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Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

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well here she is she started with blitz nurspec r cat back exhaust blitz turbo timer jam fcc jam actuator and racing hart alloys
had a few problems with her over boosting when i picked her up got sent down to plymouth to be put on a rolling road to find out what she was doing it was over boosting this is the out come dyno read out.


they ended up putting a bung in to stop her boosting so much temp fix

next on the list was a decat and mani havent got a pic of the mani yet though
the next thing was to fit my front mount
next on the list is to lower her coil overs me thinks want it this low was with a full car going to work at a festival
have a Sard RRFPR to fit when i get the adapter for the fuel rail


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Polybushed the engine the other weekend also got an ajustable pinhard rod Rear anti roll bar and a TD04 turbo going to be a busy boy over the coming months also dipped in and got some new tyres uniroyal Rainsport 2's
up on the ramp :-D
the underneath cleaner than what i thought it would be
Front gear box mount polybushed
Rear gear box mout polybushed
Front engine mount polybushed
engine being held up
TD04 :-D
my new tyres Rainsport 2's



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before i had put it on it used to feel like it wanted to step out alot i drove to work this morning in the wet around a very sharp bend at 75mph before i wouldnt have even thought about going fast as id have shit my pants but with the rear arb it was so smooth i love it i highly recomend one mate well worth the money in my opion :thumbsup:

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