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Akyakapotter's Forged Glanza V

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so been busy today. Fitted my short route hot pipe today what a bastard that was cost me £46 quid for bits that i needed and my A/C needs to come out but hey was gonna do it anyway hes the finished artical what you guys think.
And heres how much intercooler pipe i got rid of need to get my bov welded into the cold side I/C pipe. chatter will do for now. car pulls so much better but i have loads of creep nothing the boost controller cant fix :)

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LOL how much piping!!? Nice work matey. Have you fitted the decat yet? If not and you think you have boost creep now, wait till you fit that fucker lol! And a manifold will make it worse... Time to get that td04 on mate ;)

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Managed to get my A/C ripped out today replaced both belts while I was at it do much more room with no A/C. :-) also fitted a DVD CD player and my wideband turned up today to 2/5/12 will post pics after tomorrows antics got a sub and amp to fit tomorrow wide band will be going on next week once I've had the bung welded into my decat :-).

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ok so heres a few pics from the last 2 days on the 2/5/12 me and chinky dave (dobbs) took my aircon out feels so much better and chainged both belts :D



and today 3/4/12 i fiitted a new cd/dvd head unit and sub and amp as i was fed up with no bass so much better :lol:

and a cheeky photo of my car in the garage :)

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