see if I can get more power out of it with e85 instead of only pump. Super clean build!

Nice dude let me know how you get on, If your going big power make sure you get your inlet manifold ported or getting a racespec inlet mani. They tend to max out at around 370ish bhp and become quite restrictive. I wish we had corn fuel over here! 

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Quick update:

Managed to get some jobs done over the weekend, Sanded back my arches to bare metal and got rid of all surface rust after my wheel clearance took all the paint off. They are now treated 3 coats of red oxide, 3 coats of primer, 2 coats of colour 2 coats of clear. Unfortunately I got over spray on my 1/4 panels so will have to get it off with compound should have masked it better haha. 

Finally after removing the carpet 6 months ago the interior is all back in and looking fresh! so much better without the cage its a much nicer driving environment to be in. 

Next steps is to fit adjustable pan hard rod and get the center console sorted and moving the gauges to the new dash mounted pod. 






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Small update:

Fitted my new blanked off bonnet scoop to prevent any water going on my coilpacks and salt/crap going in the engine bay. 

Fitted front and rear seat belts so now interior is pretty much all done, Can actually drive it legally now! haha

I also bled my brakes again as they got air in the system with a previous issue which is now fully resolved.

Next plans...
1) remove dash tidy all wiring and create custom looms for gauge clusters and control switches
2) retrofit back in the 98 spec climate control blower motor box+controls so i can finally have heating and screen demist. 
3) Fit Dash pod make it look all tidy
4) might paint the dash and all interior trims a subtle grey/charcoal colour undecided yet
5) Finish center console switch panel with all working switches
6) Fit adjustable pan hard rod / Mid spoiler
7) Fully detail car including removal of overspray 

More updates coming soon. 


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